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Friday, November 13, 2009

heavy harassment in Harrisville PA near TA Barkeyville RT 8

First the female manager at Burger King asked me to leave as I was just sitting at the end of thier driveway. As I got up to get my things she had to add a threat to call the state police if I did not comply which makes no sense as I was complying.
As she sped away in her suv I got disgusted and went inside and talked to the assistant manager. Told him I was activist and we discussed the homeless issue etc. He agreed that its positive to be doing something about it with activism and also that she was not diplomatic but abusive. He then apologizwed.

I went across to Arby's and was making a sign off of cardboard that was given to me by a worker taking out some boxes. IN ALL OF THESE places I saw no signs for 'no soliciting or loitering'. Some girls were in the back opened the door pointed and whispered something while looking at me and then shut the back door. This car alarm behind me kept beeping intermittently like when you lock your car as if someone was playing with the key from somewhere though this could have been a malfunction within that vehicle.
I put my earphones on and just started making a sign. 10 min later a female young worker comes out and says I cant just sit there or be there. She was alot nicer than the other woman across the street at Burger King. She then said that she was going to let me finish my sign and be 'more tolerant' than the woman across the street as she said " I know how she is". WHat bothered me was the look in her dismissive. And arrogant all across the board here.. like they are all smarter than the traveler they encounter and expect tgrouble. I made SURE I had an intelligent conversation telling her how diplomacy among corporate employees is what would make the transient less likely to react badly from the get go. I also told her that most travelling kids would just leave peacefully and be passive as many would.

She was then nicer but in general it seemed a big power trip in this town to speak to me at all.

I was all this time just waiting for a friend who is going to pick me up tonight and take me out of state. SO I decided to see if I could pan handle as I need laundry and food and thus I could spend money at the truck stop while I wait. It would have been fine in many other regions but the mid west and Penn seem very unfriendly to travelers in small towns.

I notice that getting on the internet in this TA was almost impossible without tech support being called as thier log in page seems to make the pre paid option disappear and go to credit card only.
TA is one of the best truck stops however for travelers so I cant say anything bad against them generally.

To finish my story, I then decide to start documenting as I was getting the feeling that in general I was not welcome in this area. I put my things down on the edge of the restaurant Kings which is not corporate. I was on the grass out towards the road just filming with my camera. One guy came by asked if I needed money and I took 20 dollars and he said it was a 'rough town" and I would need it. I had put my sign upside down as I was not sure what was happening with the pan handling issue.

I resumed filming.

A few people asked if I needed a ride and I just said I was waiting for one later. It was an older woman.
The police show up and I pull out my ID ready for the usual grind. They have a dog with them who staerts barking (why the K-9 unit?) and this doesnt phase me after what I have been through over the years. It could have bit me and I wouldnt have cared. Whatever the point is to not be intimidated and stay cool and logical. And remember its always usually males who are the cops who stop as well as males who do most of my harassment. Its extremem intimidation and the system knows it. You have to steel yourself.

The nice cop says the community is in an uproar about me standing or sitting there. The other cop was the hard ass. Checks ID. I talk to the nice cop and explain travel and activism and I am waiting for ride.

I want it to be known that civilians had already drove by and waved and acted arrogant about the presence of the camera so its suspect already. As I was filming my own face people were pulling out behind me and not driving out hte driveway but justg watching me. TGhe only way to get rid of them was to pull the camera away from myh own face and film them over my shoulder....THIS got them to finally mind thier business and pull out of the restaurant.

The cops ask alot of questions and the hard ass keeps trying to catch me in a lie. They ask me ab outg my friend and where is he coming from and what state are we going to and going beyond thier state line jurisdiction they ask about do I have a place to go once in two states away. They ask if I am still in MA and if he is coming from there then why do I have to wait for him here to go west blah blah..just all kinds of trying to confuse things. They were dying to take me out of there thats for sure. You can feel the cops physicality as men I can at least and I know when that feeling comes when they are going to get near you physically to escort you or take you away so I make it real clear with body language I am not going there and also I am not afraid but nor am I a threat. See alot of people like to play COPS with cops and they do it regularly. I cant stand it and these bullshit interactions waste my time constantly.
I dont want any attention from them at all to be honest so dont give them any indication they can approach you to start to take you ANYWHERE.

You have to stand your ground, becuz this is NOT commujnity watch these people are trained so take advantage of making your case if they are reasonable people. Some of them will not be.

After the nice cop sees what I about ("you seem educated" ) (thanks by the way), he talks to be more like a citizen and says that there is alot of crime around here which doesnt fly with me but I say nothing and we both know I dont look or was acting like a criminal. He then tries to excuse all this with " there are alot of women soliciting " and joked that if that were the case I would have had a ride by now and he smiled. I said that wasnt my thing as you can see. So he was cool but then hard ass comes around and tries to once again catch me in some kind of lie about my situation or story.
I said I have money and was going to go do laundry at the truck stop and wait for my ride after I had finished filming. Even when they pulled up I was filming and not doing anything else and my sign was down....I told them what I was doing when they pulled up. Filming video journals for the day.

If this falls under some sort of terrorist signal then its too bad becuz I am not filming a building I am filming MYSELF (duh) and thats why community watch is BS becuz no one is trained to thing logically about what they are looking at.

