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Monday, November 23, 2009

what exactly the involvement of African Americans in covert ops/covert ops is the only thing that makes america 'great'

After last nights posts I became more curious in my own mind about my experiences. Yesterday's writing allowed these things to become more real for me...and unfortunately the horror of my life being ruined is now more real.

Yet the set up intrigues me.

There were other experiences involving all black groups. It would be interesting to understand just who they work for or who they are associated with.

Is it COINTELPRO connected? What I mean is that the people who worked for that operation were black as they had to infiltrate the Black Panthers. Could it be that they simply continued and grew into something bigger?
Could it be connected to Prince Hall?

Could black organized crime be expanding into something that sophisticated? Is it connected to something with Africa's system?

Is it a black faction of the military or other like DOD or similar?

I am not naive to the powers of Africans. I never have been. I know that in Africa they readily utilize voodoo to influence politics and elections. The power of Africans is very real in the metaphysical and whites greatest mistake is to discount such things or out of envy or fear or jeoulousy act as if blacks are not magick superior.

Lets clarify something.
If you didnt live through thousands of years of oppression from the Catholic church or an empire like Rome or other civilizations and you are coming directly from mother earth and nature your ability to connect to the natural powers that humans have out in the wild is going to be present. WHITES ARE AT A CONSTANT DISADVANTAGE due to years of being burned at the stake, tortured and trained and conditioned to fear thier own pagan roots and their connection to nature.

Then whites had to form systems to hide such practices over the centuries everything from the paganism one can see mixed into Chrisitanity especially in places lke Ireland and the latin Catholic cultures.
Farmers kept thier harvest type paganism. Humans found ways for thier connections to nature and their own power to survive.
But thousands of years is a long time. And the terror of burnings and medieval torture is enough to behavior modify anyone over time. Also the system of king, noble, surf and peasant changes peoples structure of thinking to one very different than living in tribes in nature.

The civilizations and cultures in Europe before the rule of the Christian church are now lost except to those who study such things carefully.
I hate to say this but Catholicism is a dumb down to handle and bring relief to conquered peoples. I like some aspects of it but in general when I look at the original cultures and see what remains its people are left with little access to thier natural intelligence and accesss to primitive cultural powers is limited. This does not mean that they do not possess those powers but the religion seems to provide a system almost akin to what I recognize as compartmentalization or programming.

It may serve the same purpose. To compartmentalize the being in order to limit the persons own access to thier own inner and ancestral power.
A belief system you are born into and raised with (conditioned) is not the same as natural human energy from a natural ancient culture.

It seems that the native cultures have a more solid energy as well as the ability to access natural energy. In the south west in places like Abq New Mexico its obvious to me just who's land this is as the connection to the earth in this place we call 'America' is never more real or stronger to experience for me as through the presence of that vast Native American culture there.

If you are sensitive to the power of these energies and if you have been targeted you know that blacks make the worst stalkers and harassers. Their energy especially in a large cohesive group is powerful. This does not mean they are superior it means that they have a benefit over Europeans most likely due to never having to have lived in cultural slavery like the dark ages of Europe for thousands of years. This prowess is obviously expressed in mainstream culture in things like blues music and now hip hop.

Thier presence as dissidents in slave culture is also present . Its no surprise that the slave masters felt the need to so beat down this culture with typical cruel human enslavement tactics to destroy any access to natural intelligence and primitive magickal powers.

I dont think America even begins to understand what 'slavery' really entails. It just doesnt register.
The reason Americans cant be exposed to what the enslavement of a human being really entails and the systems of mind control that are ued is that if there were these rules of thumb or a lay out of this system as simple and used repetitively PEOPLE WOULD START TO RECOGNIZE THIER OWN ENSLAVEMENT in daily life or in religion or what ever else you find yourself in.

Still after studying my own experiences as well as every other example enslavement of human beings it always entails basically the same system of trauma based mind control tactics.

One must realize the danger of blacks in war to begin with if they want a war. But what I experienced goes against everything that is taught to us concerning blacks as totally underprivileged and struggling. These groups were well funded had access to things that cost alot of money and influence to pull of what they did and they seemed especially sick and violent.
One has to consider all the claims by other TIs about "black on black violence". Dont be surprised if these types of groups come after other blacks becuz it sounds like they are doing just that. It would be interesting for other African Americans to recount thier experiences with any and all gang stalking groups that seemed like human experimentation.
I would like to think that its about the TI being an experimentee not just racial torture. Perhaps they do this to all TIs but take a special sadistic pleasure in terrorizing a white person I dont know.
I know the men as usual are the worst.

I want to know who these groups are connected to. It really does seem like human experimentation or at least torture. But why are some of the groups strictly white or strictly black? There was one instance of a mixed group of people.

There are plenty of mixed groups of perps but that is not what interests me right now.

Perhaps its just I was in areas where the perp groups happened to be black becuz that was the nature of the area. But I cant deny that blacks are always present in either the total number of the group or some part of it. Maybe that is just the make up of our nation that blacks figure prominently in number.

True in places like PA where I got messed with its all white gang stalking. But those are not the human experimentation groups.

