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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bio terror/the good guys

First, lets go into what TI's need to know specifically. If you are a human experiemntee you may be suffering already from some ailments that were put there on purpose or being studied becuz you geneticallly were predisposed to having something or you had a condition already that they seem to want you to stay sick with so they can study effects. I am speculating partially, about the genetic predisposition but from personal experience I think it is very strange that I personally have certain conditions that have been purposely not treated even though I was smart enough to know what they most likely were...there was cause and tests should have been done. Medical people purposely either avioded doing that purposely or they would back away from the reality of what they had done in the long run by leaving me untreated.

I did hella research and take herbs and get other forms of medicine in interesting ways. Could this be the wave of the future? Haveing to deal totally black market with getting cured from something that makes you sick? You better consider it, becuz also it seems logical to me that aside from the researching and experimentation if someone wanted you dead or incapacitated all they'd have to do is NOT treat a condition..and being gang stalked we all know that any weaknesses we have in the form of medical conditions are capitalized on by the perps who's other tactics that are aggressive, like sleep deprivation etc, will aggrevate these conditions.

Its such a simple formula, Gang stalking. That is why the networks find out as much as they can about a target...to see where the weaknesses are. Its jsut like a regular war except its done on one person and its done convertly. Its long term quiet assasination and we all know that...

I have posted about this before...active gangstalking and passive gang stalking. The passive inaction is what helps the actions against TI's be effective.

Like people being told NOT to help you or do thier jobs correctly or take no action in your favor.

Like making sure you stay sick and conditions are not treated.

This is a form of bio terror as far as I am concerned...or at least it should be considered helping bioterror' delivery system. If you choose inaction and it assists, and it is with malicous intent..well then.

And it doesnt have to be anything highly scientific..like this article says, simple measure have been taken before humans even understood the scientific properties of bio warfare...the same goes for the spy games. They are ancient and poisoning a victim is very much a part of covert war. I guess this could be considered bio warfare, but its administered covertly.

You want people dead, use disease..either administer something to them or do not treat something already present.

Human experimentation goes along as I have mentioned. http://butnerblogspot.wordpress.com/2008/07/30/the-bush-administrations-secret-biowarfare-agenda/

As usual I can only offer speculation. How many of us spent the first few years looking for hard evidence, then realized that it will always be with held from us. That the only thing we can do is deduct based on personal experience.

Alot of my postings are negative, especially lately as my personal situation reflects my expressions in writing. Boston takes a heavy emotional and mental toll on me. Its safest to stay here but its most painful. Its like living with a spouse you divorced and your whole family who have taken his side...they all ignore you. Its brutal. Its the worst place to live emotionally.

So here is something positive. I truly beleive that there have been alot of instances where bio warfare has been attempted here in the US. I am absolutely speculating, with a tad of intuition from some personal experience with a few odd occurrences. Lets just say that there are people who care and dont want to see humans made sick or die off jsut like that.

The only thing I feel I have to fear is mind control via the technologies that exist..as well as constant harassment. It is worse than if someone were to make me sick with something. Then at least you'd get sick and die. The crushing and altering of one's Will is much worse. Toying with a persons mind is much worse than death.
There is no 'terror' in bio terror. There is only bio warfare..I would not be 'terrorfied' if my body got sick or if I died. Psychological terror is much more of a crime against a person.

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