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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Friday, November 21, 2008

MIT and prostitutes #3/another story to steal

Here is another story you can steal:

Let me tell you a story about a woman who was a working girl. She was beautiful in her 20's and messed up..just a kid.

I recall she had told of a client on Vassar street, in the MIT building in Cambridge. Yes, late at night a cab would take her there. Sometimes the cab would go down the wrong end of Vassar St. and she would arrive late, she would always have to call and he would say once again you went down the wrong end of the street.

The cab would pull in and she would get out...go into the back of MIT. Up in the elevator, then down the hall.

He'd be waiting in his office. There was two rooms to the office, a fish tank lots and lots of books. Messy, cluttered. He was older and overweight a bit. She could hardly see him sometimes in the darkness, the lights were always kept low.

Sometimes he would have her against the desk while she was standing..other times there was this black couch...mostly he would keep her extra time..
When she would leave, she had to be told everytime where the bathroom was. She of course would have to leave the room they were in to use the restroom becuz it was only an office of course. Sometimes he would try to talk to her, but as per her usual routine she always and only gave lip service to clients..they were unimportant to her and those in her world, no matter how important they were in the outside world to her crowd they were silly old men..jokes, puns the subjects of fun behind thier backs.
Her polite act and natural intelligence always got her by dealing with such college types. Still the thought that they really beleived the act, that she was stupid, that they were smarter than her, better than her. It was such a joke and she enjoyed it on an ironic level. He was often worried about being detected but...not too worried.
None of them ever are.

She told me he was kind but still, there is always an element of unpleasantness about these men. So often they are making up for some lacking in the daylight.

He would go on to see many other women at that space..late late at night. When the building was quiet, almost eeriely so.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my three part series on the realities of MIT university.
I hope the 'MIT community' enjoys these posts as well.

Funny how you dont know what you are really looking at when you judge a person or an what they might be involved in that you dont know about.

Personally I have a harder time with the military contracts and silencing activists than anything else.

Reallly after hearing about all that goes on there in total, I wont be trying to use thier library..I am referring to the military contracts of course.

Have a nice day..

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