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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Central Square again/ the unhappiness of the people serves the masters

The Dunkin Donuts there was perp central this morning. There are like two really obvious people who are behind the counter. The manager and this black dude who is way to well built and smart to be there by necessity...I mean one cant judge but I had a conversation with him the other day outside and he is typically argumentative and is of the attitude that white women have it so much better than anyone else. He said he was a police officer for a while and didnt like it. He still looked and acted like one thats for sure.

This is becoming an increasingly obvious trend that I see among all males involved in my harassment , who all seem to have superior knowledge of my situation. As usual one has to assume that they might not even realize what gang stalking is, that they are woman haters n alot of situations. There is a large number of males from all races and ages who exhibit the behavior that they know my situation and this is a haters free for all. That they have some sort of power over me or dominion.

They may just see that a powerful group of men is after a woman or a man has thrown her to the dogs so this is their chance to simultaneously dump all thier sexist frustrations on a female where they can get away with it and gain approval from the males in power who set the persecution in motion.

Really, all the afore mentioned people need to get a room ....male aggression pointed at females by men who prefer men but would be stigmatized if they expressed that openly is quite common. Either that or they need to go slap their mothers in the face for whatever they did- I aint your mother.
Males in this country are spoiled rotten with status and power. Also becuz of this they are ripped off and treated like shit whenever possible by evil, cunning women. Then of course, a vulnerable woman has to be their little punching bag for all the Bitches who really scare them-take thier alimony, their child support, thier houses, keep them from thier kids and have their balls in a vice.
You see once again how the TI is a human sacrifice or is used to equalize aggressions and disharmony in society? We are FORCED to heal against our will in awful ways by being put in the position of held hostage and abused by people who have unconscious anger towards others.

This is why gang stalking is so popular. Men can feel better about what women do to them, black men simultaneously 'get' a white woman so thus get back at the white man and at the same time get Massa's approval or feel they are placating him and his wishes becuz they are still firmly hooked into the system that way in this country. Only black men who are true to self and true to something other than continued enslavement treat me kindly and help me out when they see me getting harassed.
White men can regain the status they feel they have lost recently due their perceptions of full blown female liberation ruining their lives. Really it is the system that keeps us all down that is in their way, like EVERYBODY ELSE. And essentially it is other, more dominant males that are their problem, but this way they can bond over hating women as the sole cause of thier woes.
Unite over a common enemy.

Also, we should always consider the pedophile link. Alot of perps exhibit the same exact power tripping and control and shaming and humiliation tactics that pedophiles use to keep victims in line. There are way more pedophiles out there than you think. Perhaps they are not active. Perhaps they are only still acting out thier control issues on a TI. Its safer than risking getting caught acting out physically.
Pedophiles are expert at not being detected. I will not get into it but according to my experience and research they are usually victims of compartmentalization, which is the only way to avoid detection. There is alot of things you dont know about people that you think you know.

And the worst part of thier character is the disregard for others feelings or freedom of will. They are usually cowardly in nature and very sneaky. A big tactic with these families is to scape goat anyone who acts out or makes it obvious that there is a problem in the family.
If you notice there are many parallels between the dynamics of families behaviors and the gang stalking system. Its very similar actually.

One thing that I notice is many TI's claim that it is intimated to them that they have been labeled pedophiles unofficially. I am so sick of this word by now, its used so much in this country but it has no meaning. People make sure they focus on stupid shit like entrapping some 20 year old kid into wanting to meet with a 15 year old that he met on the internet. And he is then shamed and paraded before the public...what a great cover for people who do things with children that its not at 15- its at 6. Its not consensual. Its not between a 15 year old and a 20 year old its between a 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 year old and some totally obcenely young age.
I was 15 once and I wud not have messed with 20 year olds but some girls did. They were more mature than me and had boyfriends and such. They were old enough at least to know what they were getting into.
This being obsessive and a police state mentality is creating a society that is so scared to do the wrong things they are also being covertly intimidated into pointing out anything wrong either. If you try to fix the things that are truly wrong nowadays you may find yourself a target becuz they will accuse you of being the one who is wrong.

There is a saying "Evil will accuse you of what evil does". This is exactly what the gang stalking system does. That is why it is populated by people who all have something to hide.

This whole society has become a police state and harassement and surviallence are increasingly institutionalized. No one wants to admit it, NO ONE. And political correctness provides a cover for anyone who goes along or is a part of the direct problems. As long as you act like you are supposed to then your covert actions go unseen.
Conformity for the sake of order and peace is one thing(not that I personally approve of that concept ever) but bullying a nation and individuals into conformity in order to make them compliant and cooperative with corruption and crime is unacceptable.

