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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama and the future of Targeted Individuals/ Organized Stalking

Walking down the street out of the women's shelter I couldn't help but let the tears finally go down my face. I dare not show real emotion in the presence of those who are saying "We won!" for very different reasons. People in the street thought I was upset they didn't realize that it was relief not grief. For the first time in many years I can let some of the poison out.

The mood was easier this morning among the women I live separate lives with. Everyone was unusually friendly and happy, in a quiet way, not excitable. People were friendly to me when usually not so.

I could not believe that alot of people in the street were unaffected it seemed. That it was just another day to them. For some of us it was like getting rid of a viscous dictator, and for those of us attuned to what is going on at deeper levels for the span of our was like getting rid of a dictator who had ruled since Reagan. Definitely since Bush Jr.

I saw that there were people in the streets last night. I wish I could have been there...I should have been there.

Perhaps the USA will be a better place for blacks and people who are not black but get subjugated in similar ways. I, who have been called white n*gure, sat at the front of the bus today without shame..I didn't feel I had to hide in the back or sit at that far left/right back corner to have a strategic advantage over being harassed. The people in suits did not make me feel ashamed to simply Be. There was something clear about the air around me...
Now that I have dispensed with the passion and outspokenness of the artist, who says what she pleases and lives in her emotional world, I must look at this situation realistically.

Obama will not necessarily stop TI's from being stalked and harassed. What I can foresee is that it will not be as bad as under Bush. Certain TI's situations became critical as of 2003 and haven't let up since. Alot of us are extremely tired and burnt out.
Don't be so much grateful that Obama has been elected
but pat yourself on the back for living through Bush.
Taregets of stalking and harassment cant yet say 'We won' but I say to you:"We made it". If you are reading this and you are not insane but a logical person who has been almost driven crazy by covert warfare, you are alive to see this day. You made it to tell your story.
Now to be practical as a TI you have to consider that the new challenge is that we have to get used to a new administrations style of gang stalking. Every presidency seems to have its own way to dealing with covert warfare.
I just don't think that the public can even begin to understand how bad this got since 2003 for alot of us.

I had this passing vision a few days ago, from I Claudius-the BBC version from the 70's that I was so into since its rebroadcast in the 90's. A wolf cub is dropped from the sky into Claudius's arms, the wolf a symbol of Rome. It's torn and battered due to a bird of prey having had it in its claws. The omen is that this boy will someday take the empire when it is battered and torn and care for it and restore it.
Let us hope that history can repeat itself in such a way. That we have not become too grown up and sophisticated to forget to be Romantics.

As a last note yeah, all whites are afraid of black supremacy. Especially third wavers who only came here at the turn of the century and have tired long ago of being accused of involvement in the slave owning culture.
But perhaps if impoverished African Americans communities feel empowered, perhaps they will feel free to become better people.

I had this perp who was an artist I worked for and he always would speak in terms of permission and what was allowed and what wasn't. Like he really lived under the hand of authority...he would say about the 1990's that there was "permission" then to be expressive and artistic. He would speak of things in art being expressed "under the radar" and peoples ideas getting "past the censors". He also said that you can't live your art. A real champion of the world of pro and legit artists. Outsider artists not allowed I guess.
Sheesh, give it up dude. Power is what you are into, not Art. Wake up.

Perhaps now alot of people can have that permission -to grow and improve, to flourish.

So being a targeted individual you have to be prudent in your hopes. You are dealing with things that stay hidden, always. And Obama or any other person cannot give us back our youth, looks, time and opportunity lost. Seemingly Clinton did more for victims of human experimentation than I have seen. I wanted Hillary in office for that reason, but lets see where this goes. Its certainly something we have never dealt with before.

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Medawar said...

Did you really mean "viscous" dictator? Well, I know he was a bit thick!

Hopefully, things will improve for you now. It is going to be much harder in the UK, but perhaps if things change in the States, officials in the UK will get the idea that it's alright to do something about organised stalking.

Funny how different your reaction is to that of Mr Medvedev, who greeted the new president with a threat of nuclear confrontation and the deployment of new nuclear missiles to the Baltic.

"The Devil fell to Earth in a great fury, knowing that his time was short!"

Love, Matthew