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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a divorce from my hometown

Its time for an official and final divorce from Boston.

There is no hope for this place it has become so inhospitable to anyone who isnt connected or makes a certain amount of money or has a family fortune or last name.

Those things wouldnt bother me so much but on top of that this whole region has lost its character. Its not New England any more.
It was fine 30 years ago when we had our own media stations and kept to ourselves about the way things should be run. One could really have a good life as a New Englander. It was nice. Very nice.

You could live in MA and vacation in VT, go up to Maine it was wonderfully isolated from the rest of the country and the world. People had a standard for wealth...a small house in certain wealthy neighborhoods was better than the biggest house in CA.

Corporate america and value systems have destroyed new england's spirit soul and character for good. The making of Boston into a 'world class city' has made it overcrowded pathetic and a pain in the ass to naviagate. Its ugly now beyond belief. A souless piece of shit money maker to fit in with the rest of the world. Garbage.

Everything colonial has been wiped out as if symbolic threats to the mentality of the fascist NWO and police state that supports it and any city that preserves such founding forefather type symbols are places like Concord or Lexington who can afford to do so and will not be seen by the general public daily as to inspire them perhaps to fight for thier Constitution.

If you want to rule people surround them with symbols to influence them. This includes architecture and art.

Not only is this place full of miserable stressed out humans now its just not fun anymore. You cant do this you cant do that and there isnt the old combo of filth, old money, eurotrash and glamour.. the ideal of glamor is dead as a door nail anyway. Its been Wal Marted.

I used to think I had to ace my hometown becuz they need to return to me what they have teken, Well yes they still do owe me and they ARE GOING TO PAY but it cant be accopmplished by me being here. This place is an example of a prison in this new world we live in.
its time to see if a revenge can be sought from another location.

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Anonymous said...

That's probably what you're targeting is ultimately about -- you're probably "in the way" of the NWO. All the other stuff like you being a witness and inconvenient is probably part of it, but... in my case, I never witnessed any crime or was in anyone's way. I suppose they found me as opposed to the other way around. They must be actively looking for people to control, as if they were recruiting them.