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Friday, November 20, 2009

Mass mind control

In the beginning of my starting realize what was happening I did not buy into this concept at all. I was workking from the inside out so all I knew for sure was fighting suicide programming and dealing with alters and trying research and study that subject matter. I didnt even understand what was going on around me with the local nonsense. Which is good as most people propably didnt know about what was occuring internally. Your programming hides from even you what is actually going on. It can be described as files deep within the 'back' of the mind or that is the perception where info is stored and is processed in certain ways due to the internal structure. This is why so many TIs claim that there is some sort of interface where it seems perps are messing around psychically. This is totally possible if psychics are being used or if tech is somehow able to be utilized..however it seems that there are files so deep that no one can get into them not even you the programmed person. This is for your own safety.

Look what happened when I was being messed with and people were trying to outright destroy me. I was given just enough information to let me survive but never enough to reveal even under 'torture'.

Its obvious to me now that MK Ultra is to interrogate programmed people.
The brain damage caused breaks down the system like a computer programmer breaks down a computer in order to rebuild it.

LSD is used I believe due to it being a fungus. I believe now according to my experience and research that any mold will do. If mold exposure was used in Russia to dumb down dissidents then thier is knowledge of it being useful for brain damage.

Its imperative to return the person to a state of childlike stupidity and co dependence. Trauma works true but you need brain damage.
However, a person can use the skeleton of the internal programming structure as well as thier natural spirit and energy to defend themselves.

I will tell you another secret of course due to it being my only revenge is revealing a hotel in Buffalo NY there were some brutal perps working behind the counter. Messing with me playing games. I played dumb front alter according to my programming. However throughout I took note of everything going on on the outside.
He basically intimated that there was an issue with certain people (me) being able to beat premenitioins. Let me explain how this works and dont listen to Hollywood cuz thier job is to misdirect you.

Many people like myself all our lives can recall seeing a piece of the future before it occurs a clip out of a movie before one views the movie in its entirety.
For instance once I had a short 'clip'dream which started in a forest with tables set up everywhere and a purple vase on the table for sale. In my dream it was 10 cents and I bought it.
This was while living in Littleton MA in 1990. Later maybe a week or a month I was driving and got that 'synchronicity' feeling. What alot of you mistake for DeJavu. The moment of the dream came into view in reality. The dream clip that made no sense as it was taken out of context now became clear. Littleton is out in the woods and here was a yard sale with tables set out. There was the exact purple vase except it was 25 cents in real life...perhaps a joke? Whatever.

This is an example but there are others that are much more disturbing.

Often one can see what the future holds and to take appropriate action or we are warned what the deceptions will involve..what actions NOT to take.

However, recently at a growing rate for the past 15 years or so it seems that there has been an effort to introduce preminitions falseley. Either that or this system keeps people down by making them believe that such 'preminitionms'
are the only future that is possible thus keeping the person to a certain behavior or path of actions.

What was intimated and told to me was that certain people of interest (ahem) could deny these preminitions.

Its easy..if you are introduced to a certain course of action all you have to do is to deny that 'preminition'. Look at it like a suggestion not like its written in stone. Simply state mentally "That preminition is NOT going to come true" over and over and over and over. You will find that you are no longer a slave to these premonitions.
Becuz that is what they are used keep certain people enslaved. YOUR FREE WILL HAS MERIT AND YOU DONT HAVE TO BE A SLAVE.

There is also something that occurs when danger is present a warning system that keeps people like us, whatever programmed people are-safe.
The system is only used in emergencies and really I have only heard something very loudly once when I was 18. I didnt heed it and someone came into a window and almost raped me. A very loud voice said "SHUT THE WINDOW". I didnt listen.

The problem recently is that something out there or someone, is maxing out the pathways of this system and driving people like me crazy. Its one thing to use this system to warn someone then leave them alone but there seems to be this effort to use these pathways to overload certain people.

What doesnt make sense is how all this ends at 12 midnite or when one goes underground or other changes one can bet on every time.

The one thing that lets me know I am not just crazy is a perp on the conference calls who mentioned "They are doing it to everybody". He felt bad for me as he mentioned "your very smart". Great I am also very dead eventually like every other slave who tries to break away from programmers and handlers.

Mass mind control is totally possible but sometimes it seems is just useful to control certain people or certain populations. Most people seem fine and to be enpying thier lives.

I dont believe that it is used on any of the population that isnt a threat. I believe its only used as control in emergencies as part of human experimentation or in cases like mine where you have an obvious connection to the radiation experiments, MK Ultra and human experiemntation as well what is obviously high level programming.

So even though there is 'mass mind control' for the masses that are doing well and not a threat it really doesnt affect them. They could care less.

This is why its hard to be a TI or a survivor of any of this is that you are someone who is a threat on some level or expendable. If they work hard enough on you you'll give up and just give in to being average as that is what is the norm and they seem happy and dont know what is going on.

SO mass mind control from what I have seen is not a problem if it keeps the peace....I think its wrong but people in general dont seem to care about it and they would rather live in a dream half asleep believing all this subject matter is sci fi or if it is real it is out 'there' somewhere just beyond reach.

They want the benefits that covert activities and experimentation give them they dont want to know how much pain and suffering and death and torture go into bringing them the safety or good life they live. THat is why every single TI fails and programmed people die. SOCIETY ENJOY BEING SHEEP WHO ARE SHEPARDED. THEY DO NOT WISH TO BE LIVING GODS WHICH IS MANS RIGHT.

You can write all you want and complain all you want...people want daddy and mommy to protect them.

Now its being pushed this idea of 'planetology'...which is NASA marketing the idea of making the moon into an outpost for travel to mars.
Man will just bring the show someplace else...they dont want to know the cost. My mother was right no one does care. And expendable people and slaves will be part of what goes on..that is not going to change. They will just find ways to enslave people on the next planet or in the space station or underground.

No activism we do matters greatly in the long benefits a few other TIs and people like us who are under the abuse of the system.

I dont believe anyone is going to stop it however. THere is too much money in it at all levels and the benefits that are brought to the public in the future by such things are desirable to them...after the blood and guts have been cleaned off or course and hands have been washed.'

That is all they want to see. No one wants to go to the slaughter house they just want thier meat clean and ready for purchase at market. ]

How are we going to beat that?


Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting that Native Indians use Peyote Cactus rituals to achieve some sort of enlightenment. In light of what you've been saying, it could be just yet another way of making the people of a tribe more compliant to the "leader" or chief. These little rituals of "enlightenment" could be a way of achieving a form of mass mind control. Not sure though. I will have to research this. Peyote is a lot like Shrooms or LSD when smoked, supposedly.

Anonymous said...

Here is what I was talking about:

Interesting that it causes "deep introspection".