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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The players in our Game/ who is who in society, where people fit into the game

The population is cut up into 4 sections. Those who know who are direct perpetrators or who assist them, those who are targets, those who are aware but take non action and are not targeted directly, and those that are unaware totally of any of the situation.
Remember most of society is afraid to help us, the others dont even know what is going on. But the perpetrators do. That is the cut up of population. Targets, perps, the scared to act and the ignorant of the war/hostage situation. Three parts are aware and one is unaware. One of those three is agressor and one is victim. The aware yet unacting are agressors/victims simultaneously. They count the least actually as they are the most useless. If they are aware of what is happening but refuse to act or help the victim, then they are either willingly compiant to the perps or they feel victimized by them as well. They are still like pillars and of no use to us unless they choose to act.
Psychically however they are in the way and a constant nuisance, becuz their fear and guilt registering as awareness is an interference in the game. They are awake to what is going on yet are not helpers nor can be fought with as agressors. In this way they serve as antagonizers whether knowiingly or not. To be blunt these people are stupid scared civilians in the line of fire scatttering up the battlefield and they need to jion a rank or get the fuck out of the way...the perps know this. They are used against us, naturally as diversion. Them being aware of us and our situaition draws our attention to them and we immediately look for signs of agression. When we do not recieve return aggression 1) we have wasted energy 2) we maintained our hypervigilance 3) we wasted time 4) they served as a diversion especially to real perps possibly.
I have experienced this sort of character being used as an actual decoy by perps. I often wonder if they are not perps themselves and this is their part to play. The head hanging and psuedo sympathetic smiling is a bit overdone at times...like its fake and you can sense that there is nothign but aggression underneath. They hate us, they harbor force against us.
However there are sympathetic people who are jsut scared or feel bad but this weakens us. It adds to our own fear, sadness and more dangerously it helps brainwash us into denial, the way THEY live thier lives.

I have seen them hanging thier heads after I pass, so not all of them are trying to intimate I am a dead woman walking on perp-ose. But this destroys morale, and the Target is forced to harden up inside to not become weak. Mostly these are very disrespectful gestures...the perps show more respect for us than this sort of person. Fear and shame and guilt and a pain in the ass and have no place in this sort of fight. These are all the things the perps try to get us into a cycle of of to control us. It also adds to the 'to bad your the Loser of the battle 'mentality. These people are subcouncously siding with the perpetrators, by acting as if we have been defeated already. It intimates that the perps have all the power...its very destructive to a TI.
Smiling and handling are worse, at least the outwardly guilty allow us to remember that we have been victimized in a horrible way.
Acting like nothing is wrong and smilin in our faces like we are stupid children is the height of arrogance for the perps or those 'in on it' and the height of cowardice for those who are sheepishly compliant to perp action against us.
Again this is much more dangerous than direct attack by a perpetrator(s).

People who are ignorant of what is going on totally are a psychic relief and we all sense it. They are like a pool of water in a harsh desert. They have no connection to us and no preconceptions to weigh us down.
The two easiest factions to deal with are perps and totally unaware persons.
Everyone in between serves only to muck up a clean cut fight and as I have stated can be utilized by perps.
These people are akin to the guerilla warfare tactic in Veitnam of strapping a bomb to a cute baby and sending the baby out in the path of soldiers who are tired, lonely and miss thier women, children and families. IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME AND WHAT IS WORSE IS THAT IT IS PULLED ON US MULTIPLE TIMES AND WE DO NOT DIE OR HAVE INJURIES TO SHOW TO PROVE THAT IT HAPPENED.
This is one of the greatest reasons that TI's lose thier minds and/or end up vegatables or being reduced to a childlike state.

Beware of the sypmathetic, the handling, the smiling yet knowing, the head hangers, the pitying, the smirking, the gentle naysayer, those in denial, the shamed or shaming, the humiliating or humiliated. Beware anyone who is aware of your situation yet does not identify as fellow victim, perpetrator or helper. These people are the ocean that surrounds the rocks...they are deception. At least jagged rocks one can see.

If they were truly sympathetic then they would help. Some of them are simply people who live with trauma who stay put in a life of denial and spend their whole lives 'making it better' for victims, most likely they grew up this way and it would be too much for them to reprogram themselves to face the reality of thier lives.

