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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why Holidays suck for targets...

Imagine if every day you were harassed in some way by other human beings as well as some sort of remote influence (that even you wouldn't believe unless it was documented and experienced by other targets).

Then, at approximately 12 midnight every night the remote influence stops. This is disturbing enough. But the trend has always been that on holidays observed in this country the remote influence targeting is either lessened or it is non existent on these days.

Alot of TI's notice this..I wonder what are the reasons.

For those of you who still think targeted individuals are just mentally ill or seeking attention or for some other reasons, our claims are not valid..go read another blog. Anyone who doesn't know where they fit into this situation can read my recent post on how the population is divided into sections. You and everyone else fit into one of them, by your own will or your own ignorance.

I wonder if its simply electromagnetic pollution and it improves when less tech is in use due to holidays.
It could be if its as purposeful as we are told, then I guess whoever is doing it maybe takes holidays off like everyone else.

One of my theories is that perps are manipulative, as every TI knows. Alot of what they do is sophisticated psychological warfare.
I wonder if they want people to appear as normal and unaffected as possible around family they might theoretically be visiting on holidays.

Its hurtful..like having to visit your own life you are dead to now. On days like this when its 'off'. Knowing you could get so much done on this day with no mental jamming, and the next day or following days-it will be the same.

Even ones sex drive is freed on these days..to a point.

It is obvious what they are doing is psycho surgery..tech and chemical lobotomies.
Its quiet on holidays. And then you have to sit there and think " I dont belong in this situation. I shouldn't be here. This isn't how life should have been." This is the torture of a day off. Firstly you realize that its all for thier benefit to avoid detection.

The only benefit to TI's is that it makes it even more obvious that it is not mental illness. No one has schizo on a schedule..NO ONE. And I am sure some shrink will think up a disorder that makes this all possible. I have seen first hand the extreme abuse from supposed professionals who were under the gun to keep thier jobs etc.

Mental illness, by logic, would not stop at 12 midnight, nor subside on holidays.

The only 'explain away' logical explanation would be electromagnetic pollution.


  1. Hmmm, that would be nice, a whole day off. In six years of ongoing harassment I have had two short reprieves, each only for about 5 hours, and then they keep me harassed. Funny how no clinicians ask the question; "does the harassment stop at anytime?". Not that they are into objectivity or anything, but that is interesting that US TI citizens "get Thanksgiving off" each year.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  2. We all have different formulas..perhaps they want to draw attention to Holidays for me..it has to do with the main reason I am targeted. Holidays effect me, rather dramatically. Also they want some of us to think of families alot, and conservative values. Which of course they will try to get you into to as a holding area. Also this may be part of the plan to get me to conform to the reformatting..if I see the futility of fighting, becuz my old self and life is behind me and I only get to feel a remnant of myself after 12 midnight, or on holidays or other brief periods of let up of pressure-then perhaps I will give up and just submit- to said pressure. U have to remember, they are afraid of womens natural powers and in some ways seem so obsessed with us that they try to appeal to a womans sensible survival nature opposed to harsher methods. In aggressive women they will attempt getting u to snap like a male, but they always appeal to a female to be a good model prisoner, becuz its more sensible.
    The pressure they apply is a forming of a new personality..so u have to understand my breaks in getting targeted may, for me be more damaging than it not letting up. They obviously have very detailed bloodline, nationality and psychological profiles on all of us.