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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. I have no actual belief in these theories as fact . If so I would've taken legal action by now. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theorizing.
My prior disclaimer stated that I'm often sleep deprived when posting due to my lifestyle as a houseless Traveler (and my age as well as health issues). This should be taken into consideration when viewing my posts and vids on the connected YouTube channel. I am a writer who lives a challenging alternative lifestyle and it is MY RIGHT to do so. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any other kinds of actions taken against me by others will be construed as intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Once again what Targets call 'gang stalking' and all the tortures that come with it STOPS on THE HOLIDAYS

Once again I find myself feeling back to normal and the reason is its a holiday here in the USA.

Over the years there becomes a familiarity with the system, and there can be predictability even being a victim of gang stalking.
'Gang stalking' is a term with little literal meaning in itself. Its become a catch all phrase to describe the prison and behavior modification program that Targeted Individuals exist in all done covertly so as to be above the law and under the radar of the public.

Targets are most often rumoured to be mentally ill, mostly from a campaign from the gang stalking system itself who seems to push this idea as smear in relation to the Target even before the target understands the true nature of thier situation.

The public either takes part or they are afraid to do anything or they are simply unaware of the situation. Those who take part range from people doing the harassment itself to people finding multiple ways to profit from the TI's situation or get something for themselves- everything from amusement to opportunities in business to some personal gain. You can trust no one.

Its ironic that one of the tactics that is used against the TI in psycholgical warfare is for people to keep making them feel like nothings or to tell them "you're not special" when in fact the mob who take part in destroying the TI are usually people who have nothing special about them so they need to be involved in these acivities to get anything for themselves in the business world or to feel better about themselves on a personal level.

The Target is usually above average intelligence and has other qualities. The mob feels they can tear this person down and take away from this person for themselves.

The total system known as 'gang stalking' would sound crazy if it wasnt for constants in the system. In my case going underground in a building, being in a 'Faraday cage' like environment as in a building made of concrete and steel especially with metal roofing or even changes in time or location provide relief from psychological, mental and emotional terror. Mere mental illness within the person would not be responsible for such changes that seem like a permanent part of the structure the TI is held in.
In other words after years of exploring your prison cell you know every inch of it. I have mapped this out over the years and there are definately things that do not change within this system that make it more akin to a structure like a prison than mental illness on the part of the target.

Changing location seems to change the style of the gang stalking system on all three fronts but especially the style of stalking/harassment in person and targeting with technology. Also, if one returns to a certain location one will find the same style or list of effects being the same upon each return.
This sometimes varies within just a metro area itself, as if there is a electro magnetic or some technological border around a city area. Boston is an excellent example of this. This may be the utilization of classified anti terror technology but it is being used to terrorize and torture Targeted Individuals.

Time is a factor as well. Every day for many years now the effects I feel end at 12 midnight. There are variances like 11:30pm or 1am but never is it outside that time frame and usually its closest to 12 midnight. It just stops just like that. And it begins again at approx 6 am.

The other factor that changes, one I often completely forget about, is holidays. On major holidays I receive more relief than compared to any other of those circumstances or factors named above.

Today is Thanksgiving an American holiday celebrating our first interaction with the Native Americans.
Not only is giving a TI relief on holidays actually part of the torture that leads to suicide but it is part of behavior modificaton as it associates good feelings with man made holy days or breaks in society's activities where a certain value system is worshipped. It may be hoped that the TI will conform more so to thier society and be content to be silenced about whatever they are victim witness to, if relief is promised via conformity.
The target will also feel a sense of hopelessness in thier situaton when comparing days like this one where they feel normal again and have access to all thier faculties in comparison with the rest of the time they are living as a Target where there is no relief except from 12 midnite to 6 am.
Looking into the future to a life of nothing more than further destruction would send anyone to their grave.
In my case I want to tell people what has happened to me over the years and then I will most likely end my life. No one can be expected to endure this system for a lifetime. And to see what one truly looks like and recall the life that one could have had in these moments of non interference from the 'gang stalking' system one realizes:there is reality and then there is the false reality that is being created through technology and a nationwide system of what has been coined 'gang stalking'.
It's like altering time itself by influencing events covertly.

