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Monday, November 3, 2008

Whole Foods creepy cashiers

Whole foods has always seemed perp occupied territory to me. Brighton obviously and I wont get into details about each one.
The cashiers at the River St. location are mostly African American and have an annoying habit of inquiring about every herbal thing I buy from nutrition. What it does and why I take it. Since they do this every time I go there and I go there only once a month now, I did not note it before mentally like I should have. But today I kept forgetting stuff and had to go through the line 3 times. I was questioned 3 times in the same manner as every time I go there and it became too obvious.
"Can I ask you what is this for? " as she looked down at my bottle of herbs. This young black girl inquired. I had complimented her earrings. Big green disks hanging from her lobes.
I told her about my Endo and then she said she asked me becuz her friend thought she was pregnant but wasn't. She said docs keep turning her away. She said they say its all in her head. Now the idea of a hysterical pregnancy in this day and age is unthinkable.
I asked if maybe she thought it was not a cyst. She said the docs did all kinds of tests and could find nothing. That her stomach is big like a pregnancy.
Like the do gooder that I am by nature ( that the perps take as weakness in manipulating me every time) I gave her another hospital name. But she had gotten it out of me what I was taking and why.
Then I went through her line again. I asked does her friend really have a hysterical pregnancy?
She said that she has thought she is pregnant for 2 years but she's not. When she said it she looked down at my stomach a bit. I have gained a bit of weight while here but I usually hold my stomach in as it is good for the muscles. There was something...deceptive about her especially her eyes. The story just didn't seem solid and neither did she. Also, I had to terminate due to danger to my health and this was 2 years ago. (A few days ago I had this thought flash through my mind that I felt like I was still pregnant for a minute. And I already had the whole thing of getting weird over baby clothes in my late 20's-the bio clock thing but after this I sort of always was left with this 'something is missing. Someone small should be attached to me-with me.' Women's bodies are powerful in these primitive affairs and mama doesn't really warn you about the nuisances. It's really just the Our Bodies Our Selves book gets put in front of you- menstruation/ child bearing years-child birth/ menopause. Like no one tells you what to do with all these other things that go on. If anything, our grandmother's generation would have a better way of describing the little things about womanhood. I have had to live so much of my life as a masculine type warrior that I am often unpreped for these things. I wish I had had more time. ) So that was a little to resonating as well cuz it was 2 years ago.
Then I went back in line to buy some things but didnt want to deal with her again.
Went to a man's line. I cant say what age this guy was but he was maybe my age. Immediately he looks down at the bottles of vitamins, and without ringing me up he asks "What does this stand for?" while moving the bottles in his hands.
This time it was obvious it was intimidating and interrogation, investigation and questions for the sake of controlling the Target. To get the TI to answer questions and to get them to talk is a control tactic. It keeps the TI always under perp control. This is why when people aren't harassing you, they are trying to talk to you and ask you what seems like innocuous information. But notice the demand for attention and the intimidation that is used to get you to answer. They did this vigorously in St. Louis MO. Asking me why I came to St. Louis, even if I had answered that person multiple times before. Its a control tactic. IT IS DOMINATION OF THE TI. IT IS TO MAKE SURE THE PERSON AGAIN HAS NO PRIVACY AND THEY ALWAYS REMAIN OPEN TO BEING INTERROGATED.(Proven compliance). TO MAKE THE TI ALWAYS SUBMISSIVE TO THE NETWORKS..always 'open' to being controlled.
This might be its only purpose...but I have overheard people talking at the shelter about persons asking them about the herbs I put in my drinks. They could not figure out why this was important, becuz their naive take on it was "Who cares what she puts in her drink, as long as its not illegal?!" I have posted about this before. That most people will believe that this is a crime related investigation or that it is a keep down system for an inconvenient person. They cannot even begin to conceive of human experimentation, or mind control except in the movies and MK Ultra is not something they are familiar with. Humans, especially Americans like to believe that they have control over their lives. History shows this is rarely the reality of any nation...and if so not for the long term.
I avoided this man's inquiries. And last time the cashier was a male and young but he did not inquire about my purchase, only looked at it and studied it to find out what it was and for what use. -WHY?
Its like I said above, control. That is all.

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  1. Whole foods is perp central. When they first opened up here I noticed that. The other health food stores were not much better (they got gobbled up by Whole Foods). "They" want us to be unhealthy and eat processed foods and lots of bread. Either that, or the crap at food banks.

    Perp construction workers started wildly whistling across the street when I started writing this. Guess they want me to talk to nobody.

    One of the earliest forms of harassment I got was certain people trying to "corner" me in the copy room of my old job and "interrogate" me. I didn't know I was a target, but even then, I was suspicious of this and would avoid those people whevever I could. They'd go around being phony "nice" to me all day even though I was very rude to them...then, I'd see them show up at HEALTH FOOD STORES outside of work, and I knew something was "funny". One of them, a creepy old bat, would just sit there and stare at me...uggghhhh.