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Monday, July 4, 2011

Tech Used To Induce Feelings of Being Watched As Social Control

Important recent experience concerning the technique of inducing a sensation of Being Watched as control over TI's as well as the masses.

In a sex shop yesterday. Though there are cameras I noticed that the few times I went there I did not feel watched or monitored. The cameras did not have a 'presence' to them as if someone was watching. I was not self aware or self conshus. Going to the bathroom there it felt totally private. In many public bathrooms usually corporate stores or day drop ins I often feel like there must be a camera in the bathroom like I am being watched so I must be self aware.

I usually feel 'watched' in any corporate store you can think of even if the suggestions are positive.

I most likely did not feel this way in this store becuz they make profit off of people feeling private and like no one is watching. Youd figure that a bathroom in a place like that would be the first place to find a camera to film people. Yet I felt very safe. And I do NOT feel that way in Au Bon Pain's ladies room for instance.

This effect is used to get the TI off balance as well as modify behavior in the short term or immediately and in the long term over time condition the person to perform for the cameras using mind control of course and the repetition of feeling watched and monitored.

This is also a good anti theft system for stores like WalMart. However, having WalMart security system be able to tell that I dont have any money for the product I am buying and making me self conshus about that when I just want to look at it or end up taking it in my carriage is a bit intrusive.

The other day in WalMart I went behind a shelf and had to fix my mp3 in the side of my little carry bag which stays on me always. I got this immediate contact from the direction of the camera to my right that it was suspected I was stealing or that someone behind the cameras was watching for that. It is most likely the use of mind control tech in their anti theft systems. If they are involved enough to hire Black Ops to spy on environmental activists then they are deep enough in sh*t to be suspect of using mind control tech to control patrons. I always have a hassle with the lady when I leave as well and this one black woman who is a manager is always up my ass, the one in Quincy. This kid with a backwards baseball cap who seemed very attached to the only African American cart pusher like himself was especially rude to me. These people know who you are and you wonder how. Thats not as creepy as mind control tech being used in store through thier tech set up.

I got sick of being victimized so I went around thier warehouse set up and really looked at thier camera systems and lines on the ceiling. There are black bubble cameras but there is a box that has a flashing light on it with some tech company name connected to the camera lines. There is also a round thing that looks like a speaker but if you look it has no holes in it connected to the wires.

I would laugh my ass off if that was just a simple in house mini version of whats in Central Sq and other places where one is heavily targeted: overhead cameras and cell repeaters. Watch, monitor and then apply appropriate tech output. Monitor again.

That is the set up in major cities and now it seems also in smaller enclosed spaces.

Some stores have a system where I am compelled to start talking out loud or acting out. Usually I sing to cure this irresistable urge, who is going to think someone singing while food shopping is odd? (Star Market/Shaws behind Central Sq Cambridge. I usually get an odd combo of feeling monitored, judged, and then encouraged to get lawyers for my situation. Go figure.)

Every major corporate store I go in there is some sort of interface and the cameras have a presence to them as if one is being watched.

This has created a society that is really messed up due to this psychological abuse of human beings on a daily basis that is subliminal in nature.

I now am entertaining a theory that this sensation of being watched, monitored and interfaced with by a living entity could be done by AI or other tech, computer programs? Perhaps its just the feeling of being watched thats induced that is enough to make people not steal, which is bs becuz of the kids I know that do steal, nothing is going to stop thier intent. Which proves again that you cant always alter people with mind control from thier Will or intent. You can control humans if you break them down or precondition them.

This is why mc slaves have to have ritual abuse involved in their programming process. You have to create an alter or however many you need to create, that DOES have the Will to be evil or destructive which is why mpd and DID are then used.

At least now I truly understand why Babylon is called as such. I shouldnt even be supporting Wal Mart to begin with but being dirt poor isnt convenient and I am not a 20 yr old that gets awesome ground scores or kick downs of stuff and I am NOT creative like a con. I always worked, got money and traded that for stuff. It should be that simple really.

I supposed I understand now why one doesnt want to walk into these places alone or why one shouldnt frequent these kinds of places. Its not just on principle its a deadly serious affair of mental and spiritual health at this point, probably moreso for TI's than other people.

Its sad to see these technologies being used on the masses for means of consumption. Its not my problem anymore. If they are interested they will do thier research and read activist's work on the subject. Believe me I never was adverse to leaving the useless eaters behind. It's thier Will and I have encountered too many people in on Black Ops aka Gang Stalking to feel bad for them. They actually believe they are superior human beings becuz they are in on these campaigns.

This explains why so many average people are in on this. However I dont know if they should rightly have access to the kind of capabilities I saw in St Louis. It might be the govt still in many instances. I find it hard to believe that the govt would allow such people do deal with thier creations- their slaves. Its actually a bit sickening. Id rather believe they're in on a cult. At least its got some heart that way but humans are animals and the kind of greed and arrogance I have experienced would most likely be coming from idiots working for private firms of money than professional spooks. But I dont know much about the nature of spooks either, are they usually easily amused arrogant scumbags who think they are the shit for being able to abuse classified information and destroy a creation superior to them? Why does this not make sense? Why does it make more sense that private contractors would hire the dumb f*ck public and this is the results we see? Which would explain why there are so damn many of them..unless some state actor just wants results and winning by tonnage against one TI is the way to go.

Dont know, dont care at this point. Just be aware in corporate stores, you now have full validation to be fully rebellious once again like its the 90s. Becuz no one is going to be able to brain wash me with anything to convince me what I just told you goes on is acceptable for any reason.

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