If you are a genuine targeted individual and you are also a survivor of other things or even in recovery I gurantee you that this will be used against you and if you are a recovering addict then you know that 'making it better' and living in or joining others in denial is going to lead to one place and one place only and that is some sort of crutch. It will end up either drug use or some sort of fill in for drug use.
Thier ultiamte dream is to get everyone who is not compliant on psych meds hopefull along with opiates so that you never evolve or grow up emotioanally. THE OUTWARD SYSTEM HAS BEEN USING THE WORLD OF DRUGS FOR YEARS AS A CONTAINMENT AREA FOR PEOPLE WHO WILL NOT FIT INTO THE SYSTEM AND WILL NOT COMPLY WITH OPPRESSION ESPECIALLY ARTISTS AND INTELLECTUALS WHO ARE FROM LOWER SOCIAL STRATAS. Howver I have seen brilliant mathemticians hooked on H for years and they could never fix themselves...they are allowed a little more leaway due to the fact they are part of the system where being educated gives them a voice.
The slavery for alot of us starts from birth and is intergenerational but alot of it the public school system takes care of..and if you arent allowed to excel there then if you are creative and intelligent you will get into drugs perhaps where you can be utilized in other ways and controlled. Then at a certain age you will die (they hope) or you will get into recovery and nowdays onto meds. That will be the holding pattern. Now recovery has lost its original message and addicts are encouraged to be competive, focus on making money and becomeing an upstanding citizen with a jail reform mentality.
It is more brainwashing. When and if you walk into NA always remember that the gang stalking system comes first and foremost, NA is secondary.

Control over society is first and foremost and keeping mind controlled slaves a controlled is of the utmost. And I mean everything from the high level programmed to the ignorant and easily manipulated.

Slavery does exist and it is done covertly in this country and I am sure every other 'democracy'.

And ultimately the key to all control is brainwashing or the altering of the will. That is what is done to TI's everyday.

Also the totally ignorant can be used against us...they are the ones who believe we are just crazy or whatever other line the perps info machine puts out. And becuz they dont know about covert warfare or dont understand that there is a sophisticated system of psychological warfare in place everyday in their society, they are useful to perps and the system as they only understand everything outside our reality we live in everyday. They beleive in psychiatry, becuz they have dont know of its history of vicimization, deception nor have they been personally offended by it in some way. This is why it is so important for the people who are aware of the system to keep the unaware happy and seemingly respected. Thier innocence and ignorance are of the greatest use to the perpetrators. Not only will the unaware side with an authority figure that has always treated them well and provided for them, but they will not beleive any claims that victims of oppression or crime may have...it is outside thier realm of understanding.
We must nor hate them for thier ignorance. We must keep focus on the perps who move them about the chess board unbeknownst to them.
If they were to become aware I think we would have a number of them who would support us and even cause public outcry if they knew the severity of the mistreatment.
This is why it is important for the perps to keep us isolated and humiliated/shamed.
We must be made to feel that the public is ON THIER SIDE and we are dogs who are not good enough to mingle with decent people.
THis is the usefulness of the aware..they are the middle people between the world of the unaware public and the TI/perp axis. If the aware can be utilized to provide quiet support for the game by either fear, non action, willful compliance or silent willful complaince it doesnt matter HOW they get these 'ghosts' to walk about mucking up the straight forward fights, just as long as they DO is what is important to the direct agressors.

The worst sort of intimation by these bastards is that its YOUR problem and better you than them. That YOU are the one being targeted. That they are above you do to thier non involvement. However, if they are aware then they are involved. Thier 'seperateness' is an imaginary perception on thier part. They either agree with what is transpiring or they do not. If they do, even silently, they are helping the perps. There is no one who is not part of gang stalking except perhaps the totally unaware...and I can jsut envision how many of them their would be all of a sudden if EVER these crimes were investigated.
I can see my own family just sitting there going " But Rachel, we didnt KNOW".."We didnt understand how bad it was" blah blah blah. This is utter bullsh*t and everyone and thier mother (and my mother as well) is going to sit there and cry that they did not know.
This is why gang stalking and victimizing people has to stop at the level of information leakage. No more legalized spying, no more posting damaging personal infor on the web, no more slander. All these things do is to serve a murder campaign from a bunch of criminals by using the publics intake of info about the Target to thier advantage. From there they can twist or add what they like and also see who is going to be on THIER side and who needs to be intimidated into complying with perp actions against the Target.
THere are perhaps a group of people who are aware and actively help on our behalf, but like who is a high level perp we will never know who is a high level helper.

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