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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Tired of Trying To Be Fair/ Selling To The Public Using Toruture

I am also really sick of trying to be fair to any one group or faction while trying to figure all this out. I am done trying to be fair.

An old man in ABQ New Mexico years ago was taunting me by telling me that if I tell the truth about what happened to me, I would be very lonely. I didnt care then and I dont give a shit now.

And why must I be left lonely? What becuz the idiot public wants to simply believe I am mentally ill like that bitch mother of mine wants claimed? I had sources telling me what was really going on and they basically told me my mother sold me out for some large amount of money, something she seemed to lie in lawsuits to get before that opportunity came her way anyway. I also had them telling me she's sick for whatever her part is in this. No shit, welcome to SRA. Duh, what do people expect? SHE is the original radiation experimentee not I. I cant imagine what is inside that head of hers.

They have it all so neatly planned out dont they, this little conspiring group around me. Julie gets a silenced witness, Jake gets to look like he never caused any of his own drug problems or perversions and my mother can finally get paid off for years wasted on a kid who simply was always in her way all her life and they keep Danny discredited by making it look like I am just nuts with the same thing as he supposedly has. Which he only has a label for becuz he ran around talking about my mother and her family being involved in a secret govt project involving the CIA and military...which is exactly what MK Ultra and the radiation experiments are. Morons.

No one is going to bury me under some pathetic police net. Never, no how, no way. Everyone things they are just all set now with the way things are. That I am going to get tired eventually of running around the country and finally do what that bitch perp told me to the other day in Kenmore: get a boring job and get up and go to it everyday.

Who in the fuck do these people, all of them exactly, think they are? One of my sort-of informants two weeks ago told me that my being gang stalked and having my life ruined was deemed 'necessary' by whoever did it, locally anyway becuz this person is local. Necessary? That is what our lone shooter latest example said about all those dead youths on that island. "Necessary".

Seems alot of indecent, insane, psychotic actions have been 'necessary' lately.

I dont appreciate walking the halls of MIT being looked at like some total outcast of society that is politely tolerated but ignored. I dont like seeing people being satisfied or pitiful for me on the street every time I go outside. No matter what you THINK you know, you know only the partial reality.

And unfortunately all my bitch mother has to do is put on her best actress lyin ass front and cry a few crocidiles (like I have seen her do in front of judges) and claim that she never was a radiation experimentee and I imagined it all, just like pooooor Danny before me. Gee we must have the same mental disorder,huh?

This is when NOT investigating something works in their favor...kind of like a number of terrorist acts within the frame work of decades of this nonsense thats been going on for years now to lead up to the world we live in today. If you DONT get ahold of her phone records or other ways of seeing if its her or I lying then you cant say she's right.

Believe me, whoever does this crap knows how to intimidate people at businesses into making records disappear. Beaverbrook councilling center in Waltham knew me and my described my Iranian female therapist to me in 2007 when I wanted records from them, even telling me she died of cancer. Upon the call back to see about those records the SAME woman was terrified of me, claimed I was never seen there and when I brought up the fact she just told me my therapist died of cancer after I described her, she simply firmly stated I was never seen there. This is when the c*cksuckers were doing shit like sending me my mail with it obviously opened and damaged. Some sort of indication my mail was being opened...ooh I am real scared!! A ripped envelope. Oh shit!

The public is the worst in this. Absolutely the worst. And you wonder why Targets go out and shoot in public places? Becuz perhaps we can understand someone with a motive and a mission, like the perps..but when the public turns a blind eye, when they cower and cooperate so, in their sheepish way, in a way that they betray you as a fellow human being so completely to this system-it seems so much more like total cowardice as opposed to them having any real rationale for thier actions. It's almost a form of extreme snobbery. Like people like me deserve to be their human sacrifices so they can have great lives. I learned a long time ago thier cowardice is complicity and their fear is aggression- thier part in this, nothing but drama seeking.

If you dont stop unethical human experimentation and this sort of covert victimization of the few you are going to keep on having these seemingly random acts of violence. Of course no one cares about a 100 people or so getting blown away for the future glories of an entire industry and this wonderful perfect future they are supposedly building...based on torture, and constant terror as we see today.

I saw an ad for the Whale Watch here in Boston. It read as follows: "We turn up the music to drown out the screams!" and it had a pic of people on the boat with big waves etc. Using torture to sell things to people is non stop in ads now around here I notice. What kind of way is that to sell a Whale Watch?

And this ad for the Aquarium. They have these new tanks..the pics look the exact opposite of the 70's JAWS movie posters. It has a huge human hand touching smallish dangerous fish. Interesting in an era that imposes Jaws-like fear on the public in real life not in movies anymore, that we would need to feel so in control that we have the power to be god like in size to sharks. I saw the same thing in an animal show today about Cheetahs. It was all scripted with the guy in it controlling this wild animal's life, darting it and putting it to sleep and reviving it (its like a human MILAB experience!) putting it into a reserve etc, and saying of it and other big cats that he was going to 'decide its future'. From my perspective it sounded eerily like what Targeted Individuals live through. Being controlled, having people decide your future, even being drugged and messed with or experimented on or toyed with. It was very in the interest of pushing forth the idea of MAN controlling the environment and all that lives in it. It was the most un nature loving nature show I ever saw. In the old days nature shows gave one the sense of humans entering the wild. This show simply reflected the mind set of an era where man completely controls the environment. And public television is useless nowadays believe me.

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