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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008


This is interesting becuz all TI's know about how perps use special language for targets and for gang stalking in general.

The one thing that I was alarmed about watching this in detriment to TI's is that the pedophiles are comparing themselves to oppressed African American slaves and Jews during the Holocaust...this is why it is never a good idea for targets to do this excessively. When I was first networking I realized that alot of targets like to use the Jews as a parallel..Firstly, it isn't the same becuz we are not an ethnic group as identity nor a religious group so we are not cemented in that way. Also, the crimes against us are covert..there is no physical evidence, unless you know every TI who has committed suicide or had an 'accident' or been institutionalized-thus the importance of keeping us isolated from one another.
Secondly, it sounds paranoid. People perceive Hitler as the Devil himself thus he has an unreal quality..to the 21st century mind, such a bogey man could never ever exist today out in the open (wouldn't the psychiatrists have caught it early..wouldnt he have been caught on camera or by Homeland as a terrorist plotting?) they feel safe from such overt threats. Hitler is yesterdays problem and we need to make sure the public realizes that the modern version of evil exists becuz it hides behind the very system that protects us from threats like Hitler or overt terrorists .
In fact many victims are disposed of by the abuse of power of these safety groups..and the public is told that "If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to be afraid of"...which is not true if THE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT AND THEY HAVE THINGS TO HIDE AND YOU ARE A VICTIM WITNESS.
Todays victims are victimized by a much more complex and sophisticated system. It has been around for years and the more European mindset and Eastern European mindset is much more familiar with such cons, but Americans are Europeans who were either peasants who were never hip to such criminal behavior and thinking or they are people who have lost thier ancient wisdom by three plus generations of Mom and Apple Pie perceptions of their country.
Also its really cliche and those never work for long.

For some TI's like myself the parallels between African slaves in this country and our situation is somewhat comparable..but one must be able to draw those parallels. Here is a test of the Bullshit o meter. If you explained to a brother that you were targeted viz old school KKK type harassment and the kind of slavery that commonly goes on in the world of hardcore pimps, but now with some tech..they would probably see the parallel. I don't have blacks coming to my rescue frequently for nothing....and the ones who attack me do so becuz they know exactly what the man is doing to me.
If a pedophile described his perceived 'oppression' and tried to draw parallels I believe that African Americans would get up and start giving him that fight back that only they can, probably telling them that they are a load of BS and to stop using them for a comparison.

What sucks is that it co opts what truly oppressed people are doing by trying to use familiar established scenarios with the public to draw comparison and gain understanding.

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