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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Activist's Cred

What do you think of this. There isn't even proof its written by the author claimed is there?

Yet for various reasons I don't trust Gunderson then again his work stands as well as he is the one who had posted on the internet the info that gave me insight into my.situation: that a cover story is often used to get the targeted person to rat or run to authorities blabbing..then when they're murdered more smear for cover. Its rationalized. Which seems to follow this systems m.o. as everything else that's been done to me has been rationalized.

I've seen moments where he seems genuine and then times when what he's doing or saying seems deceptive as part of some bigger agenda.

Icke is questionable and so are alot of activists.

The problem always is the variable in all of these situations: how many of.these people may be programmed? Which would explain their actions at least. They want to help and be genuine but they are susceptible to mind control.

Its a.difficult situation to get a concrete answer from.

Also much.of the racism etc is INDUCED BY GSNG STALKING AND LONG.TERM PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE. Its another discredtation method.

Its written.horribly which puts it into question. I've always wondered.what I would find if I had all the money and resources I needed to.investigate every single key player involved in this. Including myself as that would be the best way to know what the perps know about my life that I DO NOT.

But I am kept prisoner in a bubble so its all up for question.


Anonymous said...

No wonder they keep us underemployed. I've applied to countless jobs, but get rejected almost immediately. And I've seen others show up late to interviews, yet get the job when I show up 20 minutes early to the same interview. They've made sure my savings account is walking backwards. I'm now using borrowed money, and am in the hole, and don't even own my own house. They've taken care of my income, that's for sure.

And I didn't think of that, that they want to take away my income so I can't hire a private investigator. And they continue to work on me, that assholes here with their bullshit, despite so obviously not being the rat type. And I get the same deal: they do something to mess up my train of thought while posting here.

Something must be up, because they are so cocky now. But I've noticed that since 2003. I'm starting to recall their tactics now, because in between now and those years, they had me so focused on their psy-ops, psy-warfare, and the stalkers they sent after me. The key is to keep me distracted and my focus onto fighting to stay alive and not react so that I don't remember how long they've put me through all of this BS. I've been used like a dupe, a slave, to people involved in this. I have to remember the people using me are only using me to achieve their gains. Otherwise, I suppose for all they care, you, I, and numerous other TIs could just croak and nobody would give a shit.

Anonymous said...

Funny, they put a gangstalker out last night that looked just like the guy in the article. Once again, not only was it a deliberate attempt to present a lookalike, but also it predated your post by like 7-8 hours. Again, more psych warfare that presents what's in the future to me as a visual. You're right about the tech by the way. I wonder if those bums stalking us are even 1% aware of what kind of tech is out there. Just some stupid stupid easily manipulated people. Amazing how easy it is for the system to get them to play street theater roles in front of us, when they could be having some sort of life at home or pursuing a truly worthwhile activity. What idiots.