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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Signs you are sane

Everyone wants to label the TI especially if they seem affected by remote influence.

So how do you as a TI avoid this becuz eventually through peer pressure ( a well known brainwash tactic) the system will try to convince you that you are imagining things or that you are not sane.

Well, for one you certainly are not imagining the harassment done to you on the street by real persons.

The other thing is keep in mind how scientific and systematic this is. It IS a system.

For instance: What mental illness do YOU know of that is consistent with changing according to certain criteria and conditions:
-physical structure Target is occupying

In my case that would be that the way I am harassed with what seems like mental and emotional influence changes in its method and its style according to what city I am in
and this is consistently the case.
Even when I leave and then return after a good amount of time, the way that I am made to think and feel- the way I am tortured, is dependent on THAT specific location for what the content may be of the suggestion, torture or influence.
And I have documented that even I forget what that consists of from city to city as I travel so much, until I return to that location and recall that I was indeed targeted so specifically in that location before with certain content, and compare notes to my past documentation. It cannot be mental illness or a natural occurrence from within me.
I travel way too much and make time fast..there is no way I would be able to remember such details especially as I have memory interference since my long exposure to mycotoxins.

I have posted that for years now it is consistent that the remote influence seems to stop at around 12 midnight and start at approx 6 am.
We are talking about going from a mind that is being tortured to a clear mind with no stress and no 'harassment' at anywhere from 11:30 pm to 1:00 am, and usually its consistently more around 12 midnight...though over the years there have been instances of it stopping between those times mentioned above. There is a strict adherence to this timing and the ONLY time there may not be any harassment at all is holidays specifically.
I don't even have to know what time it is...the harassment stops or whatever one would like to call it and I know then to think "oh, it must be around midnight" and without fail I am right. It may be 11:52 pm or 12:06 am but its always very close.
So, if I am not aware of the time and am made aware by the discontinuation of torture or 'harassment' and I am always correct about the approximate time..then would one be reasonable and logical enough to deduct that the mental and emotional states I am experiencing are INFLUENCE FROM OUTSIDE MY BODY FROM SOME UNKNOWN SOURCE? I would say yes.

Physical environment or structures:
Relief is consistently gained from Faraday cage like structures..or things that block cell phone reception and like interference. Examples would be hospitals which many are now concrete and steel for fireproofing, certain govt buildings, older buildings where the structure is solid, or underground.
Another example of this locally around Boston is the Park Street MBTA stop where one can go a second level underground, my old storage space in southie called Castle storage which is an old concrete and steel warehouse with metal roofing as well as chicken wire overhead.
There are places I went in TN very small towns where I found I felt relief and realized there was no cell reception every single time I felt I was back to 'normal'..before all this nonsense in 2002 or so.

Anyplace underground or where there is no cell reception. Why would this be?
Here may be the answer:

I found this on a page about cell phone trees:

The fact that I feel different stimuli in different locations along with it ceasing according to specific time as well as gaining relief from going underground or into a building with no cell reception makes me realize that I am not imagining any of this.

Its obvious I am in a 'system' as its too.... well systematic. And the fact I can map out time, location and conent of influence by locale makes it way to suspect.

Usually mentally ill people dont make this much sense and the things that happen to them dont fit this neatly into something that fits the qualifications for being in a net created by technology. If it isnt tech then what is it? Psychic warriors? I would be willing to believe that if it wasnt for the time clock thing..its too mechanical and often in the past alot of this has resembled interface.

The reason no one cares even though TIs make thier cases is that no one wants to deal with this and no one cares as long as one human sacrifice makes some scientific headway for the whole world. That is the way people are looking at it. Why do you think people hang thier heads or systematically ignore Targets? This system of unethical human experimentation has been around I suspect for years and now its on the road in any space public or private that the experimentee goes. Now one no longer needs to be in a lab.
And either no one cares, believes it or is willing to risk blowing the whistle on this system. TIs like me make cases for themselves all the time. A few of us have even sued with proof of some sort of tech being used and it doesnt matter. The authorities wont deny the use of tech nor its existence but nothing changes either.

So just never think that you are imagining things. This is really happening but its not likely to stop. That is why they choose people who are expendable and believe me just like MK Ultra inside a lab alot of these experiments are going to be terminal..either of the Self or of the whole physical being.

The people who are doing this are of the same mindset as thier predecessors. They actually believe that YOU dont matter..becuz of course they arent YOU the target.

You arent imagining things you are just being victimized by people who have protection and money like you would not believe. As far as I can see there is no way out of this but never give up and never fall into behavior modification, which would be the death of the true Self and you just forgetting about what happened. Or somehow giving false confession like you imagined it all or are indeed mentally ill.

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