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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

F*ck the USA

cant you hear the laughter? Of the rich and connected in Boston? The 'In' crowd who I was told took such pleasure in helping along my destruction? Cant you hear how dismissive they probably are of anything I say? becuz we all know none of it matters.. no one is ever going to touch any of them.
ahhhh, isnt that sweet.

And as far as this city is concerned it all happened a million years ago. And none of it matters. ha!

I dont tell my story to please them or any other outsider.

They have done quite enough damage already for years now. Me being f*cked up was some sort of way out for alot of these assh*les. Actually most of these f*ckers are more f*cked than I will ever be its just they can afford to hide. Police like them and Boston worships them and the USA lives for corrupt and powerful rich people and the lower class 'house slaves' who support their system and always have.

I want a pass port becuz obviously I am not liked or wanted here except as some sort of toy to torture. Great. If my postings havent reached foriegn shores then lets see what happens when an American treated so badly by her own country recants her tales abroad. It may be embarassing. Very much so.. in fact I hope it does nothing but embarass as we speak.
People in other nations are not so naive or sheep as the USA.

Its sad that all the people who screwed me over are people for the most part who are so wealthy that they can afford any consequences or this economy and act like nothing happened.

Rock on America! You have become intolerable to anyone who wants freedom.

And dont try any bullshit with expats going terrorist becuz if that childish desperate bullshit was my intent I would have done so by now. Knowledge and information and the truth is all one needs. This country is a prison and no one cares about what happens here anymore. Its a worship the richest assholes competition.

I stuck around for years as a very naive patriotic person and it was used against me to string me along. I dont even get to live in society in my own country. Fine if that is what you want I will leave.

I hope this place rots to hell and takes every single person who f*cked me over with it. America is a big lie and only for the rich and corrupt or those who worship them.

Have fun in the USA. Maybe you can write another pathetic country song about it. I'll block my ears in the interest of good taste ( or go listen to Hank Williams or some other 'real' country music that preaches personal freedom not kissing fascist govt ass and the entertainment industry till the death).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haha, I've always hated that "new" pretentious country crap. I've always like the classic, "real" country, such as Hank and Johnny Cash. I suppose you could fit Marty Robbins in there, too. He was country even when not performing "country".