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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vets Sue CIA For Human Experimentation 2009

US veterans sue CIA for alleged drug and mind control experiments:


This is another good reason why its in the best interests of this system to keep its victims down with harassment and psy warfare. I could have used this for my own case which includes my mother of course.

Not only do they want to discredit the TI but they want to ensure the TI can never fight back, that the person is basically incapacitated. If they live through the first phases like during Bush they wont be able to ever have any position in society or get lawyers etc.

In my case I am completely isolated from society. Totally marginalized. No lawyers no contacts with other activists (not who are getting anywhere), nothing. Its EXACTLY like being imprisoned in one of thier camps. No access to council. Becuz of the constant discreditation and keeping you down you cant access resources. If you survive the forced suicide phase or try to murder you phase you will spend every day just trying to survive.

Even writing this, by the time I reached "Becuz of the constant..." above, upon the word "constant" my train of thought and focus was interrupted and I could not recall what I was going to write nor write something that had impact or to the point as above. Only in MA is this a problem. My original intent became vague so my language weak.

Due to the....alright, its returned: Becuz of the constant attacks on the TI's credibility and the psychological prison formed by early on conditioning the person to be afraid of being labeled for thier claims any attempts at advocacy or getting lawyers is almost impossible.

Anyone who knows about MK Ultra which this article doesnt mention occurred at the same time in the same locations from the same sources to civilians, usually children (Presidents Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments 1995) knows that Pres Clinton made an apology. In that apology was a cryptic statement that never again would there be another MK Ultra committee or legal action. Knowing the Masonic thinking or speak of govt I know that is at once meant to appear a wonderful promise of closure as a deception yet in reality it is a veiled threat: many MK Ultra survivors were harassed into not even showing up to that committee to begin with which indicates that the numbers of victims documented coming forward are inaccurate.

His promise deceives the public into believing that its over: that this wont happen again, nothing like it will ever again and its been stopped- by justice of course. When in fact that is a falsehood.

Experimentees were harassed during those trials and were harassed afterwards. Many people are still being monitored and ironically 1995 is a year when I can testify to overt harassment beginning to be noticable with the use of psychological warfare and using tactics.

During Bush in 2003 it became 24-7 and not just overt but registered as torture much the same as used in Gitmo by the CIA yet these things could be done in public spaces using covert means
-covert warfare (human forces) aka 'gang stalking' which is essentially psychological warfare and can be used for behavior modification programs
-covert chemical warfare (gas stoves left on, gassings, poisonings with psychedelics, other strange chemical leaks that damage the lungs, which they seemed especially concerned with and stalkers spraying Targets with mild hallucinogens/psychotropics/psychedelics in public spaces which seemed to make the victim more susceptible to the effects of mind control technologies, the ancient spy craft/assassins trick of putting poisons on clothing so when the target puts it on it affects them. What seemed like neuro interrupters were used. Also the use of mycotoxins to cause physical and brain damage, an old trick from the soviet union to dumb down dissidents. Also note that MK Ultra was only able to depattern its subjects by using LSD which most likely makes the mind more easily molded, as LSD literally stays in brain tissue. LSD is synthesized from Ergot.) and
-psychic warfare which includes the use of technologies for hypnosis, harassment, torture and in later years after Bush whats seemed to be a behavior modification program to attempt to force Targets into forgetting thier old lives, selves and not only any childhood memories but of the gang stalking during this era itself. During Bush technology was used to torture physically and otherwise. The system seemed specifically interested in damaging the heart muscle just as lungs were targeted using chemical exposure.

Most unbelievable yet seemingly part of these campaigns was the use of psychic warriors which still may be in use. That would be coercion via human forces using methods that brainwash the Target without direct conscious contact. It was blitheringly obvious during Bush as they were very overt and it would be someone who sat down next to you and it would cease when they left, which brings the question are these psy warriors a result of natural talent or human experimentation perhaps amplified by tech?

The victim is set up early on with a smear campaign and a cover story so that everything that goes on looks like they are either insane or it is part of a lawful action against them to investigate a crime or crime ring. In some instances the public actually believe that its a form of vigilantism or reform, even though such actions could never be performed in the United States without special permissions from very high up sources or authorities. The public believe often that cowboy justice or methods are acceptable or that if cops are involved that its allowed by authority when in fact its usually a project or legal action that comes from very high up sources.

Unfortunately the public are often aware of these things, or a portion of them. They go along with it for the same reasons they went along with Nazi Germany, later East Germany, USSR etc etc or any genocide or oppression on earth today: humans are easily manipulated and controlled. Especially when mass mind control is in use which is now theorized by many as being the case not only in the USA but in other democracies.
Much of this system of control over the masses is rooted in the experiements listed above: MK Ultra, military experimentation on its own and other projects which is why many experimentees are harassed and these things are treated like sci fi stories or one time atrocities from a more sleazy era where the CIA was into covert actions as a way of altering and influencing events in its favor. Nothing much as changed- but its easy to make it appear as if "that was a different time and a very different agency" when now you can simply use tech directly for mind control or torture or assassination or to control individuals or groups or the masses to influence and alter events in your favor.

Agencies that focus on results and part of thier job is not getting caught breaking laws, who feel that "those bastards on the (Capitol) hill" get in thier way due to legislation and due process are not going to change their outlook or the way they operate within a few decades.

They have simply found ways to do the same things nice and tidy and without bloodshed. Which means they care little for humanity or law- they simply see blood as unnecessary evidence. Its messy. Bloodless warfare is not a lack of warfare and non lethal weapons are lethal if used in a combination to create a formula that destroys a person or drives them to suicide. And non lethal weapons are lethal if abused.

The public are under mind control- its that simple. This is why they have lost all reason in being able to realize that "non lethal weapons" are yet another deception with tricks of words, because if you arent considering abuses of power- you arent thinking.

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  1. I don't know what else to say, excellent post, you really have a great understanding. I'm sure this one hit 'em hard, fighter. Mike