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Sunday, November 16, 2008

another alleged TI acts strangley upon meeting/ a new potential shelter hassle

Another alleged TI was spotted at the place I am staying now. She always has to talk to me whenever she sees me. I took a chance and waved slightly and sure enough she responded the way she seemed to be acting...she just looked away. I DO NOT have time for games...I am traumatized to the point where my life is ruined, I never got the therapy I needed to deprogram properly and I have been so stressed out my health is not good.

Sleeping in the dorm with just her and a few other women should be fun. If she is going to try to make this awkward it is not going to happen.

And this horrid woman from a shelter in Waltham I stayed at a few years ago, when I was really being terrorized in 2006, she is here pretending not to recognize me. She's this older woman who, when I would ask to watch the Simpsons she would reply "Oh, weeere nawt an aynamashun cryowwd arouwnd heya (here)" (for those of you who know what a last generation Eastern MA accent sounds like you get the phonetic spelling...especially picture an older woman who wants to appear she comes from money but her accent and lack of manners says differently.)

This girl who was in on it but felt bad and would leak info to me sometimes, fat girl, youngish..she would make fun of this lady and say stuff like "That woman needs to stop thinkin she's high class"...she was funny. I also think that she is the same older woman who made a mean comment about me back then. Something about me being very very clever in ripping of the system to get services or things I need. IF THAT WERE TRUE WHY WOULD I BE A GANG STALKING TARGET ? Some people will do anything to make you look like the bad guy...mind you this is when I was in shelters BECUZ MY APARTMENT WAS UNINHABITABLE AND THE COMPANY WOULD NOT FIX IT SO I HAD TO LEAVE.

Hmmm...lets do a little figuring.
If I am being harassed becuz I am suing a company and I am terrorized and forced into shelters, where I am harassed, mind gamed and slandered concerning a moldy apartment and a lawsuit....if the same woman is here who was a jerk then....and another woman is here who is a TI supposedly but she is acting strangely...and I am asking for old records and still refusing to let go of what happened to me.

One can only assume I should use caution. The beauty of this is that if anyone slanders me in here who knows me previously and makes life..unpleasant for me here in any way not only do I have past knowledge of them from the outside, there would have to be a damn good reason for thier malicious intent.

This shelter WILL respect me while I am here and aaalllll the guests and staff will do the same. Cambridge has a good name when it comes to homeless tolerance and I am sure they want to keep it that way. Besides, we are far enough out of Central Sq down here...and all the connections that brings into the situation.

And all the hassles better stay down there for the next two weeks as well...or else. Cambridge is a place I have ALOT of experience with. And I think you know what I mean.

I have met many interesting, worldly people from this area..some could be more interesting than others.
Play it safe jerks. As far as I am concerned it stopped before it even started.

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Anonymous said...

I could go on and on about fake ti's sent to me to weasel out info for the perps. They are always come on as poor, victimized, very Christian women who have "stood up to" satanists. Later, I watch as they stick the knife in my back and the perps laugh as I'm screwed again.