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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bioethics Commission letter states they "will not hear further testimony..."

Bioethics Commission letter states they "will not hear further testimony..."


Anonymous said...

That makes sense. I've noticed, and I'm sure you have too, that the System puts in an extraordinary effort, I mean massive effort like a ton of people and psy-ops. And they seem to want to brainwash the target into thinking they are weak/inferior to others. They spent an awful lot of time on that. And of course, the members of these groups are buying into this deception, and sometimes they really do think they are better than the target with their mobbing. It's one of the perks the system gives them for helping to keep the target down. One thing I've noticed is that they don't waste any time with the notion that we are dumber than others, because they know that will never work. They know we know that the people going along with this are doing so because they aren't so smart after all. Third, they sometimes put in an effort to make me feel like a "ped". They have hammered that one home alongside the weak/inferior to others (gangstalkers) deal over and over again. Like tonight, was walking past one guy's house, and one of his kids had this superiority complex gangstalkers usually have, and he was said stuff like "Ped" as I was walking past as he was swimming. The kids seemed to have their air about them, like they were gods or something. That's one thing I've noticed about the perps and foot soldiers: they seem to have this thing where they think they are gods on some level. And that could be intentional, to help destroy the target. Again, it takes large numbers of these types, so I don't see how individually they could think they are gods, but they do.

Anonymous said...

Well now I feel a little better at least after reading your latest entries. LOL, I'll bet those kids harassing me won't be winning any kinds of awards in any music or art competitions. Even though they are age, probably they are just like the other sad gits, just lowly people with no talent or gifts of any kind who need to be harassing a target to make themselves feel better by acting like assholes. I wonder if they had any gifts or hobbies if they would be out there running their mouths?

And probably the parents were perps and trained their kids. Now we know how there are so many perps and compliant sheeples around us. These perps reproduce and produce asshole offspring who in turn need to perp us to make up for their lack of quality DNA, just like their piece of garbage parents, grandparents, etc. That's one reason they kill quality people off: to make sure the proportion of perps and asshole sheeple increase, thus producing other perp offspring. The people running the show aren't stupid. They know what kind of people make up the perp demographic, and they make sure they produce offspring, while the quality people get driven to suicide or can't produce offspring because of the isolation or DEW attacks.

Anonymous said...

This letter made me suicidal when I got it.

Rachael O. said...

Sadly there r some very talented people in on being gangstalking peeps. Remember ALL WALKS OF LIFE.

Anonymous said...

A Stand Alone Complex-
The Bioethics Commission might just precipetate a change to the Common Rule,this might just help us.

The wild card:follow the money in Clincal Trials and never give up. We are isolated but only by design. The current climate of research is unsustainable once the real truths get out it will spread like informational wildfire.