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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A piece on deprogramming from ONMC.wordpress

Gang stalking is to keep a Target down this is obvious. But after years you realize that this serves a purpose.

I know for me and alot of others it ends up being very obvious its behavior modification. In the interest of erasing memories of who you are and what you know.

Oh and ever since yesterdays post I have had a lovely day free of any strange and unusual urges to throw myself into the abyss of self destructive behavior.

And I had a hell of a time today getting an appointment for my tooth to be pulled out. But many women involved helped me get through a possible perp as well as a system set up to make you give up.

And I dont think I will have a bit of trouble when my surgery is would be awful if any mishaps occurred. Just a shame for some many people with alot to lose.
I do believe I will have a niiiiicce easy time of it. Yes.. i can see it.

And I should have had a nice easy time in my life thus far across the board.

Shouldnt I. . . .

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