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Monday, November 3, 2008


I just don't know what to make of the topsy turvy world of being a TI sometimes...everyday I guess there is always a little thru the looking glass-sometimes darkly, and other days its down the rabbit hole completely (are the cliche references to much yet?).

OK so here is an example. When I came back into Boston MA months ago and started using the MIT computer system at the library the downstairs system worked fine, the staff was OK and then when I felt that there was a legit threat from a library employee, who has since shown that he is capable of lying outright when it comes to dealing with any interaction having me involved, I decided hiding upstairs was better. Maybe I wouldn't upset whoever seemed so annoyed with my presence here.

After some time upstairs the computer systems started run badly..freezing up, very slow. I mean of course I would get interfered with and perped with whatever I was doing, the severity of which depending on what I was working on. But that is every college computer I work on in every state, so I just assume its an outside source that is abusing some security for college computers by getting into Targets work ...I mean that is what has been happening to all TI's all around. Whatever is used to catch terrorists has been abused to harass targets. So this has just become part of my daily life and its no surprise that I will possibly be censored or work interfered with or even erased...I ALWAYS assume I am being surveilled. One of the reasons I kept my sanity is that I knew the tech out there was capable of monitoring everything a person does if someone is interested in them enough and whatever cant be gotten from the tech surveillance systems is covered by the 'organized stalking' spy networks (good old fashioned intel gathering). I am not naive when it comes to what humans are capable a history book.
So the system has been slowwww, freezing or sometimes not even working on certain computers.
I called the head of the library and she said there was no money or to that effect and seemed very stressed to get off the phone w/ me.
I cannot believe that a computer college would be unable to fix a computer system...its too ridiculous to even consider. Some students could fix it and everyone knows it.
The fact it was in good working order before also says it should be again.
Other colleges have good working systems, the fact a computer science college has public use computers that are not working well is ludicrous.

Yet, if one goes farther, who better to make the system function at its worst than those who would know how to make the system work at its best? Just a thought.

I found this article.

It made the way I have been treated here by a few staff make me feel better. They had made me feel like I was a criminal for using the computers....pure intimidation, shaming, humiliation...the whole package.
I posted about it here anyway.
It might be becuz of this screw up that they have to play ball with the perps...but it sounds to me that the woman really cared about the students regardless of her own deceptions. Sometimes all that matters is how we treat each other as humans...not being perfect.

“Holding integrity is sometimes very hard to do because the temptation may be to cheat or cut corners,” it says. “But just remember that ‘what goes around comes around,’ meaning that life has a funny way of giving back what you put out.”
I hope for every perp and betrayer of targeted individuals this is correct.

Yet it seems that this situation reflects the kind of irony that is happening with the computer system. Perhaps this is one of MIT's quirks. Perhaps even with the new corporate attitude that universities have taken on, the way its policed so and how higher institutions of learning are now for your vocational future moreso than being educated and well rounded..maybe there are some ghosts of the Boston and Cambridge past, a true college town, where teachers force students to think outside of the prescribed manner, the norms. That things arent always what they seem or that learning and understanding is what is important..not just left brained regurgitation of knowledge.
The old ghosts of this city are playing tricks on its inhabitants, calling from the past, and hopefully the remind us in this era of deep freeze of the mind and spirit not to forget to go outside the lines, if there is something to learn.
AS an aside, for those of you who in psychic goings on one of the things I am able to do for whatever reason is I am sensitive to the energies in buildings and land. MIT, the building itself, is built to hold power and the entrance way with the acoustic ceiling is like a replica of Heaven and is very comforting. When in the library if you go out the back that faces the Charles river, the stones that make up the building are very large. They hold alot of energy and 'memories' of energies. They are comforting to lean against especially in the summer sun when they are warm. I played my radio months ago waiting for a ride in the breezeway to this back door. The spirits of this place, the building got when I put on classical. MIT likes classical. It houses energies that seem very disappointed in the way academia is going nowadays. It misses the old way of doing things, the privacy the elite-ness and the more sheltered old sort of college life. Something seemed to want to connect with me and seemed to be thankful for the classical music and the more refined parts of my mind. When I turned to reggae it seemed to turn from me and wondered why any one would want to listen to that kind of music. It is a wonderful building and I hope the greatest care is taken in any restorations. Already the energy flow of the building has been broken up by newer parts not holding any energy it seems.
There is one part of the old structure that used to disturb me terribly when I would go through it, but since a flat screen TV has been put in and there is a signal going to it all the time, that vibe has stopped. Seems a shame in a way.
Still, if I come in from outside and the world or the targeting wants me to go brain dead or stop writing or go along with being silenced this building houses alot of energy towards thinking, learning and the long hallways somehow keep it so.
This is a very important building. It amuses me that modern living people do not understand that these are not thier institutions. The builders of these structures as well as these universities made them as such so that there will always be something inherent in the structure itself that assists and supports anyone who is seeking justice, aspiring to higher learning or thinking and wishes to bring light in darker times or at least to keep low flames burning.
A few library employees and nervous higher up who will sell anyone out to keep thier jobs are no match for generations of brilliant minds.
Thank you MIT.

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