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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, November 20, 2008

How different I am..and perhaps seen as a violent image.

A fellow TI wrote to me that I come off differently my blog than in some other places I have stuff.

You have to remember, this is the ONLY place I can rage and vent. I have had my whole life taken away and I mean EVERYTHING, and my family friends and associates all sold me out. I have been terrroized by police and other people citizens are supposed to trust across this country often alone. That is why no one one knows how bad this has been and the perps make sure they use whatever people DONT know about me to make it worse.

I am sure that by blog makes me look as violent and unpleasant as they would like..I am sure they use it to thier full advantage..however me being smart enough to have taken that into full consideration have to understand something about the way I am being targeted.

the only weapon against MY perps is honesty. They operate fully on non disclosure, the with holding of facts and the making up of things and managing peoples perceptions. By the time I tell my story it will sound so outrageous they think no one is going to beleive me..they have had this attitude all along and this is the premise they operate on.
And anyone who does even entertain the idea of validating me risks anything from life being 'difficult' to in some cases death or accident. What do you think people are going to do?

I have seen people get to close to me years ago and they always end up in jail or targeted or a car comes out of nowhere and crashes into theirs. I am angry becuz I am being told basically get labeled to survive this and have some sort of life..also, a healthy dose of 'kill yourself' is done at times. They are very strange after trying to get you to off yourself with intense psychological force, other times they will lift any and all coersion if you even look up the word suicide on your cell browser. I just dont get it..any of it. Really I dont know what these f*ckers want and I do not care.
Just realize that I am not crazy but am being asked to pretend I am under threat of harm.
I am not a bad person but they would like me to be betrayed as one.
I am creative but not allowed to express myself and never have been. I am expected to take care of people and remain forever silent. A slave for would you like it? How would you like it if people rubbed it in your face that your intelligence has been purposely lowered. That you are being harassed to make you 'managable'.

And what proof do I have that is court room worthy?
How would you like it if a powerful man's family member half your age trying to handle you and tell you that you always will have to deal with the harassment but at least you could work with the system a little more.
People make you out to deserve this....and if you told the public exactly what you know and why this is happening to you they would turn a blind eye and say "we dont beleive" or they would beleive and then compartmentalize it becuz they cant deal.

Its like I was told..dont bother becuz 'nobody cares'. Its true...there are far too many greedy evil dishonest jerks out there who will go along.

So I leave all my anger here. How would YOU like to have to learn to be polite and nice while being in humiliating demeaning situations? And then perps make people think you deserve this becuz you need to learn a lesson, you think the world owes you something--all these excuses to re enslave someone. And the public will beleive it..becuz they cant tell thier abusive administration to f*ck off and stop beating them they take it out on TI's.

Hasnt anyone noticed that we TI's were really smacked down once they started all this stuff in 2002 or so? or even 1995? Becuz they KNOW the public who is being oppressed will take to a target to avoid pissing off the abusive authority figure like scared kids in an abusive family..they jsut turn on whoever is smaller to avoid the Ogar.

And beleive me there are plenty of human beings who you think you know that are into some messed up stuff when you aint around. Dishonest as can be. And they are jsut waiting for an opportunity to be cruel or abuse someone and imgagine if they can get a perk or reward..Hallaluya!

And who cares? As far as the public is concerned you are marketed as either evil enough to deserve this or goodly and stupid enough to have been played and suckered..thats becuz these two images of the TI will get both kinds of demographics to play along.
The holier than thous and the badder than you's.

A TI is a product and the perps market them to the public to ensure maximum enlistemnt to help them abust a TI or else validate what they are doing.

So, here I am and here is my angry blog. But its also sensible and logical and meant really just for Targets..

Only a TI is going to understand the music section the way its laid out or its meanings that are specific to us. If angry sentiment helps a TI stay another hour, another day another year I will make sure it is on here.
Sometimes TI's need other targets to express things they dare anger or details about what is going on. Each Target seems to have a talent that other Targets do not. Though seperated we ARE a community.

Personally, in the very big picture, I beleive that the way society is being run or even run into the ground right now, along with the presence of the internet and other variables is an experiment and we are a very specific part of it. Why have they not killed alot of us by now? It would be really doesnt add up AT ALL. They attempt to kill you sometimes but its like 'they' are these buffoons that are part of the experiemnt too and the true overseers are trying to test intel or other things. The internet as the only form of communication with each we survive off it in communication with each other..yet, alone in a hostile environment.

The system is definelty up to something and I dont even want to know what it is...I have an idea but its so depressing. Forget it.

I have a feeling that soon none of what is happening will matter at all. Perhaps that is just for me.

Mybe people jsut dont know the whole ordeal..and I dont really care to tell either. It wont change anything.

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