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Saturday, November 22, 2008

How to set up mirrors so The People dont see/Nine Inch Nails bores TI's with difused bombs for the kiddies..

First of all let me state that at the beginning of my being victimized and targeted a large number of these people seemed to be into World of Warcraft and spoke like hardcore gamers who had entered a virtual world that had brainwashed them so they could no longer perceive or reason in the real world like NORMAL PEOPLE who are still sane.
Yes, they were quite INsane. Yet the gaming has programmed them to function.

Now as a TI I get alot of what I call psy ops subliminals. In commercials or newspapers I actually get the idea that some journalists are helpful but alot of it was that they were trying to drop clues or put me on a wild goose chase. I have read from other TBMC survivors that this is par the course.

The people who are perps-haven't you noticed how incredibly brainwashed they are? Or if they seem to know what they are doing they are always showing a weakness of character and lack of people who controlled on other levels or brainwashed??

That is why perps seem as weird as they do to alot of Targets who are tbmc survivors. They are either still programmed and have not come out of being controlled or they were programmed later than before age 6. Which means that in order to function as they do they are actively mind controlled.
Why are tbmc survivors hounded for life? becuz once we wake up we can become good people who want to use our abilities for good, to fight oppression and we can become self programming.
We also see brainwashing readily all around us, and we know a con.

This throws a monkey wrench in their works so they have to trap us in these semi virtual worlds-to imprison us and keep us busy. The stupid public who is into watching this like its a game or a reality show either is ignorant that we used to be valuable or they are mind controlled themselves and are not awake yet, and are functioning using only parts of their minds..the
15% ers if you will.

This is why I have people saying to me "Your not a toy"..well I am being treated like one. Why? Becuz then I am not a threat. I am under control.

And anyone who ISN'T in on the little 'game' is told I am crazy or gone crazy or all the other excuses they use.
There is nothing crazy about psychological warfare. I and every other victim is not imagining things.

One of their biggest games, especially right now with the public is mirrors..mirroring. This is a big part of internal programming and it keeps a person in a maze sort of structure mentally. Its is confusion and the illusion that hides must ask..What is behind the mirror?

That might smash the mirror. Most people don't realize what they are viewing is a mirror, becuz they do not know the truth so how can they perceive an illusion?

This piece pissed me off..and I am sure it is supposed to piss of every target who has been part of mind control.

What the hell are they doing? I cannot believe they are playing games with serious games that are played with Targets..its so sick.

And the INSULT of saying "oh, its too hard for just one mind to handle"..not a compartmentalized one honey. This 'game' you are being exposed to is what they do to break down brilliant talented people that are no longer of use to certain others and know too much that would prove embarrassing.

What they have done is very interesting. When they play this game with one person...and on top of that they also terrorize the person with the constant harassment that lets you know that the perpetrators of the game know alot about you that is private, it should drive just one person crazy and it is meant to do just that. Sometimes if your programming is strong and you have unseen help from someone, you'll survive. But it is damaging-that is its intent.

They have taken this sick game that is used to get rid of one person and they have distributed it to many people, without the harassment and surveillance of them..the players or those participating in picking up clues.

Its essentially giving people a gun to play with with the safety on with no bullets. More video game type stuff...your killing people in video games but it isn't real. The hardcore is gone. You dont know the guy next to you who just got shot, and there isn't the smell of blood or burning flesh. Its very consequence free.

As is this game. People might even think its fun or exciting.

Want the real version? OK, go outside-there are cars parked out there with their lights on. Sometimes the bastards wave to you and smirk in this way that lets you know they are murderous and sadistic.
Now I want you to leave your house..a person walks by you and says "Loser" and imagine you just lost a case you deserved to win by being harassed into signing out of court, then you also last your home and your family and friends, all criminals with dirt on them, have been blackmailed into selling you out or not assisting you. "Loser" might really really hurt you right now. You are made to feel inadequate for being a victim of brutal attack. You were not good enough, in fact you deserved to lose.

OK then travel across the USA and have people who are strangers constantly putting it into conversation or right out to your face your personal business, stuff you looked up on computers, your genetic background and all other private things. Everything that you OWNED about your life is taken by others and either twisted around or used against you.
NOW with that as a backdrop NOW I want you to have to deal with clues and things being dropped in your lap. oh, and don't forget that police will be harassing you where ever you go, there will be noise campaigns so you cant sleep or mentally rest and everywhere you try to stay or work there will be harassment -and alot of the time you;ll be alone so they can lie about not having done anything wrong. Don't forget too that strangers who don't mirror private information will interrogate you to gain more info to use against you and also to keep you feeling controlled by this network of idiots who seem to be always getting at you and to you.

Deal with all that, oh and don't forget that alot of the 'clues' are dis information that is meant to force your hand to make a wrong decision or move....the end result of which is institutionalization or death. Alot of the dis info however is like the dead ends of a maze...its wild goose chase material. BS.

