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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

trying to convince the TI to make something positive out of the destruction of thier life as a way of the system escaping responsibility

I realize that there are social conditions that need improving especially for me I see it in the homeless population and that issue.

But I note that the system seems to be trying to direct me as if it is some god like entity to totally abandon any potential that my life had before the damage became so great as to permanently ruin my potential as it has and force me to focus on some greater good.

ONCE AGAIN I state that any decisions made out of torture or under duress or from years of terror as per a behavior modification program are not VALID DECISIONS or life choices.

The gang stalking system takes away a persons personal executive power over thier own life. YOU should be the master of your fate.

I find it especially deceptive and distateful due to the fact that this was exactly my intent back during my waking up to the reality of what my sitiaton was back in 2003 when a transitional phase began. I was growing up and trying to form a truly adult self to go into my 30's with. This is perfectly normal and especially for survivors to make great changes at this age.

For the system to ask me to totally sacrifice my personal life to for a life of such servitude is outrageous. I have a right to a balanced life.

What is this Madonna/Whore obsession? (this is the common duality in which Judeo Christian societies as well as a great number of males view the female nature. Its childish and ignorant and is nothing more than a tactic of enslavement and control over women)

I am not going for sainthood. It may be that the psychological manipulation end of this takes into account that I am from a Catholic family and Boston being very religious (and corrupt at the same time). Uh I was never a Catholic..I recall they wouldnt let me up to the front for whatever that ritual I didnt belong in thier little club. I know my mothers family are Irish and French Canada but they are also German and Dutch from way down in LA so I wont exactly fall for puritanism.

How much bullshit is this???

ONCE AGAIN its about the triumph of the Will. Make sure YOUR Will triumphs not the system's.

Anything not according to the Will of the individual or an outcome according to natural growth of the person is null and void.

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