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Monday, November 10, 2008

Please give the prisoners thier own shelter

Any in-jail behaviors or being predatory they need thier own shelter. Build one please so the rest of us can get on with our lives. Build a shelter with no drugs, no crime allowed but moreso than that no intimidation, gang activity or ganging up on. No staff thinking its leader of the pack time. And no local community strangle holds.

JUST a shelter. It really is very very simple. NOT A JAIL a shelter. This is why so many people sleep outside. The people in these places arent even smart criminals or they wouldnt be there. They are low lifes big time, and if a shelter has an atmoshphere of it being rough but everyone minds their own business then fine but I cannot stand the ego thing anymore from nobodies and for those of us who are not from this population it is a matter of personal pride that these people 'get' us or bring us to thier level.

Give the ants thier own colony..and let them plot and scheme and play out dramas on the level of high school all on thier own. The rest of us have important things to do instead of by major jerk off wanna be's.

Get gangs out of shelters. And thats nice that major name street gangs want to do good things in a community but they are still criminals and will indulge in this behavior.


  1. It sounds brutal, these homeless shelters in Boston. I haven't been taken down to homelessness on my harassment, but a rooming house was bad enough. Or at least, a seeming rooming house as many "characters" would emanate from the same room, as if it were some kind of perp rotation event. "Your turn to egress from the doorway just ahead of the victim". Something like that. I hope you can find a better place for the winter there.

  2. Yeah, they like to do that. They have a whole bunch of them coming into and out of wherever place I happen to be. They usually have some sort of 'striking' physical characteristic that they know that I personally find displeasing just to tick me off and try to provoke me into a rampage.

    That is one of their talents: pissing people off all of the time.

    Do you see them walking along the road? I see quite a few of them doing that. I see a lot of one headlight, or cars turning off their headlights multiple times to let me know I'm being watched (as if I couldn't have guessed).

  3. Thank u AJH.

    As for the anon comment, really only the headlights are an obviuos action on thier part. If u r right about the other stuff being just for u, then they must've sensitised the hell out of you to get u to this point. My perps are very overt so I cant say that I see anything unusual out there. If u can stand it, watch the movie 'The excorsism of Emily Rose'. As far as I am concerned this is a mirroring of what is happening to alot of TI's. Psych warfare tactic. She looks at peoples faces that appear normal to others but to HER it looks like they are evi faces. This is what its like to have the system sensitize you to jsut one sound or word or reference specific to you as a target. Perp(s) will go by and throw something out to a TI and no one else will see it. And we cannot react or we appear mentally ill. What is so amusing about this mirroring movie is that it gives the viewing TI the suggestion that THEY are indeed mental and imagining things. A perp in AZ came by in a truck got out and parked and did this insane dance while saying "dont goo craaazzzyyy". I mean u could tell, one of the white bearded old guys I get alot.
    Try to focus on something else when u r outside or have earphones in. you have to walk a tight rope with your santity alot through this. THer is a line, if you cross it, u will go into true clinical paranioa, where u beleive that everyone is part of the harassment. This is one of thier tricks to control targets. You need to find things that will center u again. Try to remember what they have done to you that was more overt. Try to ignore everything else. I mean someone looking at me the wrong way who might be a perp is alot different from some one approaching me way out on the railroad tracks and getting into a conversation where he says .." as u know R__, when your are allowed to grow only very conditionally", or under certain conditions. That would have been so great to record.. Yes, they want to raise stress levels one older TI suggested. She suggested that stress levels were to be raised on us daily to a certain point...who knows why. To destroy, or make compliant.

  4. Headphones work to a point...I can actually see the perps try harder and harder to get my attention when I have them on in public. If they really want my attention they will go out of their way, however.

  5. Yet another thing I wonder about is how come the perps seem so satisfied after performing their acts. They make it seem as though they just learned advanced calculus and know the answer to everything. All it does is give them a perceived sense of power over their victims. I wonder how in their minds their beatdown tactics are on the same level as, say, figuring out how to land a man on the moon? And as far as perps having money, all I can say is: yeah, right. Most of my perps have no money, and have sh*tty credit ratings to boot. They've actually told me this.

    But they've somehow trained themselves to receive a sense of satisfaction after saying stupid stuff to piss off targets and doing all these things, on the same level as receiving a high-paying job or acquiring a REAL skill.

  6. I meant the people that ultimately EMPLOY all of the perps. They are all in networks. I now realize from research that they really dont know who they are working for at top levels.

    They use alot of losers becuz obviously these people need breaks and a sense of power. Also, they are easier to scare and control. The target is, from my experience meeting and networking with other targets, often a person with such strong conviction about something(s), that it takes this many fools to get at us at all. A mob of weaklings coming after ONE person day after day leaves the strong person weakened and makes it so the ranks of these people are easy to control. Dont even give perps a second thought. The stronger ones you will meet will give you information, feel badly about what they are doing at least. They still have a sense of themselves and were prob forced into this. Its the ones who seem to have such ease with what they are doing..I know they seem more, like they are dangerous or stronger but they are the weakest. Without the group these people could not exist. They cannot gain strength by themselves. And who destroys a person anyway when its not personal or business? You are correct..absolute Loser central all through the ranks. you have to understand these people think that they are real career criminals not shills or pawns. They think this is great becuz they are escaping having to work. And by the way people in "high paying jobs" are perps becuz they dont want to lose what they have. And they are some of the most willing I have encountered. The street people and the criminals-in-trouble who are coerced into this are the ones who will leak you info alot of times. You have to re arrange the way you judge people's motives are a Target. The working person might go at you easier becuz they dont want to lose thier job (especially union members it seems).

    I bet some guy who works for NASA might have to be involved in covering up for some sort of deception at some u cant judge according to status anymore. But I know what u mean. They are annoying becuz they dont seem to be able to find something meaningful to be messing with us is the highlight of thier day. These people are ALWAYS to be thought of as stalkers. They all fit the profile of a stalker. They derive thier thrills the same way as a stalker would. Dont forget that please.

  7. The one obvious sign of perping was that 'Face on Mars' fiasco. I don't know what went on there, but when I saw that one show 'In Search Of' on History, it looked to me like someone airbrushed that image or manipulated it to make the face look more human-like. I think the perps pulling the strings love to create stuff like this as a diversion, so we are out chasing space aliens when the real strange activity going on was research into mind control and electronic remote MC Tech. With the public looking elsewhere, they don't see what was happening behind the scenes. Roswell is another good example. Again, it seems 100% plausible to me that it was strange exotic spy balloon research. But with all the psych pointing in the direction of an alien invasion, we are looking for creatures from different universes. Meanwhile, that was likely a spy balloon used for who knows what... one use obviously for surveillance and MC.