When I went to sit down this old black man was at the table. He said someone was sitting there, I wanted to observe the employees behind the counter, this was the seat I needed. I said " He'll survive" and this old bastard says " yeah he'll survive, cuz when he comes back your gettin up". I got indignant. Then this guy who interrogated me the other day, a cab driver who thinks he's like a star around there, sits down and just looked at me, the way perps do when they feel they have some control. TI's know how these people are. He made sure he did not talk to me either ( a relief he was so annoying). Then this other guy came in from the other day, a white dude who is in program and waiting for housing, while we talked he said thost guys were stuck on stupid, which was funny. I noticed that a few people were really just sitting there listening to what we were saying, they looked like real rat spy types..just struggling to listen. Not even pretending to be doing something else. The thing about alot of perps around me is there is something hard and professional about cops or like military personell. They are hard, like they have training in this, not just your typical stupid rat from jail. There is that militant hardness of structure about alot of them. Like its serious business they are up to. And these types are steely, there is no weakness about them. As if they could kill or witness a murder and it would not face them. Serious types. Hate filled, like they really want to get rid of me. Realy murderers.

This one who was there listening and being very serious about it glanced over to someone next to the man I was conversing that is how I knew they were doing more than eating thier bagels and coffee.

Then the cab driver with delusions of granduer left. Then the man who's seat was saved came back (after like a half hour). They actually tried to get me to get up, becuz that was still his saved seat. I would not relingquish and said " I aint gettin on the back of the bus today"..which did not go over well, funny but it would have just one city over in Boston.
Alot of these people will never leave the area and they are so petty and small that the differences between Boston and Cambridge actually matter to them. I said this and added "Well I guess not everyone travels around the country and stops seeing the differences in this area." The old guy who wanted his half hour saved seat said like a 60 year old spoiled brat "Yeah, cuz I'm not homeless." This is a delacacy for them. Everyone who is in on this had been able to get a chance to destroy something powerful and special. And take the energy for themselves. This way they associate themselves with the powerful people who are after a TI. They feel they are part of a powerful criminal network now.

And you should have seen him, like this was his crowning acheivement, his greatest role yet.
There will come a time when all these people will pay for being mindless enough to pick on what they percieve as a powerless loner. They deserve all that is coming to them, as a nation, as genders , as races and as a city. It excites them to see a woman go down and be destroyed. Its the closest they will ever get to real man hood and they know it. And I dont know what is wrong with the women involved , but they are weak and pathetic if they go under the rule of weak men as such.
I replied that I would be traveling even if I was not homeless.
He bitched about the back of the bus comment and of course this is great deflection so he can be abusive and get away with it. It works in Cambridge I am sure. Like I said I travel too much to be sucked into local bullshit. Not gonna be trained to jump through guillt hoops for you today asshole. A good dose of sexism and classism will hopefully jar the victim and if the victim says anything, pull out racism.

Then of course there is always the old hag who is in there everyday of her life with the bag lady makeup job. Like a cartoon character. She pipes up and has to baby him like she's his wife or mother, I tell her to but out. She reacts of course.

Then after the homeless comment he starts in calling me a tramp and a bitch all with this snooty attitude. Like he's get extreme monitary value but of course its an imitation of the local real money. I used to use the same act before I GOT ON A BUS AND TRAVELLED AND REALIZED THAT PEOPLE IN THE REST OF THE USA ARE NOT SPOILED ROTTEN AND CODDLED INTO COMPLIANCE. You may think you got it real good in Boston. So why are u so miserable? Why do you bitch all the time about 'gettin out of this place' but never leave? Why do you all hang your heads on the train turnstiles, why do you look so beaten down when you walk around in a stupor in the streets? Why do you look so sad and insecure all the time? BECUZ YOU KNOW THAT THE TRULY WEALTHY ARE JUST AROUND ANY CORNER AROUNG HERE AND THEY WILL WIPE THE FLOOR WITH YOU AND MAKE YOU KNOW YOUR PLACE. THEY WILL TALK ABOUT LIVING A LIFE SO GOOD COMPARED TO YOURS THAT A MERE TRAIN RIDE ON THE T MAKES YOU HATE YOUR OWN LIFE. And they will be wearing hipper clothes than you. They will just have come from someplace that YOU will never even visit. They are the students, the old money, the succesful cut throats in the rat race. They know people, they smell good, they look good. They sound good. They ignore you like its second nature and if there is any conflict you either dont exist or it was over before it even began.

This is the ugly reality of the Northeast of the USA. Attractive people of all races, ages and genders waste thier lives away as prisoners of the afore mentioned 'betters'. Its a big house and everyday you will use the servants entrance back stairs.

This area is greedy grabby snobby and spoiled beyond beleif.
I am always shocked at how validated people feel here when they commit crime or act out in covert ways to gain something due to the fact that someone else who has more is to blame for them being so unhappy with what they have.

Its a cruel hierarchy. This man today, the people behind the counter they feel they do pretty well, being in with cops and crooks against anyone. They are part of what matters in these cities. They feel 'in'.
I then pointed out to him that he would not have lasted 5 minutes alone in my shoes, a single woman alone with no money being hounded by coprrrupt cops and criminals.
No matter what you said he felt powerful in his little throne at D & D.

