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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any other kinds of actions taken against me by others will be construed as intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

if it dont apply let it fly

i try to keep this blog focused on organized stalking and harassment- 'gang stalking', however due to the stress of living on the road and in poverty its hard to stay compartmentalized all the time. Alot of what should be of special interest to only a fraction of all TI's comes spilling over into this blog.  I do apologize but part of this work is to show how the stress affects me. This is why I wont try to hide what is going on or dress up nicely and wear makeup etc as suggested by some people. I want everyone to see till the end that this system murders people and it makes sure that the person is dehumanized in the eyes of all society to make that murder easier for everyone involved.

if i get messed with too much i just start threatning to disclose info that is not so questionable like important peoples embarrassing personal details and that backs off the cops at least. By now they know the limits but in some new places I show up they seem to not know any better so I am forced to make this clear again. 

However some info does end up on this blog that is best put on the blog linked to this

Its about programming and mind control and I keep it up best as I can but its not nearly what it was supposed to be as a blog or work.  But if you are interested in such subject matter please go to that site..and try to disregard what is put on this blog as careless or a result of stress so high that I was not able to keep things in order under duress.

At heart my nature is that of a painter and really I see the world as nothing else so these are works and in my perception the stress simply makes me color outside the lines which is a worse crime than living, dying or being called crazy or whatever the outside world is up to.   However the writer side of me feels is important to have on record that that day was so bad that info did in fact spill over.. 

which then becomes in direct conflict with the artist etc etc.  This is part of the destruction of the person and they know it. They are forcing someone who needs privacy to exist to disclose everything about themselves... and why as I write this am I all of a sudden getting constant visions of Mitt Romney?   I am so sick of all this.  I cant wait to tell my story and snuff it in a ritual in the desert..

I am sure they will try to make use of that comment. Like I am some threat. One of his relatives who was an ex girlfreind of my ex (and she tried to lie about that hoping I wouldnt remember her from the old days) tortured the crap out of me in a hostel in St Louis a few years ago.  They must all be sick in that family becuz she is only 21 and a drunk already. A lawyer got her home and fed her opiates for 3 days until she came back pin eyed and sick.   Her eyes go black if you try to help her late at night when she is drunk and ready to go to bed.  

Shes fighting something...I wonder what.  No one needs to punish those kinds of families..they punish thier own children generation after generation.  People like me are punished not becuz status affords THEM the luxury but becuz my status affords ME the luxury of freedom, which people on that level have way too much invested in futures, lives, titles blah blah..and same goes for my old associates.  Rich organized criminals...but totally living under the thumb of the system- total slaves.   I watched my old friend try to go to Emerson more than once for a writing class.  The 'system' wouldnt let her lose...she kept having good old bad luck and people were mean to her eventually (of course) it sucks when you can only publish your books through a poser BU professor.  But its better than no book at all I guess.

I am only in such a mess in general becuz I wanted total freedom from the system I was born programming, no working for crime, no more lies.    The system wont have it. It refuses to let people go.

And these people are all happy, or they find a million diversions to convince themselves of such.  I dont do well with such deceptions.  My old friend would tell me that I could use a little bit of 'oblivion'  once in a while, which in her case consists of a daily dose of a book in one hand, a phone in each ear, a tv on, a radio on, people all around, cats and babies-as I recall.   We are talking diversion as a full time job...why not just stick a needle in your arm and call it a day? Or make art out of your own death...if the system wont let you make art.  

Disregard all that comes out of this that you cant use...oh and by the way dont even try to get rid of me with some trucker BS becuz i have a family of travelers that i text my rides to and keep an eye on each other and trvel together.  Iwont end up dead mysteriosly do dont even think about it.

and if I end up suicided mysteriously  then there will be a full disclosure somewhere very public so dont even think about that either...if anyone who thinks they are smart is reading this.

No one is listening anyway. .AS long as they keep systematically ignoring me and society agrees with the rich asshole criminals then everyone is all set i guess.  

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