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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Are TI's Lives Simply Ongoing Experimentation Until Death (The Testing Of The Super Soldier)

Another theory I thought of today was if perhaps my entire existence IS MK Ultra or creating the superman experimentation. What if say, in my situation all the constant daily stress is to for life gauge how this system can make a soldier fight and even win more effectively, thus creating a superior fighter? All the things I was armed with perhaps radiation exposure does something that is not obvious, that only those who started MK know about. Programming, selective breeding etc. Then t his interface- this ability to be advised on what moves to make and what not to do via technology- it is very similar to the military doing experimentation with having soldiers be able to be guided in this same way out in the field per an article in WIRED I am too tired to link but will tomorrow.

Its obvious now why there are people who provide you with info and protection to keep you alive and make all the right moves and avoid danger. This IS the experiment. Seeing how programming breaks down and constant stressors daily. Then being guided by forces to make correct decisions on how to proceed next.

This is why we are never allowed to have lives or leave the lab as it were. Our only purpose is to see if we can fight and win and stay alive. This is why society goes along with this at a certain level and why other levels are not even aware. The interface IS part of creating the super soldier.

People were so naive to think that the factions behind the Nazis would just disappear once they were defeated in war. And it was a great cover, all that hoopla, loud Wagnerian speeches, parades, and spectacle. It really hides the forces behind all that who continue on without all the through Project Paperclip. And best of all no one is supposed to believe us.

For all I know we are supposed to survive this using this system to guide us while every one else drops dead. Who knows?


  1. I've experienced that, and I've wrote to you before about that. It seems there is a "narrator", like for example, a woman at the controls advising me through certain situations. Like for example, I was manipulated into yelling at some kids driving past, and the dude was like "you wanna fight, man?" And he did the psych-out thing, like turn around like he was coming back after me with his friends. I've had stalkers follow me like this in 2001 maybe earlier. But there was a "guiding voice" telling me "don't worry, just go home, they aren't coming after you". Interesting, because I had been running and hiding in various alleys from these dudes, and then this guiding voice tells me they aren't coming back. It could be my imagination, lol, but they didn't come back after me like they usually do. So yes, they create scripted "predicaments" that they can gauge all aspects of our thinking and feelings, and then they might guide us through it.

    You figure, doesn't it seem like the technology in popular use should be far more advanced than it is? Back in the 70's, we were thinking by 2000, we would all have personal flying saucers. And there is suspicion that the goings on in Roswell over the years were secret military experiments in advanced stealthy craft and weather balloons or those which house monitoring equipment, like the equipment they use to monitor us.

    And back in the 40's, the material was so high-tech, the foil was like water which retained its shape. Maybe there are balloons out there that evade conventional detection, which are used to monitori and harass TI's? THat could be what was going on in Roswell, that people were mislead to believe was about an alien saucer crash.

    The point is, the tech seems like it should be far more advanced, but the corrupt shadow groups doing this research are hoarding it and keeping it secret for their own use. For example, it's hard to believe with all the advancements in solar cells and rechargeable batteries, the best they could do is those pathetic lawn lites with the LED's that give off a dinky amount of light at night. Yeah, with all the tech knowledge we have, they should be like 12 million candle power. Instead, they're about like 2-5 candlepower.

    Those are just trivial examples, but it shows the line of reasoning we should be thinking: there are some pretty advanced stuff and military craft in use, and you can not see them or detect them in any way. Maybe that's the deal with all the UFO sightings, how they seem to always happen near military bases or military towns.

  2. Probably all those "yay we beat the Nazis" are just cover and deception, to lead everyone and lull the into a false sense of security, so the Nazis can continue their World domination and experimentation behind the scenes. And perps have told me time and again I am part of a secret govt. project, and they pleaded with me not to tell anyone. not like they would do anything about it anyways.

  3. Maybe the standards of living are engineered/regulated by the establishment? I'd like to know what really caused the great stock market crash in 1929. Probably it wasn't "planned". But there were people who were so wealthy even a 10 year depression wouldn't affect them, so you have to be wary of any wealthy types like those who lurk in the shadows and who are also able to affect outcomes like that in some fashion.

    And there in the article John D. Rockerfeller is mentioned, who some conspiracy theorists name as behind organized stalking type control regimes. Well, not him in particular, but someone mentions the Rockerfellers as being big players in the higher levels of organized stalking. Funny how Rockerfeller seems so optimistic that "depressions have come and gone. Prosperity has always returned and will again." And how was he so optimistic with such a bleak outlook at the time? Maybe he knew something (or he and/or family members had something to do with in the first place).

  4. And that was good info about Soy products, too. I have heard that processed soy (such as soy milk) was bad for kidney healthy, contributing to kidney damage. Funny how soy has been promoted as some miracle drug which can slow the effects of aging.

  5. My favorite one is about Nuclear Power being so safe and clean. Even if that were the case, what about all the waste piling up underground? I saw one time on a show where they said "well, we just need better designed bunkers underground to store the spent fuel". See? Better bunkers, and now we have a complete safe and "green" form of energy.

  6. You might wanna check out videos about Duncan O'Finnion.He was a super-soldier who went public after regaining memories
    of what was done to him from childhood. Subsequently he was subjected to GS and all the other

    His first public interview was for
    Project Camelot.

    On Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory they show x-rays of various implants which were placed in him without his consent. Typical.