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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick A CIA Set Up?



I missed this part of Charles Schlund's affadavit before. It was so long I didn't read it through.

Is there any way to prove this? Yet with what I have been through it sounds so much like the sick meticulous deceptive crap they pull.

Kinda like pushing a female Targeted Survivor of high level programming into homelessness and then through harassment keeping her on the run and conveniently she travels the country and you can easily MILAB her on a bus ride away from the prying eyes or crowded New England area to more cooperative less populated areas like the south west or the mid west.

Gassing the Target then using something else to awaken that person after you have messed around with them in their drugged state of course. All done on a Greyhound bus. Who else could recruit an entire bus for their own use?

Knocking people out reviving them, using drugs to cloud the mind or even mind control or psychotropics or neuro interruptors. Its got to be a heavy hitter like the military or CIA.

According to what I have experienced that could actually be pulled off. These people have a hell of alot of manpower and they have all kinds of advanced drugs.

The claim they filmed it is also something they would pull. I wonder even if it can be labeled CIA. Is that really who these groups are? Or is it some undefinable group something not officially named..something so vile we don't want to know anyway.

The dirt I have read on purported harassment of the Kennedys, it almost sounds like in total all these actions were to ensure they were always controlled and never gained immense power here in the US. Even though it seems they did have that kind of power imagine without all the accidents and bad luck and deaths what they could have been. Then again nothing seals power to you forever more than tragedy and death. Kennedy is almost a kind of example of certain ideals in the USA. And by destroying, controlling that family the opposing ideogies political or otherwise make a statement about this country: we will never allow those qualities to run this nation. WE run this nation.

I wonder if the Kennedys weren't used simply for the other powers that be to be able to flex their muscles. And repeatedly show their dominance.
Or to attempt to make it look as if those ideals can never be attainable-that anything that seems good or functional has an underside of evil and dysfunction.

Could it be simple as it is with many individual TIs? Making sure we are kept down and never gain too much power in the United States?

All of their actions against people seem to be about containing power and silencing victim witnesses or whistleblowers.

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