Now picture yourself years look in the mirror and you are no longer pretty or young. You forget things left and right. You are no longer talented or smart as you were. Everyone who had something to hide has moved on to a better life..better it seems than when you knew them. People seem to have been given opportunities that they logically would have never been given back when you knew them. Your own family is dead to you now, and people in the streets hang their heads after you have passed as if they think you wont notice..or they treat you like a ghost passing by.
Imagine if this is the way you died, long before your body died.

There are people in this world for whom this is not a game..this is a necessity of security of either crime or 'national' (legalized crime). You have not a friend in the world and if you were to ever try to explain the labels were laid out, waiting for you long ago...\becuz this article is correct.

No one can accept that these things are done to the public would go crazy if you took this into your world view of reality.
There are people who enjoy destroying a person with this system. They enjoy these games. Imagine if the game you are being sucked into that seems so harmless was used as a weapon.

That is what you are playing with...its like they have defused a bomb or taken out the deadly element out of some poison and are letting the public play with it.

Lastly I want you to remember something..something positive.

This article is an EXTREME INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE and the intel of the public in general.

The only reason that "one mind couldn't handle it" or "you'd go crazy" is becuz you are not being put under duress with some warning of how to play to survive. These fucks always, without fail, sew some sort of insult to the public into thier little taste of real games they play with them. I can see it right off. Telling you that you couldn't handle the real Game.
The human mind and body are alot more resilient than modern man thinks and the only reason you do not know that is becuz you are given an easier life than your ancient ancestors. However those moves are still there...don't let them suck you into kiddie games. And most of all don't let them play with your minds to see what you do, which is what they are up to-this is illegal human experimentation. Again they suck you in for free. And its a time mirroring things that really matter and making them into entertainment, they trivialize what is real.

Yes, there is psychological warfare, yes there is murder, yes the world is..changing in ways that may mean attention to survival. What they are doing to giving you little parts of a psychological war campaign to play with.
I say the motive is time wasting, diversion, and to see what you do with it.

I like this band, its nothing against the band but the entertainment world is kind of like what artists used to be to the church of the middle ages. They paint whatever they are told to sedate and seduce the public complete with subliminals and little games with your mind.

Without art the Catholic church would be nowhere. But art can be used to hide things sometimes in plain sight. Art is simply reflections of what is real..filtered thru someones mind or a collective of minds.

Take this BS, throw it down and go outside and sit in the damn grass and look at the sun and listen to what is around you. That is the only antidote. Maybe you like the entertainment of these castrated versions of real dangerous games. Fine go ahead. But for those of you who now know what you are really dealing with...some of you will find something else to do.

What creeps me out about gamers is that they are effectively still inside the game even when they are not playing. I being 37 did not grow up with the druglike inducing game systems they have now. Its like a bunch of addicts taking the same drug...ahhh, the Hashassins. See? Its all ancient history but round again.

One thing I did NOT like about the new systems is that is had to much of a hold on me mentally. Like if I was to envision something for meditation purposes the visions from the video games could enter and be a distraction. That told me that this tech was very pervasive and had the ability to get into places that it should not. Also I found that I could sit for 8 hours and not eat just playing...well if you want a tool to lose 10 lbs I guess game for a while..but then throw the thing out the window.
Gaming is ok but if people "live the story" to much..where is reality?

In reality the people who "live the story" in the real versions of these games are real hardcore sickos....they know the TI is going to go crazy or be left damaged, probably actual brain damage, or damage to the adrenals or the heart.
They are all in denial. Just talk about what is your life going to be like when you are older, becuz of the way you are being destroyed mentally, and any perp will usually get very nervous and exhibit signs of waking up out of cult mind control. They hate the fact that you jsut made it real for them that they are destroying you with abuse.
What they want is to abuse you, then for you to die or go to some institution..out of sight out of mind.

The cute game you are playing is a part of a formula that is used by professional abusers and people who are addicted to abusing but cannot face their actions or addictions so they are of use to this system as long as after a while the TI disappears and goes quiet. That is why it is encouraged that we : lay low, go off to a small town somewhere and live quietly, get on meds to deal with the damage from the harassment or/and ongoing harassment, die, commit suicide, get into a relationship and go off and be happy (controlled with a handler who does good damage control)..the system needs its abusers who often see themselves as spies, warriors, patriots, caring individuals, helpers, secret agents, working with police, neighborhood or national guard dog types, satanists, destroyers, good Christians, IN crowd members, soldiers, clever criminals.

The reality is that they are all just abusers and stalkers. They are all exactly like the abusive girlfriend or boyfriend that is the text book profile of this type. THAT IS ALL THEY ARE.
They are given illusions like drugs (hashassins) to keep them content with an identity that suites them in their actions.

Don't waste your time with games put forth by an insulting an belittling media industry who thinks you, as a public, are such dim witted sheep, that you could never ace a game of survival.
F*ck them.

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