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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nicole Kidman/Letterman/NY

I have enjoyed for years anyone who gives Letterman a hard time..not becuz I dont respect him or love his superior comedy show (up until the 90's anyway) but becuz this guy has issues with females and its been glaringly obvious for years...there was one other guest who put off his BS one time and she was so young and not Hollywood just yet, that I was thoroughly impressed and couldnt stop raving over her inner strength. That is what one needs with this guy is inner strength. The ability to say No to his probing.

Ever see the old episodes with his mother? Watch them..'Nuff said.
No Dave, we are not all on this planet to 'drive you crazy'..that was her thing, and good women everywhere apologize for bad women everywhere..especially mothers who are jerks. How'd you like to have MY mother instead? Then you could be homeless and chased across the continent instead of successful at something you like doing for a living.
But women should not have to pay for other women's mistakes into infinity...

What Kidman did was illustrating harassment which is the the very activism she is doing right now.

I was never sure about her before..my ex friend who sold me out loved this actress, cuz she kinda looks like her and so I guess I was biased against her, and also you see the old photos and think " She is totally a product of surgery, she's fake.." and then you here how difficult she is blah blah blah..

But upon examination I decided a long time ago that she was pretty to begin with. And Hollywood has this sheer power over humans. I went there once for a visit and the energy is overbearing. I dont think anyone could resist falling into its clutches. My ex moved to just the right place becuz its guaranteed that I will NEVER ever go there. Psychically speaking that place is just bad news- I didn't like the vibe at 1991 and I wont like it now.

Its nice to see yet one other person trying to keep control over their affairs..I know he is just trying to make it interesting for the audience but..in these times we live in there is so much harassment and pressure that has become institutionalized...I see people on the train here, they just look dead miserable. Everyone is miserable and scared.
It aint the right time to be playin games with people right now. On any level.

And any woman who stands up for women being subjugated has my vote right now. I mean it could be jsut publicity or something to cover for her script choices, but I dont see her in movies that are mindlessly violent.

I mean the sight of Uma Thurman talking about school shootings and how awful they are and there is just too much violence in the USA is a joke considering that she is in Tarentino's movies that are total mind fucks as well as violent.
(OK ..yes, Kill Bill is cool becuz the woman wins and gets revenge, but how realistic is it that a woman that thin is going to kick that much ass? Next time get Lucy Lawless and make sure she eats alot of protein and works out everyday like at the height of Xena. Tell Uma to eat a sandwich already-and pump some iron without starving yourself.)

Actually The Others was a favorite of mine. Now I see it describes a targets life really. That we dont know we are dead, that we refuse to let go like everyone wants.

But who can blame Dave? They screwed him out of Johnny Carson's spot and everyone knows it. If you are not old enough to remember, and I am sure he wants to forget as well, but its a fact--they wasted the nations time by not putting Letterman up there.
Its like part of the plot to make the USA suck, to never return it to its former greatness...lets make sure that The Tonight Show goes boring and dim. Lets not have a brilliant, genuinely funny SMART guy who actually has worked at a news station get the job.
Jay Leno..didnt he used to be an Italian guy from Boston? Strange what Hollywood will do. He's become this non descript typical American...when your hanging out in boardroom closets to make sure you know what is happening with your gigs..you are an ambitious man.
There was this scene once when there was an animal handler on the show, and Jay had this pig in his arms..the little piggy wouldnt behave and -I was in a foster home and we had animals in the backyard-pigs are nervous animals and they do not like to be held or contained.
So he puts his hands on the pigs balls so that the thing calms down, probably out of intimidation but mostly out of natural sedation.
The audience doesn't see this slight of hand and applauds his magical presence calming the beast--an old trick.
Plus I don't really here Letterman stupidly insulting sex workers regularly, as I have heard Jay do numerous times on the Tonight Show.
So whats up with having to keep those images in the public's mind? Why the old fashioned attitudes still being perpetuated?

