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Monday, November 2, 2009

MediaSaysSo:African Americans are the only people who suffer; have corner market on poverty according to media

THIS is not going to gain me any more popularity is it? Then again I am targeted in part becuz, as one perp said to me "your too honest". (F-you by the way.)

Good here is more honesty..

Why is it being marketed that only African Americans are urban and only they suffer such set backs or such horrors?
Its ironic as in my case where a perp turned to me and said "It doesnt pay to be poor".

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

First of all women in general need to go back to sticking together instead of letting race and culture be an issue, and make it clear that THESE KINDS OF HORRORS DO INDEED EXIST AND THEY HAPPEN TO ALL VULNERABLE WOMEN.

Also, they happen to RICH KIDS as well and I bet the horrors that go on with them are even more bizarre as there is more resources. Why dont they promote the life story of a terminal sex slave who is marketed to other men way after her father is done with her.

This is just the the tip of the iceberg as to what kinds of things go on in this world we live in. But no one dares believe it unless its an occurrence in an African American ghetto. There are still various ethnic ghettos especially in other countries. Ghetto just means that a certain race, religion or ethnic group lives there.

I appreciate African American culture being able to bring this to the table and in the past they have had the audacity (good , don't lose that) to make the public look at things that are not polite or that they would rather not see.
But when you lead people to perceive that these things still only happen 'over there', on THAT side of the tracks, you shy away from some of the worst abuses going on. To subliminally exclude any group like this puts all victims in danger.

Its the same every time..those awful Lifetime movies (Lifetime Network:modern obedience training for women) where the white woman is screwed over by male society or becomes homeless..with white women its expected that she will NOT fight like a dirty dog or act out violently. Its all too 'polite'. I have heard black pimps like white girls better, because they "behave" and wont act all "crazy" by being aggressive (subconsciously acting out against thier enslavement, which they should be doing if they are healthy). And the only examples of Italian women I have seen is when Vito's mother stabs her husbands murderer in the heart. Maybe Livia from I, Claudius BBC but good luck with the US public knowing what that is and that is from a Celtic country where the ancient ideal of a woman holding power has not been completely decimated.

Its still easier for the public to conceive of this happening in this environment..what they dont want to know is that there is a rich kid out there or perhaps a very white girl this is happening to as well. And its less likely that she'll make a movie becuz people actually care and will of course the family will just have her committed or gas lighted and committed or labeled.

If you can get this kind of story out to the public then you have succeeded in getting under the wire becuz abusive men and thier female counterparts do not want the world to know such things go on.

This is a start but I wish it would once again become a woman thing, not a black thing. That is plain selfish and self-aggrandizing. And yes, we can all do without the uptight 'white' suburban feminists that seem to never focus on real abuse and hate on sex workers instead of help them...its goes without saying that these kinds of feminists are useless, and can afford to play games with philosophies about womanhood, sisterhood and how to live ones life.

For the rest of us, ever day is a fight, internally and externally to stay alive in world where there are networks - a brotherhood if you will, of abusive men who would rather you not ackowledge there existence or know what goes on.

And I notice that there is this popular attitude that 'there aren't that many pedophiles around'.
Guess what? They hide. They are the ultimate sociopath. The dumb ones you see getting caught on the news with the thick glasses and candy bars in their pockets are no where near the reality of the true pedophile.
Besides them seeking protection from their own groups covertly, they also have a tendency to get smart as they get older.

What would you call a 60 year old that sees 19 year old girls? Take a guess.

Men often go to other countries to do what they know they cannot do here. Wise up.
This is not a black issue its an issue that needs to be faced and our society can only seem to stand reality if its sectioned off.

Fighters come in all colors, sizes, and genders.
For every one of these you hear about survivors die on the street or other horrors. And often society's attitude is that the person was a piece of human trash one cares how they got that way.

There is a reason that you should disregard what Hollywood produces. And this is pretty ironic coming out of Hollywood with what I have heard goes on THERE of all places.

You dont have to be African American to suffer through a miserable life and it seems these days if you do you get little respect for your troubles.

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