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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

behavior modification to bend one to more conservative values

Even though no one seems to care and no one seems to be listening targets must express themselves and fight.

i am also experiencing that the outcome of these many years of behavior modification is to get me to take on consevative values personally and politically. Me being around conservative Repeublican types has been rewarded lately and all my habits and ways that are liberal or eccentric have been discouraged if not outright terrorized out of me. Its no surprise that many on the internet say that behavior mod programs are fully supported by right wing conservative WASPS.

Once again it does not matter how beneficial changing my belief system may be it is still the crushing of someones WIll and the natural process of a persons formation of Self that is being destroyed or stifled.

This should not be tolerated even at the cost of death. People feel that they can get away with what was done to me by placing me in a life that is safe and profitable and it seems that they feel all I needed was some exposure to these values in order to see thier merit. Yes, exposure to those values is one thing, exposing a victim of terror to those values as an option with no other way out is blackmail, bribery and behavior modification.

I cannot falter no matter what happens to be personally. I see now that Obama is just a way to make the conservative right actually look good.

Dont be fooled by this. What is happening is that you are recalling the world we all left behind as our lives were taken from us during Bush. Yes that administration was easie to deal with as there was something to react to. I dont see anyone revolting now. There is nothing to revolt against as Obamas style is more like mom dominating you than dad's overt style of male aggression.

And its sneaky and very diplomatic. Being raised by sneaky diplomatic abusers who are female I find Obama less tolerable than on outright fight. And also I feel that my true Self was being expressed in that more overt fight during Bush where as my true Self is losing ground to a false version of Self being built from years of terror and abuse and keeping me from the chance to form a life based on honest and true life experience not purposeful influencing of events. And the preservation of the true Self.

So these activities have not stopped. Just as I stated before under Obama nothing is any different in fact for those of us from Democratic liberal states like the northeast this phase might be the hardest becuz things we are familiar with are being used to con us into giving in to behavior modification. Things from our childhood and our upbringing.

So that leaves me and those like me with a choice of either giving in to the current PC cult of Obama and forgetting what happened and feeling that there is reward there with the familiarity of dem liberals and urban backround or to be so disgusted by this as to..yep, go over to the other side and convert to conservativism and republicans.

I have a right to be a Centralist as most Americans are. What is happening is that my case is so extreme that I think this system expects I will react in an extreme way and choose something far to the right out of being reactionary.

Neithe of these choices can be allowed to happen.
I and other TIs have to focuse on the human righs violations that have occured.
My health has been greatly affected due to mold exposure and stress from being terorized. I also suffer from not being able to tend to medical issues present prior to the harassment sening me out onto the road. This damage is irreversible.

This is very very serious and many aware citizens simply pretending that none of this has occured or is occurring is not going to change the damage that has been done.

My case is one of the most outrageous I have seen in all my hearing about TI's stories after years of experience. I feel I am being made an example of to show the country and the world that this system is all powerful and this IS the future of our nation as well as man kind. That no one can stop this system or anyone in it and all that need be done is to systematically ignore the victims and then no one has to deal with any of thier claims.

This extends into the study of manipulation of time and changing the timeline. If you ignore reality long enough and focus only on your own version especailly in a large group that has its Will focused on this end its projected that YOUR version though false, will take precedence over facts and the truth.

Its interesting that the radiation experiments that my mother was a documented victim of as well as MK Ultra came from Nazi doctors in the origin of much of the research that was used. They have been shown to have been very into the metaphysical and there is often rumor or some writing of seeking the secrets of time travel, manipulating time, and dealing with alot of physics and the metaphysical to these ends.

If one recalls Prescott Bush supported the Nazis perhaps financially I believe I will have to look it up again.

This is perhaps the inne core of MK Ultra and all the experiments from this era that seem so at the root of what is happening now.

THAT is just a theory though a sensible one.
Me recounting what happened to me is not a theory but fact. ALL the system or any citizen has to do is NOT LISTEN and keep disregarding me and ignoring me to make these facts have no weight in reality at all. Over these last many years its been very useful to drive me nuts to discredit me. However in my writing its been shown as well as throughout this ordeal that I have kept a level of logic and sense about me and kept it together. I will have you know that I am aware that most people woold not be capable of this and so the system has only the choice to ignore me. I can only hope that someone somewhere is listening.

It seems for some reason that no one is WIlling to make this horror stop at any point. I will take it as far as I have to as my life is ruined beyond repair anyway.

And the people behind this who are responsible for this who helped this system destroy my life need the whole world to see just what exactly this whole campaign consisted of.
And the world needs to see the dangers that are present in our modern world where the wealthy have too much power via technology and can play with peoples lives as they please in ways more cruel than real life torture ever was.
Most of this is psychological torture. If people know the way it works then perhaps they can also rise against the system as I have.

THere is never any way that you should let this system make you satisfied with being a slave no matter what is done to make it tolerable, pleasurable, or the idea that there is no way out or that one needs to realize this is the way the world is.

If that is so then why is there a need for such secrecy and being covert in the activities around a Target?

In my case its an extension of mind control slavery and there are alot of people who firmly believe in slavery and that slaves should rightly exist. That this is the proper order of things and they have the money and power to make that a reality by dominating the person into submission.
Ones Will should not be crushed so and thier True Self altered beyond repair.

One may have to die to prove one's point and for some reason its very important that I dont die in the perception of whoever is doing this.

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