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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

re: last post

So, I actually had to write WHILE sitting there in the resource room at Women's Lunch Place listening to a woman being mobbed basically. It was awful but I now know the relief of all who have betrayed me through the 'thank god its them not me' feeling. If I was less upstanding I might be silent about it and have a secret contract through silence with the perpetrators..its easy enough-just say nothing and take no action. Leave it alone and mind your own business.

Which I could have done. Except for the actions of some staff and mostly other guests who know what is going on in there. As this woman had a melt down and was mobbed, as she was denied and she made a fuss, afterwards individuals whom I know have been in on the harassment of me anyway for years at Pine Street and other places in the homeless circuit, decided to make it obvious that her being mobbed and denied was a subtle threat to me as a target as well.
If there is one thing I cannot stand its sloppy overt criminals who are protected by low level peons who are lazy enough to just go along with this shit to not want to lose their jobs.

I was smart in dealing with this group of jerks. I would expose them publicly and then if I had a problem go to their den mother..if its run like a jail situation you have to approach it like one. You have to remember alot of these people do not know they are part of a much larger campaign. All they know is someone in the community hates a certain person and they get perks or pay for harassing you. All they believe is the official story. Soldiers often take up weapons against and enemy yet they need not know the circumstances and politics of the whole war. These low level people operate on those levels.

The woman who got harassed today and mobbed her biggest mistake was being overt about what was going on in that place. If a place is infiltrated by petty criminals and the staff support them or turn a blind eye, why would you fight the lion in his own den? She should have left and reported threats to police.
BUT...I have to always keep one eye to what might be behind what seems to be. The woman in question..lets call her C. C asks too many questions. C is too overt in her activism in something that is covert in nature. I think C may be genuine but do not know for sure.
However she exhibits all the isms of PTSD and someone who has been harassed and stalked and violated.
Today when the incident happened she was flooding, which makes a person very hard to communicate with. I used to do this and had to learn that perps will use this against u so you will appear hysterical. Also, when they were mobbing her of course she is going to stand her ground because she has to..if she is for real she is basically fighting for her life. These incidents represent a fight for survival, becuz its always intimated that you are fighting a huge system and not just one singular group of criminals.

What I really didn't like about it was the way the situation demanded my compliance. By me not getting involved in the incident, it thus makes me an accomplice because I am not standing up for what is right in letting her get beat down all by herself. This may be why the women in there were so smug afterwards. They perhaps believe they subdued two TI's today not one.

Women's Lunch Place has been the most consistent source of headaches for me,especially on the level of mind gaming to raise my levels of not feeling safe or sure of myself. For instance how do I know that today wasn't just to raise my stress levels? If I find C to be suspect at times.. she finds me right in the train station today, tells me this long energy sapping story about some women from the petty crime gang getting busted for stealing over there on Monday, then we go to WLP and the woman who got away from arrest on Monday just happens to be there, glares at C then later brushes past ME in order to threaten C and chase her around the back hall way, then stomps out the door. Then C is so upset she wants me to follow her everywhere and support her,go to staff with her which I refuse to do because it might be a trap to drag me into controversy in this place.
With all the shit that has happened to me what am I supposed to think of all that?? Remember, perps have even told me that the system wants me labeled more than anything, so I am discredited. Thus I get more covert psychological warfare intended to wear down my sanity. This could be something to raise stress levels. How do I know? Dont tell me about the nature of deception.

So it is unfortunate but I couldn't help her at that moment. She was being too confrontational. And she is so under stress that she is to the point where she won't listen when you urge her so sit down or stop engaging. Targets who have had too much can become like this and it ALL comes out at once and they cannot stop the outburst.

I have seen what the groups there can do and she has made some mistakes: She goes there too much thus perps can depend on her being there for them to abuse and find out what bugs her. She asks for WLP to provide her with alot of things;This provides them with a reason to bitch about her or even infer control over her as an exchange. She tells staff about gang stalking and provides them with literature. If the place is infiltrated then don't go right to their faces with it!
I have avoided her alot because she is careless in her dealings and activities.

One thing that made me uncomfortable was that this other alleged Target was complaining afterwards that C asked to borrow money when reviewing the drama today. Like it was this big deal. What is a big deal is gang stalking and the fact that petty criminals are harassing women in a place that is supposed to be a bit safer than a jail. THAT is what she should have been upset about. That was veerryy suspect.
And none of these other alleged TI's have the stress levels I do. They seem to have friends and lead more normal lives than I.

Whatever is really going on, I do not like how overt the behavior was today and I cant help thinking that this is a sort of damage control for my post on 10/29 as well as C alleging that people in this group got arrested for theft on Monday. Its like a veiled threat: 'see what happens to bad little TI's who stand up for themselves Rachel?' Don't play dead fish wrapped in a newspaper with me.
I am going to treat this as the low level local townie 'in the hood' crap that it is. But I don't really like the way Tracy brushed against me. It offends me. She needs to take her business out in the street, and I have my own shadow from your group of idiots to deal with, Shelly.

All I know is that C is a woman in her 50's and very petite and deconditioned physically. Thus Tracy referring to her as a 'troll'. Tracy however is even bigger than me and at least 5' 9" or 10. The sight of her brushing past me and going after this small older woman, threatening her life and calling her a 'troll' was too much. And the great thing was C actually stood her ground. When C spoke up for herself after getting chased into the kitchen (where kitchen staff were begged by C to help her and they ignored her requests to fetch staff ) T screamed "Excuse me?!" or what did you say? I mean it was total intimidation time. Then the tall psycho grabbed her little shopping bag and marched right out the back door. I just kept still becuz I cannot risk this being a set up to get me into difficulty. Of course if it is set up right, you are pulled into it anyway by having to be subjected to stress.

