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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Friday, November 28, 2008

High tech crimes

"after the cold war ended, there was a vacuum for surveillance operatives who needed to be doing something useful in order to justify their vast funding. "...

So this is why so many perps are so arrogant. They simply needed paying jobs to validate thier existence. And this paragraph really illustrates their attitudes.. This has to be the single worst thing I have realized about all this, and for any TI this should be the most enlightening and motivating. These people will be wiped out en masse. It needs to be done, they( 'gang stalkers') are forever defective horrid human beings who could not function without hurting people, vulnerable people-living under duress. I have posted this before in the earlier form of not fully knowing thier identities or thier purpose. Still, then, I said they are incurable stalkers and I say this now. They are cowards; they are weak.

They need to be made...'manageable'. We, the Targets WERE NEVER WRONG..this is why it seems that they are so rotten hearted and we are good people who are intelligent and beyond.

All those years we have wasted. I call for all out war on ANYONE who is nasty to a TI and seems to be fully versed in what we have gone through.

It is, indeed, time for 'change'.

I am done being polite, patient and politically correct-about anything. There is no civility left, nor should there be any in any other TI.

Now you know the nature of your enemy, you no longer have to feel bad when people turn on you. You no more have to wonder if they are a perp or not. Now you are experienced, now you know who and what they are. The target has been identified..shoot to kill. (And I do not mean this literally, however if you can get away with it...use discretion. I mean in any, all and every way possible, Kill. And they shall die.) In every way possible.

Now you know the low quality human beings you are dealing with.

There is no mercy.

There never should have been, but the mind control was so intense and tight as of the past 8 years, peaking over this time and really starting in 96. There was no way anyone could have fought the mental forces at work thru these times. You did no wrong.

"Nearly two-thirds of the $47-billion 1984 federal research budget went for military work, and in the field of bioelectricity the proportion was even higher." In denouncing "the buying of science by the military," Becker boldly declared, "To call it a form of prostitution is an insult to the oldest profession." Becker was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, but his career suffered because of his condemnation of the military uses of bioelectric research."

By the by my dears, this also means that any little friends you have who are so sure that gang stalking is vigilantes and all the bs always knew was BS, are in on it as well.

What I find most curious is that I either didnt really internalize this article before (and with the amount of research I have done I must have seen it) or that I didnt see it before or it didnt register.

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