No one can fight the 'gang stalking' system due to it utilizing multiple weapons. In my experience I have found that what is done to an individual is most likely being done to the public at large as well as this system or parts of it are part of certain companies' way of running thier business and thier employees.
-psycholgical warfare
this uses and abuses intel collection and survaillence and is uses human beings and in person in real time to contact or interact with the Target.
-chemical warfare
I will not elaborate but you can use common sense to guess what tactics are used for delivery and there are many.
I am not versed in the details but other TIs who have experience in the sciences have provided such information and its linked on this blog. Whatever is used stops at 12 midnight and begins again at 6 am. It varies according to location in its severity and style of torture and these locations retain these characters upon return of the TI to a specific location. The effects seem lessened or to cease and relief is gained when going into subterranean environments such as underground floors of in a building. Certain types of buildings like hospitals and govt buildings provide relief. Any building that is concrete and steel and especially where there is no cell reception.

The effects can be anything from outright physical torture to psychological torture to a general feeling of low self esteem, anxiety, shame, guilt, humiliaton. Paranoia is induced affecting the Ti's perceptions, Sexual torture can also be present and is used to traumatize the target or bond into incuced amnesia and conformity or the more horrible prospect of the TI going into a downward spiral from abuse of this kind especially if the person has a past history of this from 'real' life prior- this will lead to drug abuse, prostitution, sexual deviance/enslavement that is either self harming or even terminal. A Target may start self injuring even if the person never engaged in this behavior before and its documented that victims of sexual assault or repeated sexual trauma begin this behavior. I have experienced sexuality used to terrorize the Target is in use in certian locations moreso than others and that self injury may actually be beig encouraged by the system. It would certainly make the TI look crazy in public.
The use of sex is invaluable becuz it forces the person to snap more easily as well as is a discraction from activism and disclosure. It is one of the most difficult to resist and will take all of the Target's WillPower to fight. It is hoped that the TI will either fall internally or become submissive and bond with the dominator/oppressor conform and be silenced.

This system is also used to keep the TI constantly busy with problem solving by introducing ideas and emotions that the TI must counter to feel balanced again. This is obviously to serve the purpose of keeping the Target in a prison that is akin to a maze or video game instead of thinking for themselves or working on projects of thier own design. There also seems to be a constant testing of intelligence and performance that does not end.

This system IS a prison and its used on people that our nation sees as a threat to national security. You would not believe the number of citizens in the USA that agree with what is done to Targets in the interest of 'the good of all'. They truly believe that supressing evidence and testimony, human rights abuses , civil rights abuses, disregarding the Geneva convention and destroying the health and psyche of a basically innocent human being who is most likely the VICTIM of corruuption- is part of protecting the United States of America.

This system ensures that everything that is supposed to be illegal is done and a system of organized crime and corruption are favored over justice.

In my case there keeps coming up the idea that I should go off and testify against some former associates. This is part of the trickery of the system. If this system supports corruption so then why would they desire I testify? My former associates are as untouchable as anyone could be. They are associated with powerful men in politcs, organized crime and the police get paid off regularly. The purpose of this constant ideation is to ensure that I blab and get myself knocked off. I believe moreso the concern is over my mother being a human radiaton experimentee and there is more to MK Ultra than they ever want the public to know which is why obviously, they had the records destroyed before any disclosure or trials.

There is also a faction that believes that covert activites, spying and the like all need to be hidden from the public and unregulated if they are to continue to protect the USA and all its interests. They hate Capitol Hill. They are the kind of people who feel that annoying things like democracy and voting and disclosure get in the way of getting anything done.

They are scum and unfortunately, theirs is the system that really runs the world- criminal activity as monetary fuel.
Either that or its military related and you can imagine the way thier minds work. Maybe this is where that 17 billion disappeared to that Congress asked them about that I saw on C-Span last year.

