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Friday, July 22, 2011

Formulas To Predict behavior and Outcome

Look at this. They have scientific formulas that predict behaviors. No wonder th gs system is so arrogant a.d believes they are smarter than us or the general public.

This is how they predict outcomes.

I was also downloading an app yesterday for the bus. It shows the bus moving and my location if I turn it on. This seems to be a good system during Bush before the public had Smartphones to stalk and harass TIs by intercepting them with perps utilizing much of the tech now available to the public.

That link explains why the MIT kids make fun of me for using metal to motivate and sooth. There have been experiments that show monkeys become soothed and quieted listening to metal music.

They have so much superior knowledge they really do believe they are superior human beings to TIs or the rest of us. This is why they target the smart steeple who break formation. They truly believe they can run society and keep the public ignorant.

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Anonymous said...

From Thu post @ ts:
To destroy any dissident with these recent tech advances seems to be the logical way for them. To us it seems insane to normalize torture.

great insight. yet still, the world is changing every day. today was another big turn. the end result of NOR will be a change in dialogue about things like profiling. suddenly, it won't seem like such a good idea anymore.

these are the times that try humans' consciences. it is part of waking up and not being able to be so lackadaisically herd minded.

take heart. new topics introduced into the flow of everyday conversation is a good place to start. they will especially dislike the part about being guilty until proven innocent (of being a -potential- troublemaker).