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Friday, November 20, 2009

a sensitive nature brings alot of difficulty to a target

The people around you power tripping like associations and family members and strangers alike will believe that you are a target who deserves or even needs what you are getting due to the fact you are 'weak'. Alot of these people are merely working off of thier own internal issues or even programming (family members if you are a survivor of trauma based mind control) and due to the fact they have not woken up yet, they believe they make thier own decisions within the framework of what is going on or they believe the handlers favor them as they are stronger or better than you the targeted individual.

They are actually weaker as they are more likely to comply with the systems demands out of blackmail or bribery or the person is so internally traumatized that they can never face what is inside themselves and say no to the systems manipulations.

Remember one thing about truly evil or criminal people..THEY ARE THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST AND ARE ALREADY SUCCESSFUL. Think about it. Alot of the people who sold you out did so to get ahead or to gain something. Why could they not gain this on thier own. These are not leaders or winners these are desperate people who are bartering you for something.

The manipulators in the system play up to these peoples egos or whatever else.
As you become weaker they feel validated and can readily dismiss you.

The thing is you have to keep in mind is that someone with a sensitive nauture would have ended up doing something for a living that was conducive to thier nature. Fighting a mob for years on end in a surreal battle is not normal for anyone much less someone of a sensitive nature. If you are still alive and coherent then you are not weak by any means... There is a warrior in there and there are parts that are..'sensitive'as well.

The gang stalkers will keep the focus in thier intimations and innuendos on your weaknesses so that you believe you are weak. The strength you show in battle will be taken for granted and exploited every day by their continued total disregard for you or continued battle games.

If the system had let me alone I know I would have been a councilor and a part time artist and happy with a balanced life one where I would grow as a person. One should not have to fight this hard to simply exist.

The people who are perceiving you as weak only do so becuz they pawn thier weakness off on you via projection and displacement.

This goes for the same idiots who actually believe you are 'not special' or whatever that trendy bs out there to throw at people....this becomes a self fullfilling prophecy as you are left with less and less potential or beauty or things that would make you special.

Its such programming language isnt it? "your not special enough bla bla"..its like a pick up line in a doesnt even mean anything unto itself--its just a command, something they use to get results. They are hoping that you comply to that command.
Dont allow that action to be executed in your system.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard that notion before, that I wasn't special. One perp said I was "no different than anyone else walking through that door". Otherwise, a lot of what they are doing are stolen straight from what I post here in replies to other TI's. For some strange reason, they are very sadistically proud of that. Kind of a "hahaha, we really got ya!" type of attitude. Not having a mind of their own, going along with harassment and hating that one person because everyone else does. It's like a programmed hate, in fact: I hate that person! I had one girl tell me that to my face, in the typical "disguised" fashion. Other perps use it as a tactic: I had one idiot leaning out his car window, saying "Hey you know what I hate?" just to show off his stupidity. Perps seem oddly proud of their idiocy. Like it really doesn't matter, cause living in a hick town, they have their equally dumb fiancees, and they really could give two shits less if you're brighter than they are, as long as they have their sweethearts, and the other friends of theirs, whom are also in on this, they really don't give a rat's ass. People part of this really think they are special compared to us. When I point out how stupid they are and the system is, it seems to wake some of them up... honestly... and they start vituperating about how they hate all of this BS, as well as the way they have been serving the System. At some point, the perps at the lower levels really start to hate their own confinement, and the way they are forced to treat me as a TI. The stupid ones still get kicks out of all of this, like they really don't care, being dumbasses who believe anything fed to them by the media, and they seem to know it consciously.