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Friday, July 8, 2011

New FBI info on Biggie Smalls Murder

Police with gang or organized crime ties huh? No shit sherlock...

When is America going to get it? The old crime families went legit through investment they didn't all get busted and disappear. Italians don't get busted and just disappear..we've been around running the world far to long to allow that to happen. Like Rome reinvented its power into the Church through which to rule so power structures often reinvent themselves. The British royal family has changed its name for certain reasons decades ago and so on.

African American gangs usually can't do it by themselves. They need the backing of old crime families as well as legit or semi legit powers like the CIA (see Iran Contra). Thats why with the massive amount of African Americans in the gs networks you don't have to wonder very hard where they fit in.

When one music label.I can think of.from.the 90s tried to.go.on.their own all of a sudden the feds came down on them. Why did they think they were untouchable enough to do this? See above.

The system we live in keeps slaves..end of story. You're supposed to kiss their ass to have a life or get anything done..and that is especially true now.more than ever. Anyone who succeeds nowadays I wouldn't trust worth a shit unless has money and connections.

And I see clearly now that America's laws are meaningless. And the only thing Americans understand or respond to is wealth or violent action taken against them or the show of that capacity.

My being alive and able to move on with my life as is, is supposed to be an example of how there is indeed justice ib the USA.
Yet if my value as a human experimentee wasn't considered then where would I be? Granted I think alot of justice was done covertly on my behalf by unknown parties becuz it was obvious I didn't deserve this and I was a nice person fairly innocent of what was going on around me. Perhaps that was the motive for justice. That there are still stand up people out there who feel messing with naive women to that extent was just a bit much.

But why must it be covert on covert? Im probably being naive again but why have laws if only covert action is going to get justice?

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