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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You have a right to defend yourself

I don't know if I blogged about this before.

I was watching my videos and it kept coming to me, memories of how much people over and over had tried to make me out to be dangerous or violent. And that by the look of my video selection someone will think that again. That these selections prove that. That I deserve the brain mapping of someone prone to violence....its horrible. The fear that is instilled in targets who are being silenced.

If they are going to brain map people who may be prone to violence then how do they know? And with trauma survivors it isn't the same as a can be undone.

What about brain lesions? There is NO way to know someone would be prone then becuz it just happens out of nowhere due to the lesions presence in the brain.

And if you are going to persecute people who have a volatile nature just forget artists existing in the future then.
My only violent nature is that number one on my vocational test results was 'dancer' and the rest was 'painter' and 'writer'. All those professions are highly productive and violent in nature. Especially painter...which I guess in this society is just not even perceived acceptable for a woman..if perceived at all.

Brain map your favorite rocker or even Miles or Billy Holiday..oh, that's right. There isn't any of THOSE around anyone getting this feed? Like really getting it?

Brain map George Bush..BOTH of them. Brain map any cop or the guy with the perfect lawn who kills his family one day and after no one can hardly believe it becuz he "was such a nice and quiet man"..and now there are rose pedals up his walk for his wife and children who are dead.

Before these clowns can try to predict the future they need to be honest about the past- and the present.

What really causes people to snap or act out. The hidden scars, the hidden tortures.

Programming, parasitic disease, covert operations, PTSD, remote influencing technologies...stop experimenting on people when you already know what is going on.

What they want to do is try to get rid of people who they need to do away with and a brain mapping would conveniently 'predict' who is prone to violence.
Also it would help if you didn't gang stalk trauma victims into having to act out and defend themselves. Its about social control and slavery, not helping you get a more secure safer world.

Besides, violence like I stated may be natural to people who USE IT PRODUCTIVELY like military types vocations, artists, athletes etc.

People should not be punished becuz they are risk takers or will defend themselves if necessary.

For a society to punish that means they want slaves not people. It could also mean they are planning to take the whole gig up into space or underground and I am assuming if they do that then human aggression would be more of a hindrance than an asset- which it is living on the Earth.
I think such a future is coming that they don't care what happens to us, we are experimented on for whatever they need to get out of it or we are expendable sheep. They know that when the shit comes down they have a way out and we do not so who's going to stop them?

That's far off..for now framing people up as violent to experiment on them to see how many artists you can behavior modify becuz they, in their natural state, are a threat to you somehow is not acceptable and is a con. As long as my feet are planted on the ground I will behave in a manner in accordance with my ancestors and the natural environment around me. I have that birth right.

You have a right to defend yourself but the perps play a little game where they force you to defend yourself and then use it against you. So you need to find new ways to express the same energy..not let them alter you expressing it at all.

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