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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sarah Palin..another 'wham bam thanx ma'm'

That title wont be popular I know but what the hell do I have to lose?  ann coultier.

Yes , we all  got it when it was happening that she was bait or eye candy or whatever to make McCain look less, well what is he is looking more of right now.The good ol boy system. The brotherhood, the boys club.  Romney plus McCain was just too much male assholedom  and domination (both unattractively aggressive and frighteningly unfriendly looking)  for anyone country to handle and was way out of balance with in with Palin. 

And it worked. Her presence softened up McCain look and demeanor.  Now looking  at him one can see how hard and cold he is. Not that it matters now anyway.   

But after seeing what the Dems and Liberals put her through not to mention all the a-holes in Hollywood and the NY entertainment industry her own people seemed to have dropped her.  The very things that made her attractive and useful during the campaign they used to get rid of her or to make her seem unsuitable.  Really she was to take the hits that the cowards on the left wouldn't dare put on McCain or couldn't becuz he doesn't have boobs or vulnerabilities and looks like he was cooked in a kiln to stone long long ago..and now remains walking among the living like some sort of undead.  And I bet he will keep going in his career like the undead till  the body just gives out.

She actually has a spark of life and seems to possess common sense, never popular with  wretched con men, and of course now that she has outlived her usefulness she's a threat.

Of course her book is going to be "total fiction"..believe me I can relate.

I like Sarah Palin and I am not strictly conservative nor Republican.   I found it disgusting that this country is still  so manipulated by sexism that men from both parties said things to me like " ..she looks like a porn star".  (Over in Italy my dears politicians often ARE former porn stars. Of course Italy got through this phase of taking itself so seriously when our ancestors were living in the Roman empire..America can only imitate every time it constructs those pillars on its buildings).  This is how immature Americans are and insecure.  Macho insecurity is the one thing this country will never relinquish.  What a proud part of our past.

And how could she exist..its the neo cons themselves who have brought back sexism as seen in everything from on the street to back in the media.  Class wars can continue as long as racism is focused on as the only problem and sexism is ignored as a problem at all.

For Americans sexism is no problem at all.  They are more than happy to indulge and not even acknowledge  their disgusting displays.

I am liking Palin more and more as she stays with it and keeps NOT disappearing.   They pimped her out to the left and the dems as diversion and now they dont want to pay the bill. Typical. 

Being attractive and powerful has become such a threat..This is not Europe and never will be.  You will never see, as in Britain a female in power, wearing a shirt collar up and unbuttoned as to say " I am older, I am still attractive and my dears- I am in power".   That will never happen here.

Sarah Palin had to be reduced  via harassment and abuse.  SHE'S  NOT A MAN.  End of story.  I hate to say it but it really seems to be that simple with that crowd.

She should go back to Alaska leave the circus and return to politics again. When Barbra Walters tells her co-host after an interview that Palin is a "smart GIRL" its time to either get busy or realize that these people are never going to acknowledge your political experience seriously.  (when has Barbara Wa Wa been a state Gov?  Smart LADY Ba Ba, not GIRL.)

If she ever runs for anything ever again I am voting for her.  I want to see Hillary and Sarah run as a team..and run the boys into the ground.  If only.

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