Hardass says be on your way and if the TA dont want me down there they will be back (cool cop just smiles at all this). Hard ass had to keep saying " be on your way now". Funny how mens tastes likes smart women and the other is threatened by them. Interesting.

I WALKED TOWARDS THE TRUCK STOP AS I SAID I WOULD AND A CAR WENT BY WITH TWO WHITE MALES AND THEY WAVED AND WERE SMILING. After the cops left so to me this is up for the gang stalking file. If you dont know what I am on about then you havent experienced years of psychological warfare. No one who was JUST a transient the community was "in an uproar about" would have received as much of this sort of attention.

I came into the TA and there was a ton of women behind the counter talking about conception and grandchildren and it was like looking at a bunch of angels..I was so glad to walk in on a bunch of women after dealing with men way too often in this culture.

ANd now you see my interest in the trucking industry and its sub culturte. Imagine how the trucker feels when walking into a diner and a friendly waitress is waiting to take his order. I heaqr from these men that its turned into max profit for marginal investment and they do long lonely hours dealing with male aggression on the road and alot of the stops have turned to just fast food, high prices and give us your money and leave.
Also I have heard what the CB radio sounds like after FCC dergulation--it sounds like outright 'bait and wait' gang stalking tactics straight from the networks. I often wonder if breaking down the CB culture was just another way of breaking up this culture. WIthout truckers you wouldnt have anything on your shelves and corporations know this.

In the old days if you acted like an idiot on the CB the FCC would take your radio away or fine you. THey deregulated it and now anyone can say anything. LAst night a fellow trucker on the road had a16 feet of metal chain dragging on the highway and we had a hell of a time flashing lights at him becuz HE HAD HIS CB OFF . When he did r espond it was like to a possible threat.
He was thankful for help but the trucker friend I was with told me that no one cares anymore nad no one has courtouesy on the road. I usually have old timer friends driving me and the insights into this world and the changes to the culture are amazing. Every one of them says its not fun anymore, its become stressful and it used to be a good gig. Not just getting paid less but the culture now costs them more.

Everyone I have encountered turns their CB off within just 10 min due to harassment from idiots who want to flame war or what they think is just starting fights or talking sh*t.

Well turns out its a safety hazard becuz that trucker dragging chains on the ground could have had it wrapped around his tires according to the old timer.

I often tell them they should either get a corporate/private station or something where there are old fashioned consequences towards people harassing others over the CB and just use that channel for all communications that are important and NO BULLSHIT. So if something important comes up your tuned in.

Its interesting that yet another sub culture has been ruined..hmmm. And peoples only way out is to take a job with the corporate company that will give them a cell phone, a satellite system to keep tabs on them and then there is no need for a CB..nor a culture of thier own either.

So that is my experience in Barkelyville or wherever PA, USA.
In some other region it wouldnt have been a problem but PA,OH and IN seem pretty unfriendly to travelers and now make sure you put this town on the books.

As a TI it seems the waving and sh*t from locals is enough to spell out you need a road dog with you here.

By the way dont even try to validate the system with some bs like 'you hang out at truck stops what do you expect' becuz I and no one else is buying into your excuses anymore. I wasnt at a truck stop when this happened and if you think this smallville town is a high crime area I dare you to visit Boston anytime soon. Give it up and realize that the system targets certain people and just the arrogance and disregard I recieved lets me know its a stigma and status issue (status? Really Hickville PA? Gee I didnt know that YOUR ancestors came over sponsored to be private house servants in blueblood homes in Wellsley and New Orleans like mine did. And my mother was STILL poor. ) Status, especially in the USA, is a simple matter of new money snobbery via monetary gain and its used as a weapon against poverty and a now disgustingly corrupt yet PIOUS system of self righteous assholes.
Keep covering your asses with excuses cant last forever and its called being cult minded or brainwashed. You dont even know what is really going on anymore do you? You just follow cues mindlessly. You are so useful to those who do know.

So damn useful.


Anonymous said...

I swear, PA is the worst for harassment. It seems they are the most hypocritical of all harassers; and not only that, they are very much in denial of organized stalking here. I mean very heavy active and passive denial. They won't budge here; just get you to react, and have you locked up.

Anonymous said...

There are a ton of creeps here in PA, a bunch of really stupid arrogant pricks. Look up the stats for high school dropout rate; I'll be willing to bet it's the highest in the nation. Yet they are somehow smarter than the TI here. Go figure. I guess they need to cover their inferiority with organized stalking here. I've had quite a few meanies threaten to call the cops on me here. If I call the cops on harassers, the dispatcher recognizes who I am and hangs up.

Jeremy said...

I've mentioned before (elsewhere) that during one part of my harassment campaign, truckers were a major part of it. There was a convoy of 18 wheelers driving by my place and honking every night before bedtime, and every morning to wake me up. Lots and lots of them, either there were hundreds of trucks in on it or they were driving in circles just so they could harass me. Anyway, "somehow" nobody noticed except me.

I wonder how many of them have been gang stalked, who were basically good people who had their culture destroyed. Then they fill the void with this stupid gang stalking shit.

I know about the truck stop thing too. This has happened all across America across all subcultures in the past 20 years. Everyone's being herded into corporate killing zones- Give us your money and get the fuck out. The first time I went into a Wal Mart in 1998 I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was like cattle being led to the slaughter. I really started noticing the Wal Martization of America around 2002.