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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Adding comment to another TI's post about psy ops..

Most of what this TI puts out there is sensible and very helpful. I and alot of other TI's would be screwed if other TI's didn't do all the good work.

OK, this is what I knew instinctively about making it thru this ordeal ( or at least making it thru it so that I have some ground to stand on)...DON'T WATCH THE LATEST MOVIES, TV COMMERCIALS OR RADIO AND THAT INCLUDES STREAMING STATIONS ON WEB...for this very reason. Becuz alot of what is put out there is part of the psychological warfare tactics. In the big picture. One could say that The Truman Show was to screw up all targeted individuals and the Matrix maybe for TI's with more...specifics going on.
Then it gets more made to fit the individual, with specific things in movies or commercials for the TI themselves.

There comes a point where they stop doing it either becuz u r hip or it wont work on u. But the best bet is to wait a year or two to view new media coming out. I know that sounds harsh for some of you but how bad do you want to preserve what is real, what is your own mind and what is their influence..LOOK AT MEDIA FOR WHAT IT IS: MORE 'REMOTE INFLUENCE' except this time you can turn away and not have to be targeted. Think of it!! Control at last. You not watching this crap when it comes out is akin to you ducking into a safe area if you are being hit hard. If you begin to sense that anything is off especially with a live streaming radio station and the like, get the hell off the channel.

I saw a few scenes of that movie after it came out and could feel my mind slipping under the influence of falsehoods..the controlling character says " but in my world you were always safe".. this might make some of us deep in our minds plant the idea that 'well, I am being stalked and held hostage but no one does really overt violent stuff to me'. Another damaging thing about this movie is that it shows everyone in on it and they are just so guilt free about him being held like an animal with no human rights. This is dangerous as it may suggest to a target that the casualness with which the perps regard our pain and suffering is OK. That everyone thinks its OK, what is being done to us. That its normal. Becuz after just a few scenes of that movie I had to sit there and tell myself that that community of people were superf*cked for not thinking its totally cruel for a corp to own a person and raise them not only in isolation, but then to display them to the public like a zoo animal and add to it that they can see from his eyes...the most dangerous use of this piece of trash is to PRIME THE PUBLIC INTO GOING ALONG WITH WHAT IS BEING DONE TO US ON SUBCONSCIOUS LEVELS. That is its main purpose.

Gangstalkingworld is right. It is ridiculous that we are readily ignored and 5 guys are heeded. But that is the con..and they know TI's will see it and get insulted. Its another slap in the face to us becuz we know that its bs.

However, its also potentially dangerous...and I knew they were going to try for this. I knew that the shrinks were going to go even further in trying to get around any TI making sensible claims. And there we have it...The Truman Show disorder. Now, if any TI cannot be made out to be crazy and isn't speaking word salad, they will go for this one.

If they get enough of these racked up they may just try to use it as an arsenal against us, to challenge our claims with all our research behind them.

Still, its for the unaware. It'll be easier to pull over on them opposed to schizophrenia. BUT it is useful as yet another diversion from the truth.

Thanks again Gangstalkingworld TI.
Since I have the comment control on and have been filtering out perps, operatives and anything violent or counterproductive people have stopped commenting alot. So I had become disconnected and not really focusing on activism.

But the issue of art being used as weapon in this fight is something that is very important and it is something I am comfortable exposing, becuz as an artist I can see what they are doing.

I dont know how many of you out there can not go to a movie or watch tv that is heavy on commercials or not at all, but it would be a good idea. I know it makes American life very hard if you do not indulge in these things, but part of the problem for alot of TI's is that they have either outgrown this countries cultural barriers and are being kept down or they have grown beyond the ways the system keeps down 21st century man all around.

These people have a real problem with the power of the primitive.
In the last article I posted it says that the research they are doing concerning psychics turns out that it isnt something that is evolving in man, but something ancient. LIKE WHO DOESN'T KNOW THAT?? You know who? Those who have no business poking around in the world of the psychic. Leave it to the inter generational 'naturals' thank you very much.

It would be like me snooping around the stock market and learning about investment and then demanding that the person who's family had a seat intergenerationally for years get up and let me rule from that seat just becuz I had some force behind me.

If you have the DNA to know better then dont watch pre recorded light and sound images meant to keep you prisoner or used to influence you.

Also I suspect that they want TI's to go primitive, so they can study all that power inherent in man in the primitive state. MIT was recently doing research that put mice (yeah right, prob thats their code for TI's) under duress and messed with thier memory, to get the DNA to 'unravel'.

Well, dont let them get into your head thats all I can say. If something resembles org stalk and experimentation turn it off and forget it until it becomes...ineffective on you. The info in these movies are like viruses and you need to wait a period of time until you are no longer able to be infected.

If you are interested in art and media as weapons you know of the psy ops websites but also look up art as delivery for these ideas (viruses) back to ancient times. The idea of it being compared to a virus was popular in the 90's when people were studying the phenomena of the new ways media replicated itself quickly due to the Internet etc.

I notice that the world has stopped studying it just let it happen....ah, the diversions of the last 8 years.

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