At one point I think he actually said something about 'Call your daddy' for defense.
This is not a good idea with me. I told him I never had a father in my house and from there it was all out war. Any man who bases his dominance on the already established (assumed) pre embedded dominance of another male is absolute dead meat to my instincts. I do not know why this is. It proves that he is weak becuz he is trying to work off the assumption that my male figure was weak or insult my family. Really he is dead meat becuz he assumes I would actually depend on a male authority fugure for validation.
It also says he is a weak male in war and needs to be destroyed...why this is I do not know but males who pick on females who are vulnerable then make the beef about fighting with another just makes me see black. Like it's his funeral already.

No idea why. Could be some primituve urge by me to protect the males or even females from troublemaker males.
Realistically every female needs protection from the physical threats posed by rival males. Most women cannot fight another male in a physical fight and win.
However, these males must be worthy and prove themselves to be of the best caliber. Just becuz you happen to be a male does not make you the winner of the contest for dominance. And the problem with this country and maybe the world is that men assume they have won the f*ckin trophy the minute they open thier damn mouths jsut by 'virtue' of being a male.

If you aint good enough, if you dont measure up, get the fuck away from me if yer lookin for approval on primitive levels.
Ever since I have been a TI there has been this horrible ritual going on where all these beta males have been collectively picking on me and ripping me apart in some sort of nonsense to prove they are really men. How does picking on a wounded dying female make you a dominant male? You guys are losers. The men who have been helpful to me or nice to me or watched out for me are THE REAL MEN.
So picking on me is like picking in a weaker male in thier warped little minds I assume. Yep, I am in my late 30's and was a strong built woman coming into my own. Yep, that registers in thier minds as a male most likely.

The worst of this was in the end he said something about being as good as I was.
There has been a vicsous dirty trick in the slander campaign that has gotten me beated down severly for years now. That I think I am better than other people. And if you have to be confident to survive or stay strong and you carry yourself as naturally as whoever that ancestor was that gave you carriage, if all that is marketed the right way the decievers will make the public think they are legitimately competeing with you when in fact they are helping to destroy you and keep you down..of course for the rich and powerful and corrupt who REALLY think they are better than everyone else.

I informed him of this con, and of course he looked sheepish becuz who wants to displease the bosses by blowing the con, or worse who wants to blow the only chances they have to keep abusing someone with validation.

The constant game of the string pullers pitting everyones insecurities against each other is very effective, and since they cannot fight those who area truly thier betters or who treat them badly they will take a TI as a facsimile...any time they can.

This is why they are cowards, they can never fight the real enemies so they spend thier whole lives finding toys to of course handed to them by the authroity who is the origin of thier real unhappiness.

Its called displacement, or projection.
Afterwards on a bus a guy came on a young black kid. He had a winter hat on that had the Masonic measuring tool on it, the official 'logo' I guess now. Its always disturbing for me to see Masonic symbols out in the open like fact it makes me want to be sick. But I soon saw its purpose...I asked him about it and said I thought it was supposed to be a secret society..hand shakes the whole bit. He said that the secret is that there is no secret.
I asked him what he gets out of membership. It creeped me out, he said that it was to learn to control yourself even if you think you are let it go. To get on with life. That it is the most humbling experience. That when he got on this bus he wished everyone well and to have a good day..
Uhhh, sounds like cult mentality. I sincerely hope that it was NOT some mirroring bs, but it sure sounded like it.

As I have blogged before, there are alot of african american Masons now, some in very high positions in the lodges.

I just dont think that if they truly beleive what they are saying, that they really understand what goes on at other levels. Lets say that all things, all powers of the mind can be used for good or bad purposes.

It was the day from hell. No matter where I went trouble followed me.

Very cold today as well.
Got harassed at MIT afterwards but I am going to try to rectify that..they were just a tad out rageous today. I refused to step into the higher up librarians office for him to speak to me agian about my use of the computer. There has been alot of harassment and it is very obviously intimidation. I wanted him to say whatever he had to outside among the other patron was outraged at the treatment of me and could not beleive the way I was treated.

They looked very satisfied with themselves when I left. Its three males who work there and its a gang up situation (again), though done covertly. Each plays off the other. Its really sick. Funny becuz the older man in the morning that works there is one of the most responsible lovely polite people I have ever dealt with there. And if a computer is not working he calls someone and this wonderful woman comes to fix it, she is very nice. They are responsible grown civil people who are there to do a service to people, not militantly guard you see the pattern again? That its males, in a group, who are younger? Then of course this makes me look paraniod of men or something. Sorry, its the truth.
cavitation is hurting again. Have to find way to deal with this, but dont want more antibiotics...tired of the mold sickness I get from them, related to my past mycotoxicosis.

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