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Saturday, November 28, 2009

boston city works truck harasses me overtly and reveals motive (cover motive) for stalking

Lic plate 'mb1811' or 'mb18011' had those numbers in it.
City truck boston public works.
They really screwed up this time as it turned into very overt harassment and became quite revealing.

I was at the silver line bus stop on mass ave and Boylston St in the south end of Boston.

He messed with me very casually with a wave then a thumbs up. I could tell it was harassment. After years of this you can just tell especially with the men.
I then proceeded to tell him he was a nothing. He opened the truck door to harass me furhter.
I then told him it's great for them that he had a good job in a bad economy(due to it being a city job) but nobody cares and to keep it movin'.
I told him he was a nothing in the big scheme of things and as he then agreed just to get his point across and try to establish a legit exchange with me.
When you are being harassed this cannot be allowed as the perps are people who are unnaturally obsessed with you as strangers to begin with thus they are stalkers by definition and they actively harass you and seek you out.You should not give ANY indication that you are allowing any open communication with them as this allows the male stalkers to have control over you as female.

He would not back off so I went further and made a hand gesture that someone makes to signify a small penis. He then lost it and atarted making a gesture for fellatio with both hands. I then told him repeatedly he is nothing and keep it movin.
He then rolled down the window and said "and you wonder why you're homeless?'" and made this same gesture.

This signifies that he is intimating that I am homeless due to sexual practices. At least me baiting him with a gesture got info out of him.
So we can see how a WAVE and a THUMBS UP really are stalking and harassment related to people acting on much more sinister motivations.
For years when say, I document smiling, smirking or waves or other gestures I appear to be paranoid however one can see if one pushes them they reveal that the systematic harassment is indeed connected to something deeper.

What i find strange is that at the shelter for instance they seem more mean to me than women who are actively prostituting. there are women in there who are 50 years old who are working the streets.
why is it so importrant to harass someone who isnt doing anything? and if that is the real reason i am homeless then why are there plenty of working girls who have cars and houses and what about the madams?

Remember the shelter I stay in is where an older woman turned to me one day last year and out of nowhere leaned into me and said "and some people cant get out" in reference to the mafia run sex industry....we were discussing that as she was speaking about the mob end of it specifically.

Hmm...the mafia- and city jobs especially trash collection is specifically mob run and no one can get in to break that.
A truck driver I spoke to once said he worked for the union and was doing something mob run that was city like trash or something construction
He was injured on the job and before he could sue or collect a man came to his house and was sent there to off him. When the guy looked at how injured he was he felt bad as he was actually really messed up from the injury. He left only warning him not to take action or someone would be sent that actually would kill him.
nice crowd. nice way to do business.

Little big mouth in the truck screws up so now I am more suspect than ever of mob involvement, but in Boston there is so much meeting between organized crime and other factions to do business so it's hard to tell.

I don't wonder why I am homeless my dear; I know why.
Its not anything I ever did, its what I know and what I might expose and reveal that you have a problem with. What is that guy a child molester? Because those are the only people who support the gang stalking system. Whoever that skinny loudmouth was in that truck he's either got issues with women, is a child molester or hates women who decide to run their own lives and have limits on what kind of b*llshit they will tolerate.
And obviously he has an exceedingly small penis as his reaction to that intimation was losing control of his wits.

I wonder if that can be used to interrogate male suspects MK Ultra style. Just torture them with psychic driving: repetitive comments pertaining to their penis size. Like strap them down in teh dark in isolation in MK Ultra fashion and make a tape that states "you have a very small penis (and you work for Boston City works) " and shoot them up with some truth serum and repeat it over and over for days on end. He'll probably confess to anything after that.

Size isn't everything but being a total asshole does not help the situation I suspect. Only men with large penises can afford to be total *ssholes.
Notice how I don't really dis my ex? I'll
never get HIM into trouble.. all the girls looooovve Jake. For a very big reason.

Listen Mr.City worker loser-you are even more pathetic now than you were before insulting me. You work for people who wish to suppress what I have to say and nothing else so give it up, the whole world is hip to the use of harassment to cover up for criminal activity.

If you don't like me or the way I am or my life story go talk to the programmers of little girls before the age of 6. Go ahead I dare ya. In fact from the protection I have received across the country I can plainly see that your hands get slapped consistently if you even try to harm me.

There are factions that are very interested in keeping me alive. They are more powerful than the mob who they allow to do business and to exist.
If you dont believe me just try to harm me. People have and I am either warned or cars mysteriously come out of nowhere and crash into yours...people have died under mysterious circustances as well.
All none of my concern.

If you continue to let peasants like this clown, who have no idea about the bigger picture, get in my way I would love to start to embarrassing people who pay this crumb's salary.
The only thing saving your asses is that I do not know which of my former associates are harming me and which ones are helping me- so I strike at no one as I may strike an ally by mistake.

These repeated attempts to get me to lose control and f*ck myself up will not succeed. Your system is totally archaic in comparison with trauma based mind control programming.

I don't wonder why I am homelesss. Its par the course: most survivors of tbmc don't even live this long and most are harassed in this way.
My JOB is to write a book and most likely the torture from this system will destroy me or I will choose to not live with the damage anyway. I don't need to NOT be homeless. Home entries were a big pain in the neck and I will never deal with that again. Also, neighbors sucked.

F*ck your little boxes you call living spaces. And as for home owners those are just pretty prisons. F*ck being housed. I will never trust the system again after what they helped destroy in me as a person and my health. When you geniuses create a self regenerating house to avoid decay and things like mold then you let me know...of course that is an idea I was working on in Brighton when they came after me. Construction makes a shit ton of money in this country and alot is mob'll be like the electric car years ago. The system will NEVER allow such a concept to exist.

