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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ahh Northeastern University..more annoyance

I had forgotten that some students at Northeastern were totally aware of what was happening to me during the time I was being exploited and harassed at 335 Washington St.

I came here to see about computer use. Its ok but there is no sound....then I finally realized why there is that old fashioned notion of why only women should do certain jobs...its not becuz they CANT do other kinds of jobs. ITS BECUZ MEN SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO DO CERTAIN KINDS OF JOBS. Women's work is not a derogatory term I realized. Its a compliment!
Men are far to territorial and aggressive to be librarians, as I have seen at MIT. When there are males of prime mating age working together and especially one older male, a gang is formed naturally and any strong female will be ganged up on. I really dont think they can help it, that thier behavior is beyond thier control.

Now I see why in the old days women were librarians and nurses...becuz a place like a library does not need militant rule. It needs the things women are good at-communication and being naturally communal minded. Older men working in libraries seems fine, or men I suspect are gay are just wonderful. But there is a type of man who just does not belong in this setting.

And especially annoying to a female like myself is the insecure skinny guy. They hate me or else feel they can mess with me cuz I am a more athletic female. They also make up a huge percentage of the gang stalking perp population, for obvious reasons.

This generation is the worst group of people to be college students I have ever seen. All dissidents is gone and universities are completely controlled by the corporate funding and the establishment or whatever you want to call it. Its ridiculous. They are so god damn afraid of authority...they suck. They are hte most beaten down snivelling little ass kissers, its a disgrace to any ideal of true well roundedness or learning or understanding.

This kid at the desk is camouflaged in blue and green semi punked out hair, but after dealing with him he is less than punk thats for sure.
He is so terrified of me asking questions, like I am a terrorist for 1) trying to think of alternatives to get my work done by seeing if there is a way either around the system or some option he did not think of 2) having the brains (god forbid) but also the tenacity to continue on in trying to find those alternatives.

Everyone is subconsciously perceived as a terrorist nowadays if they do not bow down to the unjust circumstances laid out on them by an abusive authority figure.

Also, he is a male. Very territorial about who gets to use these computers. So instead of being into the science of being librarian and THINKING he is letting all that testosterone keep signalling his brain that here is an aggressive large female who is a threat to the 'tribe' and he needs to protect the territory from invaders.

Young males are the biggest pains in the necks becuz they cannot control thier primitive urges yet, which of course if they are big like me and not afraid of me is to my advantage but if they are threatened by me as a large predator or perhaps perceiving me as belonging to that warrior class that has beaten the shit out of him in gym class for years I will have nothing but trouble in dealing with this kind of male who is to young to think with his head just yet.

Of course, me being 37 I keep going towards people who look like what only truly brazen cool people used to look like years ago. I need to retrain my mind to remember that since the 1990's, Yuppies now have tattoos and Harleys, and squares have punked out hair. That frumps wore leather pants and bustiers to malls in the late 90's , ruining Fetish for the rest of us true freaks.

That cool has been co opted like everything else that is a real threat to what used to be called 'the straights' when I was a kid.
'The straights' are now all taking perks and oxy's along with thier psych meds, getting tattoos that when regret rears its head, removal is available.

These are the people your mother warned you about (before the 1980's convinced her to sell out). These people are the Cowards, who shun commitment, who hate the Real Deals, who laugh at suffering for a cause as 'stupid' and ignorant , naive and idealist.

These my friends are the sheep, and they have stolen our wolf skins and are parading around in them..and its all very interchangeable and trendy. It never has to have true symbolism or meaning so thus there is no commitment. There will be no suffering for there is no cause. There is no adherence to the symbolism representing a cause.
I dont even want to know what their reality is about, or what they fight for or care about.

Its the old rivalry between the farmers and the nomads or the hunters. It never ends.

After what I have been thru and with how brave I am in what I am trying to do I cannot believe that there are still people who act like I am in the wrong...they only add to the idea that I should disappear and go away and give up. This very behavior is to add to that sentiment. To help that to happen. They still see each TI as a separate loner to be disposed of and handled and blocked. Dont they see its hundreds and thousands of people now who are targeted?

Either they are in on the biggest conspiracy this world has faced or they are living in their own little worlds where each target appears separate to thier they dont see the collective. I am not speaking about todays incident but in general there seems to be this kind set.
Perhaps the public...I mean as targets we are so affected by them but we must remember that they are probably under mind control, the kind where the public jsut goes along with what is popular or trendy..that they do not think for themselves or much less see the deeper long term significance of thier actions.

Targets need to realize that the public most likely is not our ally. They seem quite satisfied to think this is some episode of Lost and we are the losing contenders. Mind control works THAT easily on many many people. It really does. They will not realize that shows like that were primers for real life actions to come like gang stalking or other activities.

Think about that. I just don't see them having outcry, they are to damn brainwashed and compliant. I no longer believe that they are capable at this time of thinking for themselves. They are dangerous for this reason which is why TI's are so miserable.
If we can reach those who don't know what is going on, then we might get to a faction of the public who would be outraged ....or at least shame the rest of them who aren't.

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