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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Harassment Yesterday/ East Boston Living Its Glory Days..NOT AT MY EXPENSE

heavily managed through tech and it seems other methods perhaps chemicals (its down to if you dont shower every day you feel extremely depressed, defeated etc. Interesting that a shower would take away an emotional feeling).

Its very bad here this year. I mean IMPOSSIBLE to function. And something has happened to ME, my health in the past few months, though I got my health in order recently I can tell I was very ill. I cant take changes quickly anymore or surprises. For the first time in my life, I feel, genuinely 'weak'. Without any reserve.

I feel completely 'hollowed out' as a human being. Its awful. Its like being a zombie. For real.

Harassed heavily in East Boston yesterday Maverick stop. Usually one of the only cool places left in Boston area at night I never get any problems. But doing laundry I sat outside yesterday and got harassed the shit out of by overt gang stalking. Seems to have been done by the remainder of old Italian guys that remained. Only a few Latins were involved who looked like trouble makers anyway. I like that area becuz the Latins usually mind thier own business. One mob looking guy was EXTREMELY creepy, he waved to his friend as he crossed the street (perp was in car) and after the wave he moved his hand right over to the window and put it up to the glass pointing at me with a most murderous look in his eyes.

Its upsetting to see Mafia looking guys doing something like that. Really drives it home. Guess they dont want me in East Boston as well. big loss there.

By the way, when yer 50 years old, wearing those awful baggy golfer type shorts with sneakers and a big white tee with a baseballcap like a Southie youth kinda looks really dumb. Stick with the greaseball Mob look like the jerk in the typical guido car who pointed his tacky gold ringed finger at me through the glass. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Rachel I had the same shit from some old Mafia lookin gray hair pale skin man sitting in a Mercedes watching me come out of apartment going for walk in Walnut Creek,CA in 2007. Lots of thugs since then some Latin some white women. Every walk of life. I am really concerned about you and what you said about feeling so sick and weak. Again I have to suggest that you get to SF Bay Area and contact Dina Padilla in Citrus heights. She is an advocate and needs to hear from you. Dina knows how evil these rat bastards are. They have cut brake lines, and vandalized her cars tried to run her off the road. Keep this confidential but post something so I know you got this.