So this clown is mafia low level affiliated..either that or the local Masonic chapter has gone mad and will let just any jerk of into thier ranks nowadays, (like PI John Panderos and his poor little rich girl dog faced girlfriend who dresses like a 16 year old hooker- which is about the average age of the girsl he was running off his cell phones so I can see the attraction. She got mauled by a dog so probalby has an especially hard time with jealousy over other womens pretty faces. Her loaded family gives her no money she I guess it all justifies destroyoing lives and haning out with scum bag connected pimps. This is the cocksucker who told me not to go to the FBI becuz they would intimidate me and also he said he had Howie arrange a meeting with a high priced lawyer in which he claims I "ratted on myself". Oh yeah I heard they left town. My handlers must have been PISSED OFF at those two for being involved in an attempted frame I said everyone is such a genius.) ..which i wouldnt even call an 'Order'. The true Order that used to exist is either just for higher ups or the whole thing has been reduced to organized crime.

Also, men think that women are here to cure all thier hurts and especially in a catholic environment like this one, we are all subjected to the Mother Mary trip. It was mind blowing how religious that 50 year old prostitute was. NOW do you see why my hometown drives me nuts? religion and organized crime do not mix. Good front though.
And they hate anyone who gets out from under the rule of this sick city or even this nation.
Until this country stops using moral issues as a diversion against true crime they will always be a sick culture of liars who hide behind religious and false morality.

I never became so shockingly immoral and disapproved of until i decided to change my life. what does that tell you? That and being used as a diversion in a federal investigation...ha ha ha. Its all been told to me along the way by informants.
And Jake baby only became useful to them when he was busted twice in one month for drugs so I suspect that if he helped do whatever he did to ruin my life (oh please) he got no sentence... its all bullshit.

I wasn't fooled and I didnt commit suicide or fall into traps so get over it. You lost becuz the system wanted you to. Your set up failed becuz of whatever reason higher ups wanted me to continue to live. These are not decisions that I made and your just mad becuz some men or even women who are wayyy more powerful than you decided that I was still of use on the chess board. deal with it. And if you dont like it then go gripe to the people in charge. But peons can never do that, so they have to use people like me as whipping posts for all their gripes against the powerful men in the system..

Your just going to make me angrier and that means your factions get into more trouble. Keep it up. Keep helping me succeed. Every sign that I get that you are frustrated let's me know my work is worth completing...and by the way Mr City Worker: 'The Man' hates you; he created someone like me to taunt you endlessly thats why 'the man' keeps me alive.
Keep being dissatisfied.
A peon like that guy knows nothing about what is really going on and neither does anyone else on Joe Public level..but they want power so very badly. Especially since thier govt has been f*cking them up the ass without lube or apology for the past 8 years. A desperate nation in search of targets. Leave innocent people alone and instead refuse to pay your taxes en mass and dont feed the economy at all- get them in the wallet where it hurts and stop being sheep- if you do not have the stregth to do this then you have only yourselves to blame for not telling an abusive authority figure to go f*ck themselves. Its on you. Stop using displacement and projection.

No matter what happens my protectors and handlers will never let anything happen to me until I have completed what I am here to do. This is why all your b*llshit can never be taken seriously. You don't matter. No matter how hard you harass someone like me or yell or taunt or scream you STILL don't matter.
Well, darlings I would have thought that the way this economy is going would show you just what the elite think of you and how much you don't matter. You are cattle. That is what the elite think of you. Henry Kissinger is documented as calling you 'useless eaters'. So you come at ME to gain some sort of validation? WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK IS PROTECTING ME? Its not angry man Joe Public that's for sure.

The system that protects people like me will never let you get your hands on one of us. It isn't that OUR system we were born into doens't want us dead, its a matter of powerful male ownership. THEY can mistreat what is THEIRS but YOU may not have the final say.
You can yell at me all you want. Until the truly scary monsters at the top are ready to see me dead and of no more use, I will continue to do what I am doing and be allowed to do it.

You get it? Good.

Now go get some Extenze and leave women alone at bus stops. Bus stops are for catching buses not so you can stop and pretend you are the world's greatest predator...that my darlings is the programmed mind controlled slave's status.
Why do you think the system has to send like an army of faceless people after us for years on end? Becuz then we have no targets to go after and cant fight back.Its the only way to wear us down.

Your a total pawn dude and don't forget it. At least I see myself clearly on the better get hip...oohhh, that's right. YOUR piece isnt that valuable in the game....Mr City Worker.

Now that your lic number is out there maybe you'll get messed with instead.


Anonymous said...

In my case, I can't go after people. That's just what they want: for me to look like the trouble maker, not them. In my situation, there are far too many people in bed with this faceless mob for me to do anything. Of course, each person doing this is just SUCH a hard ass. Even if I did take one out, I'd one, get arrested, and two, there would be more assholes lined up to take their place. Making you out to be the dirty slime instead of them is their main tactic, it seems.

Medawar said...

Try this also, although, again, it's not necessarily as simple as this:

Jeffery said...

Hi Rachael. I've found TI's don't comiserate together well. feels like we end up perping each other.

As far as Plate numbers, Have you seen "666 DVL"? saw that one awhile back. also "666 ???" on a caddilac DeVille. Plate numbers can be faked.

Anonymous said...

The elite? Fuck them. If they have it made, why aren't they self-actualized, and helping others? More like scummy criminals who made their fortune stealing from the poor, trafficking drugs, and making small children their personal blow-up dolls.