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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Long post:lack of sympathy for TIs/reasons for terrorism

First of all someone left me a comment that said I sound harsh on my blog. Uhh yeah pretty much. I am a victim of torture and am just ignored like I dont exist. Pretty hard to take.
Harsh....people, the ass whippin has not yet even begun. By the time I am through terrorists will look like choir boys compared to what this country and its ALLIES (ahem) have been up to. Lucky for them that its been engineered before I could get to this point of understanding and revealing info that I am already and probably will be disregarded as 'mentally ill' and anything I say will be ignored. Arent they clever. Gee, do you think that they do this to people often? They seem to have a system down to discredit victim witnesses.

I just got this awful vision of me in hospital with bandages bleeding and I could feel the injuries and how it will weaken me. (I just revised yesterdays post and added new info) Ooops, time to do the old "that preminition will not come true" mantra. Another threat. I will never shut up or 'learn my lesson' no matter what the system does to me.

Now today's post: What the hell is wrong with these people? Why are people so unsympathetic to TI's? Well the people who DONT know what is going on cant be sympathetic as they arent in on it. The people that do know are either scared or in on it to destroy the TI or are sympathetic to the destroyers only.

This leaves TI's with no allies openly. I get alot of looks like men looking right into my eyes as if they are amused at my fighting the system or not laying down in the ring like throwing a fight. But that is not helpful....its almost creepy as it is once again a direct communication from a stranger. Well at least its somewhat...uh, supportive? of what I am doing. Kinda.

Espeically in Boston I am made to feel very awkward and bad. This place must be, as Mark Phillips put it :"crawling with Big Brother". It would make sense if the anti terror effort were that intense in Boston that common people were informed of things they normally wouldnt be as well as people who looked like common people were actually part of a massive covert op to insure the safety of the city. Like I mentioned before there is so much money here its insane. And I can see a massive effort would be put forth to protect a place with this much value. Its not unrealistic. With terrorism being the way it is I can see it might be the only way to ensure safety, however due to its covert nature it can also be used to support corruption.

The point is to continue to beat the TI down as has been the effort all along- to make us 'feel bad' as one perp said openly.

Anti terror is one thing and understandable.
Use and abuse of such a system in order to abuse victim witnesses as well as destroy evidence
or unethical human experimentation is NOT acceptable.

I doubt if I will ever get sympathy in my own country. People for the most part do as they are told by authority. Thats really the end of it. Besides most people are stuck on a cover story which makes the TI look like a total asshole or a threat to some concept of their way of life. The public will always find reasons to validate public executions as they historically enjoy watching them.

This is why its so important not to give in. If you reveal the whole story then their compliance makes them look bad not validated. Thier only way to save face is to ignore of disbelieve.

You will get no sympathy as long as they know that you are right and they are wrong. Ignore them completely as much as you can. As they systematically ignore you so do the same to them.

The mob has cost you your looks, your health and your future. Denial is their only way out. Block all the exits and flood the place with logic and truth. Itll just be another info war and the mob will choose to refuse to be intelligent as that is what makes their system work.

Anti intellectualism, purposeful incompetance, denial and rejection of truth is the only way our system can function as it does. You are asking a cat to bark if you ask otherwise. I know its hard but do not expect sympathy from Americans. Or from what I have heard from other TIs Europeans either. Most people who are into sacrificing whoever they have to to get thiers, which is most people, will not have sympathy for you.

This MA state trooper was talking to me in Haymarket last year and he knew becuz eventually he had to strik he couldnt help himself I guess. He evenutally made that comment that they all make that shows just how powerful they are compared to average citizens: something about how I need to be doing something to make my life seem meaningful. I guess we were talking about my activism. SEEM meaningful? (..and so you have to do something to make your life seem meaningful) No one is more revealing about what is really going on than cops if you can get them to snap into arrogant male mode and its not hard...theyll turn on you in a friendly conversation eventually at some point. As many of them have experiencded the world do to them.

This is very telling. And his eyes came alight when he spoke that comment. Ahh the truth comes out about what is really going on in that head of yours.
I have to be doing something to make my life seem meaningful...which is a review of a REACTION. But what am I reacting to? What is the ACTION that he is intimating that there is a REACTION TO? That would be the organized stalking and harassment system that keeps me down (as I was told more openly to my face once- that the harassment was meant to keep me down for life).

He didnt say that I was doing something to make my life meaningful..he said seem meaningful. This is why trained killers with guns make dangerous enemies in psychological warfare. ONE WORD is all it took, well chosen and well placed (thats why hes a statey and not a city cop) to f*ck with someones head very badly. And of course me being the way I am I filed that memory in the back files (and it also became a PTSD memory that helps destroy me by running itself over and over as negative conditioning--and people like him KNOW that is what its going to do) and politely ignored the comment.