All these people however seem to be part of this same large group who are consistent in one thing: thier cruelty, disregard and sadism in terrorizing the targeted person.
The most common communication one gets is that they even when alone as individuals are better than you. That they know what is going on that they are part of some power structure that is superior to you.
Thier job, one can be sure is to dominate the TI and the TIs whole life. But why do they believe they are superior? I mean they really believe this. There is no weak spot in thier confidence.
You have to remember however that thier confidence is based on the massive power of this covert network and they are always confident as long as they are in a car or in a group or safe from the grasp of the TI.

An anology is the way people on safari act when armed and safely driving through some wild terrain and they are protected from the animals outside. One can imagine what would happen if that large cat, ultimately more superior a hunter and killer than unprotected and unarmed man got into the car or got one of them outside the vehicle.
This is the only thing that gives them that confidence.

I have gotten a few perps away from their group or isolated them mentally while with thier group and they break like glass.

No matter what you go through you have to remember these people live off the groups power. They are still a cult in the end.

What is most interesting is why they must pick on one person and terrorize them to death.
Its definelty for hire as one black group a girl slipped and said that the group was supposed to make me feel bad. Also on the bus a girl from this group of 15 started to feel bad for me and her 16 year old boyfriend stated "shes JUST a target" to allay her feelings of guilt.

So these groups are obviously for hire. And if they see the person as just a target then they can also see them as 'just' a lab rat.

The bizarre thing is the focus and obsession with that one individual. This obsession could be seen expressed by the crime groups in Womens Lunch Place all the way to the larger cruel groups that did extreme things with terror.

One crack head made sure she told a white lady in Womens Lunch Place that I was here in Boston again (last year) and in the room in the corner. The white woman said " I dont think anybody cares any more" as if I as an obsession was no longer popular or of interest and thus not profitable and thus not worth paying attention to to terrorize.

So its obviously profit motivated. But one can see plainly the hate from the black community towards someone like me who is a white Target and the satisfaction that was gotten from destroying my life. I keep thinking what that woman in MI said. That if I stayed with her " at least you wont have a bunch of n*ggers chasing you across the country".

This is an indication that I am correct in my recalling my experiences as largely dominated by black gang stalking groups.
But also this woman's intentions were to gaslight me and enslave me as I later found out she was a mulitple felon and working with cops to get a lighter sentence...and she knew other things about my case as well..things she shouldnt know.

So its all the same system its just there are different factions. I guess the white supremists will also try to destroy you its just that they have sympathies towards me cuz I am white.

You have to understand that all the gang stalking network it the same system. However there seem to be particular hatreds that are fed into per group or person in the gang stalking of a TI and that depends on what the TI has about them you can hate on.
It also depends on what the TI has about them you can sympathize with.

But always its about handling and destroying the Target.

I do wonder if the black groups have a more specialized interest as per outside the gang stalking network. With how nasty this is and how people seem to die with ease if they get in the way of this system I doubt if there is much infighting with these groups that isnt rectified by higher ups.

The organization of these groups is outrageous. No one would ever guess that something could be pulled off like this without anyone knowing.

However what I have experienced is the USA is perfect environment for this kind of abuse of human rights.
Its too damn big of a continent. Do you really know what is going on in the mid west? Or on the east coast or in NY or in small town PA? I have traveled and seen that people think they know from the news but you know very little about places you dont go to personally.
Any of this could be easily pulled off with enough money and organization. Who is going to see covert activity who is unaware in public places or a private space that is isolated?

These operations are easily pulled off if the target is isolated and handled by the network. This is why they threaten peoples families and offer bribes or pay offs. The ultimate in 'an offer you cant refuse'.

The United States of America is not a powerful rich country with protected interests becuz of troops going to war or hardworking honest people who pay thier taxes.
Its a 'great' country ( if that is what you call the benefits) I suspect mostly due to a massive network that provides covert activities to create influence of events to the advantage of the USA.

It could be also that TIs are dealing with powerful corporate entities that dont have to answer to anyone..or worse corporations fused with govt agencies. It seems to be a fusing of govt with corporations with academic institutions and perhaps contracts.

This is what is so annoying about people continuing to claim its the govt who does these things. If you look at all documented history of human experimentation its always been govt with academic with some hidden investor.


Jeremy said...

"This is what is so annoying about people continuing to claim its the govt who does these things"

The corporations or financial elite who run these things are obviously smart when it comes to spending money. Why pay to terrorize people when they'll pay for it themselves? So, gov'ts are always a necessary part of this system because you can make people pay into their own oppression by convincing them it's necessary to pay taxes.

Public debates over taxes have been reduced to arguments over how to most effectively burn through the taxpayer's money. As we all know, most gov't employees are essentially part of a standing army that is mobilized against targets. The debates help to conceal that.

The gov't is a visible part of the oppression structure, but let's not forget someone else is calling the shots.

You have had telling remarks in earshot suggesting corporate backing but let's not forget they constantly run misinformation campaigns. It never ends. Anything you overheard, may be something they wanted you to overhear.

Anonymous said...

In the end, gangstalking is just basically an offshoot of big corporations doing what they have to do to remain powerful. Remember IBM and their FUD campaigns against other computer companies? Microsoft is another example, with their sponsored Mindcraft benchmarks against Linux, in an attempt to take down Linux. Which they couldn't do, of course. Linux only got stronger and better in the process.