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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More findings/reflections on the use of tech to subdue Targets

OK I am going to write a story you can steal for your sci fi writing classes..

Lets say you were a targeted individual. Lets say you used You Tube and did it so that it was obvious it was you as a TI, you used your gang stalking blog identity lets say.

Well lets call this TI Jan. Jan notices that if she makes playlists even private ones, to amuse herself when she is doing work on the computer in another screen, that eventually there is something..off about the music on her playlists.

She experiments and plays the same video/song signed in to her account and then plays it also signed out. She notices that, especially if the music is freeing or has a freeing affect on her, if it breaks the effect of the brainwashing from organized stalking/mc tech..that this emotional breaking of bondage will be replaced by further enslavement via the typical programs that she encounters daily via other mediums.
She finds her mind especially dimmed or she finds that she is being 'programmed' per usual.
Or even that there is some hazing of the mind effect.

This would lead Jan to believe that the MC tech system is using the videos as Trojan horses like in the ancient tale.

It is possible, it is only information and it could be intercepted, corrupted, co opted or have something attached to it at any time.

She tries the same thing with a new account under a fake name. Since this is linked to her blog anyway, there is some association.

She first noticed it when the videos all individually linked to her gang stalking blog had even more strange effects and more 'dumbing down' or what seemed like jamming of the mind or mental capacities.

The other day 'Jan' found an students cell phone. She went to return the phone and decided to take a walk around campus with it.
Some curious results: as she possessed another persons cell phone she felt her energy change, in fact she felt normal again as if it was 2000 or even earlier.

She did not have a constant headache, or bad feelings of doom and hopelessness, or depression or even a dumb down effect.
She decided to take a very long walk with the phone in order to get more results.

It was like a temporary vacation from the horror that had become her own life since 1996...definitely since 2000.

There is no bad luck..there is only remote influence.

They know that music can set your mind free or activate DNA to survive. That it can activate something in the primitive..They know some humans can heal from music or even think and solve problems just by listening ..really focusing and listening and reflecting.

They know some humans understand the ancient idea of music serving as a tool-for healing, for strength, for removal of oppression.

All this must be blocked if oppression is to continue.

Destructive feeds will be put in like subliminals in a shop telling you not to steal. It might be that simple now.
If yer targeted yer screwed becuz you need the internet to survive as a TI. TI's without internet ability dont fare too well unless they have other means of self defense.

The internet is the worst place for us to go, but what can we do? Alot of us are chased there (conveniently). Some of us were thinking of letting go of using the computer all together when this started..Hmmm.

So there you go some sci fi for you..why, that could never happen in real life!


  1. And as a TI, they won't let me work, and have nothing but online browsing for me to do. I am sure that feeds their plans in some way, as there is often some annoying emanations coming off my LCD display.

    Who would of thought of that, accessing the population covertly by way of TV and PC?

    The music constraints that I live under are also interesting; it is rare that I do listen to music, or am scripted to, and when it is allowed, the sound is broken up and changed or else the on-screen player controls get messed up. Disrupted music listening is the imposed "norm" for me as a TI.

    Always good to hear your perspective.

  2. I was in AZ and when the perp I stayed with was not home for days the cable box wud go nuts and just cycle thru on the display. If I listened to a band there wud be a perp on the bus who wore a T of that band and he wud start messing with me. The place mustve been wired completely or they must've just sat outside and pointed something at the house, which does exist.
    Technology is the problem-the human use of it to abuse other humans and to enslave people.