You have to understand that this is ALL to cover for the existence of programming of children. Its also mainly to cover up anyone revealing that there are many pedophile and child abuse families that readily co operate with the police and other factions. People in the USA want to believe that this sort of thing doesnt happen very often or goes on mostly in other countries. Why I dont know. I guess for people unfamiliar with the subject matter they cant concieve of it.

There might be another reason. Documentation of ape behavior has shown that grown up apes actually sexually fondle their ape babies. Everyone in the tribe seems to take part in this. Humans are sensitive and intellectual beings but we are still closely related to these animals.. I just wonder especially on the part of men is there an urge within all humans if not men specifically that is so primitive and violent that they fear the very thought of it in themselves. Its been proven that unlike females, males can be made eventually to abandon thier morals and be driven to commit atrocities of all kinds on other human beings.

Also people dont want to face issues of their own that they might have nicely buried and dont want disturbed. They are compartmentalized and sectioned it off and they have a system that functions. Opening that compartment or touching on it would screw up the way they have functioned around it for years.

If you know yourself than you know your own moral code.

There was a girl in NA and she was really screwed up as her dad was a child molester. She would sit in the meetings and whine about it and of course the other grown ups in that room were supporting the scumbag (ahh, Watertown...that crowd never fails to be predictable) so everyone was of the attitude that she wasnt going to get any sympathy or even acknowledgement there.
Eventually she met some older kid there and of course got knocked up and 'moved on' with her life. This is of course what everyone wants as it gets the whole community off the hook as well as the scumbag they support. They want the victim-witness to go away so that no one has to deal with them and their annoying True story. Truth and justice interfere with thier good time which of course is paramount. Besides, she was so pretty and blonde and young the sentiment was that unlike alot of other victims she had hope, a chance to make something of her young life.

All UTTER BULLSHIT. She should have left and never forgotten what they did to her and made like a Stephen King novel on their small town New England asses. You know the ones he writes where small town New Enlgand thinks it can just sacrifice a person and get away with no punishment due?
Eventually she gave into the wishes of the arrogant group and gave up on getting justice for herself. They won becuz she let them win. Boston loves power more than anything else and any opportunity to prove this by victimizing someone, who is alone especially, is very valuable to them. I say the Boston area is addicted to power and must have human sacrifices to prove it on a regular basis...they especially love to be cold and disregard the person. Its akin to a luxury here, like littering or swearing like sailors every other word. It proves that we can get away with more than any other area of the country and we can afford such losses and games as we are wealthier, smarter and better than the rest of the USA. Trashing the streets or trashing a person it doesnt matter. Just as long as Massholes get to casually disgard things that other normal, sane people find valuable, like human lives, then they are happy and convinced that they have POWER like no other place in the USA.

So me being targeted here as the place of origin is one of the factors in me getting tossed around so badly and ignored. MA as we can see by the comment of our tubby Statey friend, is on a constant 24/7 power trip that does not end and will not end until this is gone. I wish.

The beauty of this is that if one travels one can see how weak MAssholes really are. One week in St Loius as I experienced it and most of these punks would be crying. The south west would confuse the shit out of them totally. They would disregard the souths hospitality and hopefully get their asses kicked.
This is why so many poor and homeless are miserable here. I tell them to leave and they just dont. This place will hold you prisoner. Be aware that Boston is a heavily corrupt and classist place with no regard for quality of life except for the medical community or perhaps the religious community..but they were always mean to me so I cant say.

Boston and MAssoleachussetts can afford to be this arrogant. Its as simple as that. And unfortunelty so can the USA.
Like I said before the USA gets its way from a system of covert infuence in this country and around the globe.

These leads to another purpose of my work. I am saddend by so many people who are confused and frightened by terrorism and what is happening in our world. Part of me making what they took from me meaningful (not seem meaningful-go choke on a donut dude ) is to explain not only how covert warfare works but that the natural reaction to covert warfare is terrorism. On an individual level that is what this system tries to push targets into alot of the time. Every target notes that the system seems to be wanting us to become violent hateful extremists as a way to not only make us look like we were always a danger to society but to get rid of us as thier reaction to us reacting will be to take us out.
I have experienced it all. Every trick in the book consisting of methods you would not beleive, to drive me to go postal, death by cop, comply out of sheer fear, to destroy me and keep me permanently down in a psychological prison for life, to work on my insecurities and truama backround to make me become self destructive if not suicide.

This seems to be more common with male survivors but I highly suspect that some females are driven to these more violent ends. The more masculine you are the more they will work on these angles. I am starting to believe people like Valerie Solonas's claims. Yes she was a crazy street whore who was so harassed by men as to snap and get sick of them and start the ' Society to Cut Up Men". However, the WAY that she goes about mapping out her theories shows a brain in there somewhere, as if at one time she may have been capable of being brilliant. And it doesnt surpirise me the driving an expendable crazy and torturing them so they go after someone that perhaps the system wants targeted anyway. Its been tried believe me and I an not that stupid. Its been tried every way you can imagine to get me to go after people I know and people I dont know who the system would like me to blame for what is happening to me. I have seen over the years in this body many instances of things that never added up. Every carzy who goes after people is not a programmed expendable but a certain amount of them are I believe. Its a great last use of the person and it guarentees that they are finally done. They either rot in jail or die from execution. And the system accomplished some terrorism along the way to scar whoever they targeted and to scare the public- once again.

