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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Monday, July 4, 2011

The US Has Long History Of Torture Via CIA..So What?


The list of attacks down the bottom is pretty accurate of what is has been done to me for years on end.
And continues..

The problem here is that these things can be done via covert operations in public spaces as well as in private spaces. Use of tech to not even have to make contact with the person is used as well.

The problem here that no one is understanding is not the use of torture for legit purpose in war but the use of such methods stemming from abuse of.power in high places and from these people who live in shadows. The arrogance involved.with many people in on this or who are connected to these factions who feel they are untouchable is the main complaint. Do you honestly believe such methods wont be abused to satisfy the whims of people in power or.for personal use? And who is going to stop them?

You can't seem to stop them when they do it overtly yet for supposedly legit reasons how are you going to stop them when they do such things covertly for not so legit or war related reasons? The very fact that a sister shadow program exists that is identical shows that they seek to abuse power.

They seem to have their own little world of governance, checks and balances and uh...'conflict resolution'.

Why was I hijacked, abused, shown heavily Satanic content and then tortured heavily with tech until Obama came into office and being beaten within an inch of my life, this level of torture ceased but the control techniques and the basics listed below did not cease.

When Bush left office I was literally a shaking mess of nerves and sleep deprivation. What did I do or know that made me deserve such treatment? What am I originally programmed by some enemy faction or foriegn nation or something? Or is this the standard for forced deprogramming and inducing memory loss and behavior modification. And during Bush the deal was to force me into suicide and perps were doing things like putting weird mind altering drugs into my prescription capsules and spraying me with spray bottles in the street containing what seemed like mild psychadelics, which seemed to make me more easily brainwashed and responsive to tech hypnosis and brainwashing.

This is a tip of an iceburg. There are factions running around doing very nasty things and its exactly as described by MK Ultra/radiation survivors in 95. Just becuz Clinton says cryptically there will never again be another MK Ultra trial and a fraction of victims were paid off pathetic small amounts for abuses doesn't mean that the program ended. They started it in secret and they simply went back to that level or perhaps like Blackwater simply contract this out to the private sector so no legal issues will be of any concern.

You now have an entire nation under MASS MIND CONTROL. If you don't believe me test my theories by experience. I am not an idiot as I have long ago broken the tin foil hat nonsense..and as usual it turns out that MIT could have told us as they disproved the tin foil hat theory that the theory was simply wrong not totally impossible. If you wrap tin foil completely over an RFID card like a buspass etc it will block signal.
MIT of course in my experience is heavily into gang stalking and that stems from their military contracts, gov't funding, connection to the private sector and of course the unbearable arrogance of the kids who go here who believe they are truly superior to myself and anyone like me.

Military industrial complex company, military, govt, CIA etc type people do have families and kids that attend school..and they will protect this world of deception, waste and lies. They will always persecute someone like me and always support the system that supports their lifestyles. And they will always keep this hidden from the public.

You've got a huge problem on yer hands..I don't mean a small group like I am from but mass mind control is a bit much. Really its going way too far.

I have experienced, in the worst moments, a system of people that are so wealthy and so privileged that human life is meaningless to them. They seemed no better than ghetto hoods in gangs..which is probably why the adore mentioned do dirty work for them in designated areas. They think alike: its like the black kid working at the Manhattan hostel said that sums it up completely: its all about making money.

So how are you going to keep law and order with sub a system as that out there?

The public don't even realize they are basically living in containment while these heartless arrogant people live above the law or law is made to benefit them.

You ask what is wrong with the country and that is the answer.

I once experienced in St Louis a system if synching the mind to music played out of a loudspeaker and pictures in hand as a sort of brainwashing technique. It could only have been done if the perpetrators in that cafe I was at were in foreknowledge of time and space. I and other TIs have experienced this ability among these people whoever is doing this. As well as the ability to scan at least the frontal lobe or conshus mind only. And believe me everyone in that cafe at that time for that specific experience was part of perpetrating it. Typically arrogant controlling and sadistic. One guy at the counter expressed in directed conversation that giving someone or something a good kick in the ass was a form of love to change or fix the object or person. Which is the typical twisted Satanic mindset. I know becuz my mother always thought like that which makes sense if this is intergenerational.

People in on this were shocked at her actions and said she was 'sick'. They don't know much about the abusive or Satanic mindset. I use that term loosely here as such people have been found in Christian extremist cults such as beat their children to death for their god etc.

'Sick' people exist in larger numbers than people realize. The trick is foe them to keep it small and cultish..such as focusing only on designated people.

You can convince cult mind controlled humans to do alot of savage things..humans being essentially savage instead of civilized.

This article and book tell only of what the public are shown overtly. There is an entire culture of elitism, ritual, arrogance and violence that is behind the powers of the intelligence agencies, military industrial complex and big business.

They control the country and to them people like me are not important due to lack of wealth but also connection or the strength of those connections.

We may not need laws against legit torture in wartime what we need is laws protecting the vulnerable from the wealthy and powerful so that they are forced to.stay on their side of the street and can't send their house slaves of our class after us either.

Really it wasn't the things they did that was so alarming..humans are beasts. What was most disturbing was the unbelievable arrogance and hateful violent energy involved especially surrounding sexuality.

There is a huge network that utilizes similar tactics that have unlimited access to intel, resources and access.

As long as that exists in this country or any other and law and order are forced to.leave that system alone then the whole country if not the world are a lie.

Writing this book is pointless. Becuz one torture of human beings for legit reasons is being examined but not the extremist groups that seem to stem from the shadows of agencies like the CIA.

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