I aint no Annie Sprinkle mother f*cker..I aint gonna beg the USA to grow up or rally that your attitudes are outdated...there is a purposeful constant prosecution of women who are sex workers in the USA and it is to cover up for criminal enterprises that exist beneath that level.
PS IF YOU ARE HANGING IN BOARDROOM CLOSETS AND DOING CRAZY SH*T TO MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR GIGS YOU AINT NO BETTER.. Go ahead, Leno, try one night to actually go against the grain and tell the truth or voice and original opinion..see how long you stay in your gig.

These people can all go f*ck themselves. They have to divert your attention to other people who are just like them but more honest about it. Only recently have show biz types gained any type of status in the USA. In the old days people wud have to go to Europe to even be treated like artists. Blacks would go to Germany and discover they were human beings and not animals...GERMANY the country that gets a bad rap all the time. Either that or France..

Just becuz someone is famous or wealthy this country now days pisses themselves into the idea that these people are naturally superior to the rest of us. Art f*ckin dead here, and so is civility. The biggest CON in the world is the USA and if I had the money I would have been gone in 2000.
What a shitty era to have lived thru. And those of us who have been marginalized are going to stay in 'prison' for life, thanks to the last 8 years. No the last 12 years actually..

Well thanks Ms Kidman, but I dont know how far it will go for those of us persecuted very covertly by abusive men and thier mindless female counterparts. Awareness is always good though. And forgive Letterman, he's had a hard ride. Like everyone who's the Real Deal, he's been cut down, shorn, told no and marginalized. American is never allowed to evolve or grow up. We cant have anyone like that in the number one late night spot...don't we all realize that Johnny Carson is dead, and so is that great era? And so is the spirit of the USA. Any rampant creativity must be squashed in favor of corporate sameness and conformity.
Letterman was a thinking person's comedian. His old place has been perhaps replaced by The Daily Show...
If one looks at all these sort of shows one can see the interconnections between them- the collegiate and intelligent cynical mindset MUST be managed, if not outright dumbed down. The generation that was satisfied in the 70's and 80's casual drug use, privacy and will over one's life would have grown into a more Eurpoean mindset in this country and that is not allowed. We must keep slaves, we must make sure you stay a child. And if we have to scare you into it we will. If we have to dumb down communications- all media mediums, we will. If we have to replace casual drug taking with psych meds to avoid spiritual evolution- we WILL. If we have to scare an entire generation who grew up in daycare into a militant or cult like conformist mindset and train them to be savvy anti- anti establishement little spies then we will. If we have to use terrorism and threats of safety to control you and YOUR MIND in the long run..WE WILL.

We are the conspiracy theory no one beleives known as the NWO.
Letterman would have had the nation thinking too much. There was a freedom to his Late Night spot that does not fit in with our plans to control freak you the public into non thinking,
mind jammed submission. Besides, NY had to be turned into a level of corporate Hell, in order to be managed. There were too many artists there, too many thinking people. And anyone who starts getting any ideas who has a voice, we'll simply choke them out of the business or we'll get the paparazzi on their every move.
We have ways of makin you talk..yes, but we also have ways of making you silent.

And anyone who tells you about our plans is either mentally ill, a pissed off envious loser or a conspiracy theorist. Becuz WE say so..that is all.


  1. Good on you Rachael, I think it is important to bring to attention David Letterman’s explicitly and annoyingly sexist attitudes. I think he owes a BIG APOLOGY to Ms Kidman for being such a jerk and for showing no resemblance with who he wants to be seen: the smart, conservative gentleman. I think he is failing to keep up with 21st century values related to gender equity and respectful human relationships. Should he perhaps consider retiring?

  2. I agree Letterman was slimy in the way he commented on her appearance... but I have to say that is the WORST interview I've ever seen a hollywood celeb do..... I dont' know what's gone wrong with Nicole... she's a fab actress....and a person of substance..but she was so nervous.. awkward...defensive... and couldn't string a few sentences together in response to his questions. And such a shame she had her lips done... she looked sooooo much better before....even her hair looked better in her natural red rather than bleached look she's got now.. I hope she can go back to just being herself.