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Monday, July 11, 2011

Remaining Conflict In Ireland-Simply Lone Extremists, Right?

This also sounds alot like what TIs experience. The rest of society is satisfied to live peacefully with a new order or arrangement. Perhaps that's becuz, like in this situation, they don't have to live close to the conflict.

TIs have fought the monsters of the NWO up close. We know that the shit yer being handed isn't what they say it is. Why would a wonderful new world order be formed if they insisted in doing the kinds of experimentation we have experienced?

And its do demeaning..the same way Obama and Joe talk to the American public-like nursery school children.

Once again anyone who doesn't want to sit down and play nice with everyone else is simply some exempt extremist group. A few bad apples spoiling the bunch and other child like ways of percieving things.

The way that this is written is typical of handling..HANDLING anyone who fights for something they believe in that the parent State wants smoothed out to continue their NWO world domination dream. You are lone extremists. You are terrorists and we simply have no idea how you go that way but we don't tolerate that blah blah blah. Lots of naive people actually believe the Irish confliect is about religion.
That is simply a tactic of the Imperialist invader powers to smear their opponents and the conflict as stupid, pointless and primitive. It is primitive- its the same beef as in the Middle East: its over land.

And having your enemy or oppressor move into your backyard.

I am highly suspect of any system that excludes and labels people as merely extremists when that system itself is corrupt beyond belief and its only way out of being caught and judged is to operate above the law and under the radar.

Its the way the article is worded. Its exactly what happens to us..left behind and angry while the rest of the world moves on happily into a new system.

No one understands why nor wants to here the truth about why either.

Like a nick in an otherwise perfect fabric..that is how the creators of the NWO seem to percieve the world of human beings.

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