What I also do not like is that these two tall white women have now chased two other women around the floor of WLP, one becuz I wanted to not get arrested for fighting Shelly and the other becuz I doubt if C could fight at all. But they now have the impression that they can act like predatory animals in there consequence free. No one intimidates me with out me having motive to let it happen.

Staff was not in the room when this incident occurred, there was no one around, so I can only assume that when police were told no such incident occurred that staff was feeling the stress of the incident and in dealing with C being very upset and did not understand that there were many witnesses. Regardless of if you like C or not or if you don't like her accusations about an entire group of people..what happened today and the other day with my confrontation says there is something innately wrong with Women's Lunch Place. That its been around for 25 years and something has gone wrong...that the "beautiful ladies" as they refer to us as, within this day- time drop-in center are not so beautiful anymore. That an element of crime and corruption has infected the place that has no place there.

Another thing that I will keep in mind is that the woman who runs the resource center, after I asked about what transpired I said that there were no staff out here and maybe they were mistaken.. at that point little miss brunette's attitude changed and she started looking very snootily and judgementally at my underarms, my scarf on my head (Lithuanian descent, r u racist honey?) and generally being a dismissive jerk who thought she was going to use inferred judgements to stop the logical thinking process..sorry dear, a bit too obvious. I played along and stated that C was upset and she said " Yes, she seems like a woman under stress...its sad really". That has got to be the most annoying line every person denying a crime and vilifying someone uses. What it really says is ' I just don't want to deal with this at all, and the truth is just sooo inconvenient to me. Tsk. Don't ruin my day please.'
The first staff person C dealt with tried to blame it on good old random chaos "oh, its just the nature of the setting".
I pointed out Pine Street's staff being street smart and not putting up with this level of harassment or theft for a minute, why cant they do the same?
My suggestion early on to C was this:
If you want to resolve this, then go out and get them as individuals who are stalking you and on theft.
Also if WLP wants to stay in such a grey area, legally known as rights and privileges or similar then they need an effective way of policing situations in a manner conducive to this sort of set up. If they want to stay a non intrusive place with no taking of names or ss #'s then they need to take care of problems internally. Unless of course they want to lose the privilege of being confidential. Maybe after 25 years they need a change. Becuz its not working any more like this. This is why they will do anything to get rid of people who want to associate WLP with any problems. Thus this is a controlled environment that not all are welcome in and advocating for oneself is discouraged. It has taken on the personality of a warped private country club for the most unpleasant elements of society.
All they would have to do is to barr anyone stupid enough to be knowingly malicious with intent TO OTHER GUESTS. That includes C doing activism in there but especially anyone who gets in any person's face. Right out the damn door. Tell them not to come back until they learn to keep their business from the street IN THE STREET. These are the people that should be removed. If they are so psycho from jail or crime outside they cannot control themselves and they cant not steal people's shit or not physically threaten people they are being overt thus threaten the entire establishment..

Unless...unless somehow Women's Lunch thinks it is above the law. That would not be advisable. Not at all. In fact if staff and clients decided they were running some sort of operation out of there that had the arrogance to behave in such a way that would infer this, it would be an insult to local police and the persons who are good enough to donate to keep it running. I just voted much state funding do they get??

Well I guess if you are around for 25 years you have alot of friends. I wonder exactly who they are..and why would they support a place that abuses an already vulnerable population who are struggling.

If C is indeed genuine, it seems all she did today was try to get staff to deal with a person who they are aware of that frequents that program, who made a physical threat. All they had to do was ask if there were witnesses or tell her they would deal with the issue. Perhaps even ask her to leave for her own safety or follow up outside with police. Why it escalated so is beyond comprehension.
They are depending on no one believing her or even I...this puts my cred at risk they assume (they are just such criminal master minds). All I can say is that it did happen and staff was not in the room and they made a huge mistake in not being open to the fact that it may have occurred. Everyone makes mistakes. We understand that you deal with a difficult population. Just admit that you barred C for making accusations you could not prove or disprove.
Guests came up and harassed C while staff mobbed her upset. One frightening piece of work you wouldn't want to meet anywhere after dark it was awful to watch this thing pull a card with a BPD homeless liaison officer's number on it out of C's hand in contempt. Then the Thing was given a moment to harass C and then, only then, was she pulled away and told to sit back down by someone who later could be seen dancing to the radio as she exclaimed that C had screwed herself with her own actions. Of course this is because the name of the game is to get the person to become so emotional that they put themselves in a tail spin. It was one of the most disgusting jail house scenes I have ever seen. This isn't jail.

I talked to another person who I told this whole incident resembled a shanking in prison. Stab and drop it and deny deny deny.
This place is a disaster and I would not send my worst enemy there. A number of people that work there merely manage crime and I believe are the sorts who get off on watching these kinds of things go on while marketing themselves to the public as caring social services types who want to help all women peacefully.

Perhaps today was just a baiting game for me or for C or both.

I get the feeling...something just tells me and has for a while that the homeless scene is going to not only get theirs for what they engage in but it will be run very differently in future.

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