I am often taunted by strangers and often the sentiment is that I deserved this. Another psychological warfare tactic. Most of the people who are involved with this to the level that they know what is going on are not sane anyway. They are what you would call cult mind controlled and their belief system is the cult. They beileve that targets should die for them. They believe in might equals right. They believe that the Target deserves what is happening to them. They may believe they are serving thier country or that the TI is a threat.
When this is analyzed one can see that they are part of a mob mentality and are not thinking at all. They have been trained to serve the system. Either that or they are part of a large group in this country that seem to believe that sacrificing people is needed to ensure that all covert activities can continue.
All organized crime as money making industries and especailly they seem to protect child molesters and running children. Drugs, money laundering. Also the enslavement of human beings for the purposes of covert activities even if this slavery ends up resulting in the persons death.

I believe many people are totally mislead as to the true nature of what they are doing to the target or what the motive is. There is a level of awareness within these citizens that they know they are doing wrong and the reaction to the TI due to this is extremely violent.
People dont want to break out of thier own brainwashing as it pays the bills and makes America great.

Thus for the TI there is usually no way out til death. Unless of course the person finally gives in to behavior modification and relinquishes thier true Self to 'the state'.

It does not surprise me that the US feels like Russia now, with the break down of the USSR who knows what expertise or technology were for sale. It does reek of Communism but the payoffs the public gets are purely Capitalist. If you conform to the greater system you get individual payoffs.

I feel so normal and clear today I wish I could just write my story in a day and be done with it. I know that tomorrow the torture will continue as it did yesterday. I know that most likely according to the system I will get more relief on xmas or New Years but I also know that I will forget about that due to heavy targeting and it will only occur to me upon the day's arrival.


Anonymous said...

A little far-fetched, but maybe this is where this is all leading.

What if being programmed and kept dumbed-down is to pave the way for robots in the not-so-distant future? Moravec sure sounds like robot nut with far-fetched ideas, but from what I've seen of this gangstalking, one can never be sure. Maybe this is all a way to have humans acting predictably, in a manner similar to what robots would be doing, so robots can learn their behavior easier. I have talked to Hans a while ago, like around 2001 or so, about a research programmer position that was temporary (and one I didn't get). He did talk to me a little bit about how the robots were primitive and used markers and triangulation to make their way around. Sound familiar? I've read where this is the method which perps track their targets via cell phone towers.

Some interesting quotes:

As Moravec puts it, "We are their past, and they will be interested in us for the same reason that today we are interested in the origins of our own life on Earth."

He seems very sincere as he says this, almost as if it's an article of faith for him - though of course it has some logical foundation. Machine intelligences of the far future will develop from our initial programming, just as a child grows from its parents' DNA. Consequently, even when robots are smarter than we are, they should retain many of our priorities and values.

====end quote=====

So you can see how he proposes that machines will develop from our "initial programming", which means if we humans are kept to a primitive state, it would make it easier to program the instinctual, more primitive side of human behavior, as well as keep it simple enough to facilitate machine learning of human behaviors. Of course, these dummies out there wandering around gangstalking us really have not one clue; just going along with what the slander campaign and the leaders tell them keeps them happy, like a walrus performing for fish at a zoo.

Medawar said...

Here, it doesn't stop on public holidays, but it's a far narrower pool of people who take part. Presumably, people who actually live within striking distance rather than those whose work takes them out and about.

If you are sleeping downtown, where the perps might work but not live, that might give you a break once in a while.

It did, however, stop for a while during the BBC's Children in Need Appeal, which was interesting. There was a big local event at the Millbrook proving ground, and presumably all the perps went there. Medawar believes that a significant percentage of his local perps are involved with a charity that arranges sports for the mentally-handicapped. (Gives 'em access to vulnerable people, don't all the perps just love vulnerable people!) Obviously, since this charity might get something back from the BBC appeal, they would all have toddled along to show their support.

Something toxic and nausea-inducing has been sprayed at the house every Christmas lunchtime for the past eleven years, so they obviously get out for a walk before having theirs! There is absolutely no respect for God in their eyes. Perhaps American perps are obliged to belong to some kind of church, although no-one who actually believes in God would spend their lives being viciously sadistic to others.