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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

OK time to Freak Out

WARNING...these videos have freak out factor. Be an experienced TI and be in a good space--

WHAT THE FUK IS THIS?? OK none of us dig cult mind control...and none of us like corruption. But these people remind me of the way perps operate..are they the perps?

Why dont they take down the real system..oh thats right, becuz if they had to be a gang stalking TI the system would know thier every move and the mask would pretty much be useless..and the funny voice masking. This shit makes me laugh...a TI has to do more in a day to survive and just has to assume that all the mail has been looked thru and all the moves on the computer are tracked...and we arent really sure why? If these guys are the perps I hope they drop dead in horrible ways for what they have done to TIs. I bet you people like this get used as pawns all the time by higher ups who, of course , know thier every move.

If they are NOT gangstalkers then why dont they get down on that sort of corruption.

I am not too happy about a bunch of secretive vigilantes who dont state their message and intent going after anyone. But since this country allows such things under 'religious freedom' then I understand where these guys are coming from.
What is disturbing is the statement that 'the time is near' or short. The problem with vigilantes is that they derive power from undisclosed actions of vengeance and perceived equalizing against another group.
They are also going after white supremacist radio stations? Well equalizers, are you going to go after black supremacist music next?
They are dangerous becuz they could be anyone and anyone could be behind them. Who are they really?
Becuz being a TI I just have to say that Scientology or anything else would not exist if it were not approved by people in high what gives? how there are perp tactics. That they are having to defend thmselves at great expense. They use alot of perp's tactics and they say that within this formula there is no defeat for them.

I jsut wonder if this is not a way to legitimize gang stalking and other covert have people think it is good and that it is just.
Becuz the group they are going after is a cult by definition..I however do not know enough about them to say what really goes on. The fact they are allowed to exist is enough.
"Thank you for playing the game"??? It sounds like they co opted gang stalking methods and are using them.

Here is an Atheist vigilantes that use the same tactic:
First of all when you actual GET a menstrual cycle dude, then you can talk about sex on it or with it or whatever. And what is this murdering gays???

ALL these people need to MIND THIER OWN BUSINESS. Geez, both sides are dangerous.

Wouldnt it be great if Targets could make vids like this?? Against perps or people who have helped perps??

I mean I agree with thier causes but its so...creepy. And this is what they do to us. They deprive us of financial, cred and support.

Also, it is very bad to support any effort like this. It makes people think its ok..I mean what if they decide to go after something that is not what they think..and they are simply being used.

Its f*cked really. It reminds me of all the people who simply recite the slander to me and act as if that is the valid reason that I am targeted...

For a survivor these videos are really disturbing, with the masks and sh*t. Thank god thier music is terrible or they might actually be onto a real effective secret society and mind control programming.
There is something annoying about the vid however. Like on some level of perception.

Uhhh, I have to add this. I was doing some research and thought I had something, but this guy turned out to be too young to be involved in anything that I may have experienced. But after that disturbing last two vids....I have to put these out.
Yes, they are funny but what is more disturbing is that I am wondering about the value of this guy's work in psych warfare. I can say that perps sometimes do really whacked out shit like this to a TI. I looked him up and his work to any connection to experimentation and nothing came up. Beware this might be triggering. Its sung in German and its weird thats for sure.
The connection to being a pro whip master is curious too.

Uhh, here's another. Take a guess...I have no idea.
I just enjoyed eventually being able to laugh at these instead of them freaking me out.

The only thing I can say is : Dear Cult of the Amateur, all you You tubers who think you are artists and make videos way worse than this daily..DO NOT try this mans work at home or on your own. You may break something.

If its too triggering or weird let me know and I will take this down. R-

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