Its always key people that get messed with by these crazies at key moments that seem useful to someone in the larger scheme not just random. Everything from the Manson killings to Jonestown to attempts on lives of politicians and celebrities. In certain cases there are just too many leads that were NOT followed, info that is left out or things that dont add up thus there must be puzzle pieces missing. During Bush Sr one can always be amused by such things like the attempt on Reagan when he was vice president to getting Quayle to be HIS vice president as no one in thier right mind would want Quayle to take over the Presidency in the event of anything happening to him.

I have given everything I got to resist any and all covert influence as I know it is in the interst of further damaging my life. I am much stronger as a preservationist so this is the secret to why I am still standing. Besides I know that none of this was happening to me before that federal investigation. I led an eccentric but fairly normal life...I mean it was hard and there was oppression but what has gone on since 2003 is waayyyy out there. Like I said look for timing.

I would rather peacefully explain how this works than to take action against others. Most of all it is my intense resistance to being controlled that is responsible for me acing this system.

If I wanted to seek revenge against someone is should be MY will to do so, not the Will of outside influence.

The same thing happens with terrorists as with targeted individuals I suspect. Covert warfare, dis info and smear campaigns as well as systematic ignoring of not only the original injustice against the target but now the harassment that is occuring.

This whole system is to make people inot terrorists hopefully via years of torture and reducing the person to the level of an animal in hopes they will strike out in desperation. Thus at that point the oppressor has thier self fullfilling prophecy.. I dont stay in control becuz I want to I do so becuz I have to. I would LOVE to haul off on those who betrayed me believe me. You would to. Any reasonable person would. But I know that a better revenge is to show the world that terrorists are born of frustration, torture and a desperation that no one is listening or cares about the truth. Not ALL terrorists but many.

And there is the issue of programming. Cult mind control is invaluable to both sides of any conflict.

The reason some people snap is that they can no longer stand the must ask what is that pressure and where is it coming from?

Psychological warfare is no joke and its very effective. When people are abused and then ignored and kept down anger and frustration as well as bitterness will soon over take the person. Resisting the urge to act on this is very hard. Usually the person is isolated from any support as to make them more desperate.

Look at my life? I am homeless, if I run out of money I have to beg to eat, I own only a back pack. I have been targeted into this by constant harassment but it serves the denial system by making me look as if I am merely mental and cannot take care of myself, thus anything I say to explain my situation is discredited. Thier system works very very well. There is no way anyone can fight the effects of constant harassment and especially after having people ripped away from you and it does feel like your intimates were physically ripped from you.

I can just tell if somehting reeks of covert interference. Its always especially crazy, frightening and violent. And the media plays up these qualities.
Its not so frightening if you understand what is going on.

For Targets it is most important to react to not a thing without mulling it over logically first. Its also important to realize what the system is doing to you. I was told by someone that I was being reminded how inconvenient I was. The system for whatever reason wants to get rid of you.
Its also very important to focus on what you KNOW TO BE TRUE, and that includes knowledge inside of you- everthing from preserving your True Self to remembering that you have been running over memories of programming and other valuable memories since you can remember. This is what you know and this is what is true. In the beginning of the gang stalking campaign you worked it from the Inside-Out whereas alot of the outiside activity going on, alot of those involved were working from the Outside -In..if they even knew anything about what was inside you to begin with. A cover story was being worked while you might have been going through say suicide programming. This means that many people did not understand why you were doing things the way you were within the circumstances. And part of gas lighting is to keep info from the target...this is very valuable to them. Most people assume that the cover story is the truth and you the victim do not know what is going on around you.

None of it matters...not the present not the past not the future. Not what they say or cover stories, not what has happened or what they have done to you.

Just always keep the focus on the original contents internally. Try to recall what memories were there before the campaign started. If those are no longer there then you are losing grasp with the true story of your existence. Dont forget the internal world that was there before the external 24/7 harassment tried to drag you from your internal peaceful realm, drag you outside your temple and beat you down until you forget who you are. They will also try to destroy internal structures by keeping you from being at peace inside yourself. This is why you cannot relax or be left alone of a day. If they want to replace the internal structure with something else they have to make you focus on outside activity constantly.

Gang stalking targets are made into crazy, ugly angry bitter people by a system of psychological harassment that is tailored to destroy them. They were not always this way. And people only become dangerous when they are so beaten down and frustrated that they are given no other way to fight back.

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Anonymous said...

You really have no choice now .....except maybe to try Jesus. Try his teachings. Really try it. It will bring you peace in time. Hatred, bitterness and anger will destroy you in time. Let it better you and not destroy you. I hope you take my advice. If not, best of luck....