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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Classical Conditioning Campaign Has Already Begun-Took Twenty Four Hours

After only one day the gang stalking has begun. ONE DAY. Admittedly I am in a neighborhood that most certainly not only caters to street crime but definitely is up for the agenda which seems to heavily use black and red (even though no one here has been seen with that combo, it will most likely start turning up now. Believe it or not this is how obsessed these people are with thier Target.) as well as supporting Obama and whatever changes support that agenda.

Whatever. I just discovered a pair of capri type sweat pants missing, true enough it could have been dropped on the way to or from the laundromat I am hoping it was at least stolen from me at the laundry not from the apartment. But at least that would explain the tactics that have begun. It seems after they snag such a prize, they usually begin these sort of activities like noise campaigns etc. Its very ritualistic-low magic type but still. To them its probably merely psychological operations or conditioning but via those actions it IS ritualistic.

And getting paid is always popular in any location I am sure thats part of it as well.

Already today more sirens than usual just like the old days, circa 2004. The dead give away was the pattern of cars beeping as they passed many with the original beep twice formula that seemed to be in constant use wherever I had anything under my name when this began in 1996. After Bush and the war on terror that graduated to wherever I lived even if nothing was under my name as is the case today.

The 'leaks' might be as follows: a man from one of the drop ins in another area I saw down here and he said hello told him I was here temporarily. He pointed out a building up the block that was very bad with drug activity and told me to stay inside at night- already on that.
The other possibility is the very building he pointed out, this morning there were people sitting on the stairs and a man made a greeting attempt which is typical for my situation. "How you doin today" in an overly friendly manner. Then said "I like that sundress". Now yesterday no one bothered us or spoke to me at all, as is usually the way this area is- mind your own business.

It was not unusual but in my situation everything that repeats itself must be considered as perps re use tactics on a Target becuz the main focus is to brain wash the person to control them to keep them silent about what has gone on and what continues to go on- by operant conditioning/classical behavioral conditioning.

A produce truck was parked outside for a bit but that seemed to be normal activity as they were not doing anything tactical.

These tactics are no longer able to affect me especially as I am never alone here. If anything it will give me the opportunity to record this type of activity.

Its a joke that they still genuinely believe that tactics so old would still affect me. Also these activities are for intimidation. 'We dont want you here'. Yet anywhere I lived there would be that sentiment. So its pointless to respond to it at all. Remember what that informant said in Abq NM: "They think they can keep her on the run with the harassment".

So letting it control you is pointless. The purpose of this also is to keep the TI under control. Years of brainwashing are at stake. They are really desperate to keep someone under control who has been worked on in this way for many years. And its much more than just conditioning, its a an entire complex system of control- very much based on using sexuality. Without the sexual part of a brainwashing campaign the TI could not be controlled.

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Anonymous said...

I was eating out, and saw this parade go by all of a sudden. First, there was a cop car, lights flashing, driving real slow. Then, a parade. There were a lot of motorcycle people, like 3 dozen people on Harleys, followed by a fire truck. Not sure, but it seems that my status as a TI earned me an impromptu parade, right in town here.

I'm sure you've seen that... if you're in one place long enough, you'll see spontaneous street parades, leaving people wondering "WTF now".